Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Manuscript Writings and Lectures [subseries]

Scope note: Townshend’s writings are divided into manuscripts and printed materials. The manuscripts, some of which are fragmentary, are arranged by topic, as many of them lack titles. Townshend had a tendency to write using bullet points, and to rework topics a number of times; the manuscripts, which span roughly1840 to 1890 reflect this. Townshend’s early writings, from the 1840s and 1850s focus especially on the topics of antislavery and temperance, and some appear to be outlines of lectures given throughout northern Ohio. After the Civil War, his focus shifts to agricultural and veterinary matters, as well as to religion and religious education, which he views with the eye of a devout, but skeptical, reformer. He also writes on a number of sociological topics, such as the role of women in society and strategies for improving the life of the farmer.

Abolition (7 folders)
Box   13  
African Americans
Agricultural Societies
General (3 folders)
Ohio State Board of Agriculture (3 folders)
Agriculture (31 folders)
Box   14  
Agriculture, cont’d (6 folders)
Archaeology (2 folders)
Autobiographical (6 folders)
Chase, Salmon P. (3 folders)
Cremieux, Adolphe
Griffing, Charles S.S.
Kirtland, Jared P.
Westwater, James
Botany (6 folders)
Civil War
Education (3 folders)
Box   15  
Education, cont’d (5 folders)
Farmers and Farm Life
General (10 folders)
Farm as an Education (3 folders)
Farmer’s Library
Lights and Shades of Farm Life
Farmers’ Needs
History (2 folders)
Liberty Party (2 folders)
Medicine (6 folders)
Box   16  
Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College/Ohio State University (9 folders)
Ohio Asylum for the Education of Idiotic and Imbecile Youth (3 folders)
Oration/Public Speaking (2 folders)
Philosophy (4 folders)
Politics (5 folders)
Religion (14 folders)
Box   17  
Republican Party (2 folders)
Science (5 folders)
Temperance (3 folders)
Veterinary Science (14 folders)
Miscellaneous (8 folders)