Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Writings,  1833-1958 [subseries]
James B. Wood (father of Harriet Wood Townshend) [subseries]
"My Own Life,"  1833
"My Own Life" typescript, bound with "Townshends and Woods in Avon" by H. Percy Boynton
Harriet Wood Townshend [subseries]
"Reflections on the Immortality of the Soul" [n.d.]
James H. Townshend [subseries]
"High and Low Milllings in the Manufacture of Flour," c.  1875
Mary Townshend Boynton [subseries]
"Architecture: "Saxon, Norman and Early English,"  1893
"At John Lateran" [n.d.]
"Books Which Have Wrought Reforms" [n.d.]
"Critical Period of American History, The" [n.d.]
"Crusades from a Saracen Standpoint, The"  1890
"English Lake School, The" [n.d.]
"Excursions of an Evolutionist by John Fiske" [n.d.]
"Gossip about the Royal Family" [n.d.]
"Goths and the Moorish Conquest, The"  1898
"'In Memoriam' is a poem both…" [n.d.]
"Italian Painting from  1400 to 1650" [n.d.]
"Last Days of Pheidias" [n.d.]
"Rise and Growth of Italian Republics,"  1886
Box   29  
"Studies from The Prologue" [n.d.]
"Study of Childhood, A" [n.d.]
"Versailles" [n.d.]
Harriet N. Townshend [subseries] (1 folder)
Charles M. Wing, husband of Alice Townshend Wing diary,  1876 [subseries]
Margaret Wing Dodge [subseries]
Bound items,  1902-1967 (2 folders)
Loose items,  1897-1923
Loose items,  1927-1958