Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Realia [series]   

Two late 19th century wooden boxes have been transferred to the Graphics Division.

Box   55  
Ohio State Fair and other agricultural ribbons, c. 1850s-1880s
Box   56  
Wooden blocks,  c. 1860
Wax profile of Joseph Lancaster,  c. 1840
Geological items (quartz pebble, Herkimer "diamonds," shark tooth) in birdseye maple box.   

Box and Herkimer diamonds believed to be owned by Thomas Easterly.

Marbles,  c. 1870
Small framed portrait of George Townshend, c. 1900
Buttons and epaulets from Norton Townshend’s Civil War uniform, 1863
Slate and stylus, c. 1865
Yellow lustreware mug,  c. 1810
Norton Townshend’s childhood cup, c. 1820
China bowl
Box   57  
Geometric wooden blocks and teaching aids (belonged to Margaret Bailey Townshend), c.  1850
Engraved calling card plates
Inkwell (belonged to Norton Townshend)
Magnifier (belonged to Norton Townshend)
Loupe (belonged to Norton Townshend)
Blue transferware vase, c. 1830s-1850s
Glass vial for medicine
Vassar ring (belonged to Margaret Wing), c. 1908
Brooch, c. 1850s
Glass tube
Fan from Centennial Exhibition,  1876
Fold-out paper lantern,  c. 1910
Mother Goose puzzle,  1882
Mathematics teaching aids: color tablets, wooden sticks (belonged to Margaret Bailey Townshend), c. 1840s
Paper animal toys, c.  1860s
Potholder (belonged to Margaret Bailey Townshend), c. 1830
Ivory Stanhope viewer, c. 1870
Slate (belonged to Margaret Bailey Townshend), c. 1840
Box   58  
Locket with photograph of Margaret Bailey Townshend and lock of her hair, c. 1860
Wheat stalk collected by Norton Townshend
Brooch with unidentified hair,  c. 1870
Hair wreath (contains the hair of at least 16 members of the Townshend and Bailey families), c. 1870
Hair bracelets,  c. 1870
Hair watch fob,  c. 1870
Braided lock of hair
Ring (made of hair or other fiber)
Geological items (gems, crystals, fossils, shells) believed to have belonged to Norton Townshend and Thomas Easterly
Metal souvenir keychain and lock
Box   59  
Eyeglasses (belonged to Harriet N. Townshend),  c. 1900
Three pocketknives,  c. 1840s-1870s
Metal calling card case with angel (belonged to Margaret Bailey Townshend),  c. 1855
Pencils and pens (belonged to Norton S. Townshend)
Small ivory notebooks,  c. 1870s
Pipe (belonged to Norton S. Townshend)
Lacquered box (with "Bay of Tunis" figure)
Townshend china, brought from England,  c. 1800
Box   60  
Wooden school stool (made by Margaret Bailey Townshend),  c. 1842
Box   61  
Flour bag from James Townshend’s mill, c.  1870