Norton Strange Townshend family papers  1807-1995
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Other Townshend Family Members Papers [series]
Writings,  1833-1958 [subseries]
Box   28  
James B. Wood (father of Harriet Wood Townshend) [subseries]
"My Own Life,"  1833
"My Own Life" typescript, bound with "Townshends and Woods in Avon" by H. Percy Boynton
Box   28  
Harriet Wood Townshend [subseries]
"Reflections on the Immortality of the Soul" [n.d.]
Box   28  
James H. Townshend [subseries]
"High and Low Milllings in the Manufacture of Flour," c.  1875
Box   28  
Mary Townshend Boynton [subseries]
"Architecture: "Saxon, Norman and Early English,"  1893
"At John Lateran" [n.d.]
"Books Which Have Wrought Reforms" [n.d.]
"Critical Period of American History, The" [n.d.]
"Crusades from a Saracen Standpoint, The"  1890
"English Lake School, The" [n.d.]
"Excursions of an Evolutionist by John Fiske" [n.d.]
"Gossip about the Royal Family" [n.d.]
"Goths and the Moorish Conquest, The"  1898
"'In Memoriam' is a poem both…" [n.d.]
"Italian Painting from  1400 to 1650" [n.d.]
"Last Days of Pheidias" [n.d.]
"Rise and Growth of Italian Republics,"  1886
Box   29  
"Studies from The Prologue" [n.d.]
"Study of Childhood, A" [n.d.]
"Versailles" [n.d.]
Box   29  
Harriet N. Townshend [subseries] (1 folder)
Box   29  
Charles M. Wing, husband of Alice Townshend Wing diary,  1876 [subseries]
Box   29  
Margaret Wing Dodge [subseries]
Bound items,  1902-1967 (2 folders)
Loose items,  1897-1923
Loose items,  1927-1958
Box   30  
Biographical Information,  1854-1950 [subseries]

Scope note: This subseries contains biographical information, almost entirely clippings, concerning various members of the Townshend family. The subseries is arranged by person, from earliest to latest born, and includes obituaries and articles on members of the Townshend family. Harriet N. Townshend, who was the last member of the first class of Ohio State University, receives particular attention.

Rebecca (Norton) Townshend, mother of Norton Strange Townshend
Lucius B. Wing, father-in-law of Alice Townshend Wing
Harriet Wood Townshend, first wife of Norton Townshend
Mary Townsend Boynton, daughter of Norton and Harriet Townshend
Arthur B. Townshend, son of Norton and Margaret Townshend
Harriet N. Townshend, daughter of Norton and Margaret Townshend (3 folders)
Charles M. Wing, husband of Alice Townshend Wing
Alice Townshend Wing, daughter of Norton and Margaret Townshend (2 folders)
Shirley Wing, son of Alice Townshend Wing
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Legal papers [subseries]
Box   30  
Financial papers,  1900-1921 [subseries]
Records (9 folders)
Box   30  
Miscellaneous [subseries]
[n.d.] (2 folders)