Goodman-Vent papers  1830s-1890s
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Box   57, Small Collections  
Receipts,  1817 December 25-1876 January 20 [series]
Folder   1  
 1817-1828 February 20 (10 items)
1 receipt paid to E. H. Davis for soap. The rest are paid by Davis for ashes, grease, oil, candle paper, sand, salt, rum, tea, coffee, wine, sugar, nutmeg, tallow, flour, boxes, raisins, almonds, and molasses.
Folder   1  
 1828 February 27-1828 April 23 (10 items)
Receipts paid by Davis for flatirons, a pine table, flour, potatoes, soap boxes, rose soap, milk, oatmeal, sugar, oil, sugar, raisins, figs, pepper, mustard, almonds, sweet chocolate, whiskey, brandy, rum, tea, coffee, and ashes. Includes the earliest printed receipt in collection, from Ammi Cutter & Cummings.
Folder   2  
 1828 April 26-1828 July 3 (10 items)
1 receipt from First Universalist Singing Society for Wine, Brandy, Gin, Sugar and a tumbler. The rest are paid by Davis for flour, coffee, sugar, boots, shoes, ashes, molasses, tea, salmon, cheese, cocoa, figs, oranges, brandy, rum, raisins, milk and a hat
Folder   2  
 1828 July 8-1828 August 16 (10 items)
Receipts paid by Davis for porter (he saved money by providing his own bottles), copper pumps, lead pipe, soldering on pipes, labor, rosin, palm oil, casks of potash and "inspection and coopering."
Folder   3  
 1828 August 20-1831 December 24 (10 items)
3 receipts paid to Davis for soap. The rest paid by Davis for wood, casks of lime, bean poles, coffee, casks of candle tallow, having wood sawn and split, and printing.
Folder   3  
 1832 January 12-1841 February 5 (10 items)
1 receipt paid to Davis for soap. Several paid by Eliphalet to settle the estate of Enoch Davis, including payments for coal, red flannel, for painting a room and oiling a door, taxes, shoes, a basket, a bonnet, and payment of pew tax to the First Universalist Society. There is a printed receipt for Nathaniel Dearborn, an engraver who made stamps and stencils for Davis. Other receipts are for a violin, an airtight stove, tin chambers, zinc and mending.
Folder   4  
 1841 February 11-1841 August 27 (10 items)
Receipts for stamps, stencils and a doorplate from Nathaniel Dearborn, engraver. Also payments for soda ash, a box of castile soap, potash, inspection and coopering, cords of wood, wood planks, boot repair, reams of paper, 4 marble hearths, cologne water and manganese.
Folder   4  
 1841 September 1-1841 December 14 (10 items)
Receipts for straw board, papers, mahogany showcase, porter and ale from the Boston Beer Co., for glazing plate glass and mirrors, oiling and varnishing the case, loads of gravel, potatoes, bark and coarse salt.
Folder   5  
 1842 May 20-1843 January 10 (10 items)
Receipts for gilt frames, mugs, for engraving a soap stamp, beer, lumber, bonnet and ribbon and merchandise.
Folder   5  
 1845 January 1-1848 March 8 (10 items)
Receipts for goods and provisions, altering and repairing store, boarding of John F. Davis at the house of Curtis Davis for most of a year, tuition bills for Eliphalet's son, at C. G. Hazeltine's school in Westboro, wine, brandy, moleskin hat, coal hod, trunk, steel shovel, shoe rasp, doe skin pants and an alpaca vest.
Folder   6  
 1848 April 15-1850 January 5 (10 items)
Receipts for soda ash, casks of stearine oil, colored ink and impressed soap labels, boxes of soap, colored soap labels, including 1600 for "veritable swoon", printing of bill heads and scale of prices, soap stencils and stamps, including a stencil saying "this side up."
Folder   6  
 1850 January 14-1852 January 27 (10 items)
Receipts for tallow, a ton of coal, fine salt, musk, vermillion, the composition and printing of "Diamond Soap" labels, other soap labels, insurance policy fees and check to the Cheney Express.
Folder   7  
 1853 June 30-1860 March 6 (10 items)
Receipts for labels for "Saponaceous Dentifrice", advertisements in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont newspapers, creating soap labels and stamps, soap labels and shipment on the Great Western Express.
Folder   7  
 1860 October 12-1876 January 20 (8 items)
Receipts for shipment of soap on the Great Western Despatch, soap, money shipped by express, soap labels and boxes.
Folder   8  
 1863 September 1
License from the United States Internal Revenue Department allowing Davis to carry on business as a soap manufacturer in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Folder   8  
 Undated Wrapper for soap (?)
With rough wood cut of steamship and penciled notes on verso