Gridley family papers  [1798]-1885
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Orrin Gridley (1786-1847) was the third son of Ruth Green and Hezekiah Gridley and was born in Hanover, New York. In 1811, Orrin married Fanny Kellogg (1789-1871), daughter of Rachel Porter and Amos Kellogg, who owned land next to Hezekiah's property in Clinton, New York. Gridley joined the American Army and fought as a captain in the War of 1812. After the war, Orrin made his living as a merchant and established a bank in Clinton, New York. He was also a deacon of the Congregational Church. Orrin and Fanny had seven children: Wayne, Albert G., Henry K. (1815-1816), Adelaide, Amos Delos, Frederick, and Charles.

Wayne Gridley (1811-1846) graduated from Hamilton College in 1836. He continued his theological education at Andover Theological Seminary until 1839, when he was ordained a Congregational minister. Also in that year he was married to Juliet Hastings (1811-1848), daughter of Dr. Seth Hastings; they had a daughter Adelaide. In 1840, Wayne became the minister at the Kirkland Congregational Church in Clinton, where he remained until 1845, when he became too ill to serve the church. He traveled to Europe to recuperate from what may have been tuberculosis, but died upon his return to Clinton in November 1846.

Albert G. Gridley (1813-1888) helped his father run the Kirkland Bank and took it over in 1847, when his father died. He managed it until 1854, when it went out of business. He married Sophia Dunham Hickox in 1839; they had two children: Francis Amelia (1840-1921) and Granger (1841-1844). After the Kirkland Bank closed, Albert and his family moved to Buffalo, New York, where he became the junior partner in Hunt and Gridley, a firm that dealt with ship chandlers, grocers, and commission merchants.

Adelaide Gridley (1817-1841) married Reverend John Finley Smith (1813-1843), also of Clinton, New York, in 1840. Adelaide died just over a year later, and Smith died soon after, in 1843.

Amos Delos Gridley (1819-1876) married Ellen Marie Bristol in 1844. She died in 1870. His second wife was Mary A. Twining of New Haven, Connecticut, whom he married in 1872. Following the path of his brother Wayne, Amos pursued a life in the church. He attended Hamilton College (1839), Auburn College (1840-1842), and graduated from Andover Theological Seminary in 1843. He was ordained in 1846 and served as the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Waterville from 1847 to 1850. Amos earned a doctor of divinity at Olivet College just before his death in 1876. Amos Gridley wrote The History of the Town of Kirkland, New York.

Frederick Gridley (1821-1876) married Harmony Luce and moved to Buffalo, New York, where he established himself as a banker. They had four children: Orrin R.( b. 1846), Charles (b. 1852), Frederick (b. 1855), and Harry (b. 1857). He died in 1876 in San Francisco.

Youngest brother Charles Edward Gridley was born in 1829 and died while traveling in Paris, France, in 1850.