James O. Gawne report book  1905-1906
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Collection Scope and Content Note

This manuscript contains Midshipman James O. Gawne's reports on machinery and activities aboard the USS Olympia and USS Cleveland between 1905 and 1906. The reports are made up of 22 pages of text, 4 diagrams, and 1 map. Most reports were approved by Gawne's commanding officers: H. G. O. Colby, J. D. Adams, or Edward Francis Qualtrough. Gawne composed the dated sections between June 30, 1905, and May 15, 1906.

J.O. Gawne wrote his reports on odd numbered pages, and added some diagrams and labels on even numbered pages. The first 2 pages consist of a "General Description of U.S.S. Olympia ," which provides information on the ship's physical specifications, cost and construction, and engines and other machinery (pp. 1-3). The next 3 pages (pp. 5-9) concern target practice, with instructions for calculating corrections when firing artillery in rough water. This section is accompanied by an example and a diagram (p. 6), as well as a description and diagram of the layout of a rifle range near Guantánamo, Cuba (p. 8). Gawne then reported on target practice near Pensacola, Florida (written from Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, pp. 11-19). Gawne described several aspects of the exercise, including the performance of individual guns and the methods of firing them. He provided a labeled diagram of the sights used in the Olympia 's two-gun turrets (p. 19). Gawne next provided a technical overview of the Olympia 's evaporation system, with a labeled diagram (pp. 21-23).

On August 24, 1905, the crew of the Olympia arrived at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where they set up the temporary Camp Bradford. Gawne reported on the surrounding area, campsite, and life at the camp until it was dismantled on August 26 (pp. 25-31). He included a map of the camp, for which he provided a key (pp. 26-27). Pages 33-37 hold information on the Olympia 's ice machines, including mechanical details and a list of their constituent parts. Page 39 recapitulates the process of repairing the ship's condensers. The final report is a general description of the USS Cleveland , including its specifications, layout, guns, engines, and other operating machinery (pp. 41-49).


  • Page 6: Diagram of a method for finding correction, USS Olympia target practice
  • Page 8: Diagram of a United States Navy target range, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
  • Page 19: Diagram of gun sights/turrets, USS Olympia
  • Page 23: Diagram of evaporation system, USS Olympia
  • Pages 26-27: Map of Camp Bradford, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
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