Eaton-Shirley family papers  1790-1939 (bulk 1850-1906)
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Box   1  
Correspondence,  1807 December 14-1939 July 30 [series]
John Eaton, Jr.:  1853 November 3-1904 September 20, and  undated (168 letters)
Alice E. Eaton:  1851 December 13-1908 December 22 (22 letters)
Lucien B. Eaton:  1844 July 5-1891 and  undated (31 letters)
Other Eaton family members:  1832 February 13-1938 July 1, and  undated (32 letters)
James Shirley:  1855 May 13-1863 July 30 (12 letters)
Adeline Shirley:  1854 August 5-1880 January 10 (18 letters)
Other Shirley family members:  1836 September 28-1888 March 14, and  undated (15 letters)
Miscellaneous:  1807 December 14-1939 July 30, and  undated (20 letters)
Box   2  
Diaries and Journals [series]

Scope note: Personal journals and diaries of various members of the Eaton family including aunts, uncles, brother, and wife of John Eaton, Jr.

Diary of Ruth Dodge Eaton, 1833-1839 November 2
Diary/Hymn Book of Ruth Dodge Eaton,  1840 August-[1844]
Diary of Horace Eaton,  1838 November 12-[1844]
Diary of John Eaton, Jr.,  1849 December 5-1855 July 15
Diary of John Eaton, Jr.?,  undated
Diary of Frederick Eaton,  1855 January 1-1855 November 15
Household account book of Christina Eaton,  1855
Diary of Alice E. Shirley,  1859 February 27-1865 June 30
Journal of Charles Eaton,  1872
Box   3  
Personal Papers [series]

Scope note: Miscellaneous personal papers including invitations, name and address cards, and other documents.

Personal documents of John Eaton, Jr.:  1840 May 16-1908 October 15, and  undated (19 documents)
Name, Address, and various appointment cards of John Eaton, Jr.:  undated (18 items)
Invitations and announcements pertaining to John Eaton, Jr. (23 items)
Box   3  
Legal and Business Papers [series]

Scope note: Legal papers relating to the Eaton and Shirley families including land deeds and agreements for the sale of land in Mississippi, documents relating to legal cases of James Shirley, documents relating to the destruction of the Shirley House, and miscellaneous financial documents.

Land Documents:  1839 May-1917, and  undated (74 items)
Legal Papers:  1843 August 9-1932 January 1, and  undated (25 items)
Tax Documents:  1869-1888 December 6 (61 items)
Checks, Receipts, and other financial papers:  1877 July 24-1926 August 16 (115 items)
Box   4  
Military Papers [series]

Scope note: Orders, records, muster rolls, ordnance forms and receipts, and military correspondence. These papers relate to the 13th Army Corps; the 27th Regiment of Ohio Volunteers; the 63rd Regiment U.S. Colored Volunteers; the 65th Ohio Volunteers; and the War Department Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands.

John Eaton, Jr. military papers:  1861 September 5-1926 September 22, and  undated (58 documents)
Lucien B. Eaton military papers:  1861 October 22-1864 December 16, and  undated (54 documents)
Printed materials [series]
Box   4  
Newspaper clippings and published materials [subseries]

Scope note: The content of this matierial relates almost exclusively to the careers and activities of John Eaton, Jr. A small number of items involve other members of the Eaton family.

Newspaper clippings related to John Eaton, Jr.:  1865 December 21-1906 March 8, and  undated (42 clippings)
Newspaper articles by John Eaton, Jr.:  1886 February 4-1891 (7 clippings)
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings:  1800 January 4-1932 (9 clippings)
Box   4  
Pamphlets [subseries]
Published pamphlets and circulars pertaining to John Eaton, Jr.:  1872-1902 and  undated (10 items)
Published pamphlets by John Eaton, Jr.:  1885 August-1901 August, and  undated (6 items)
Box   4  
Other published items:  1790 September-1931 and  undated [subseries] (10 items)
Box   4  
Miscellaneous Papers: Miscellaneous items pertaining to the Eaton and Shirley families. [series]
Recipes:  undated [19th century] (53 items)
Manuscript Sermon:  1815 June 7 (1 item)
Manuscript Vocabulary Book of John Eaton, Jr.:  undated    [Note: Located in Box 2]
Miscellaneous Eaton papers:  1846 August 20-1918 May, and  undated (67 items)
Boxes   5-8  
Photographs [series]

Scope note: The Eaton-Shirley photographs primarily consist of snapshots taken from the late 19th century to the mid 1930s. Included are photo albums, family portraits, cabinet cards, individual portraits, and numerous miscellaneous photographs, daguerreotypes and ambrotypes. 923 items (transferred to Graphics Division).