Mary Perrin May Bradlee diary  1863-1868
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Volume   1 Pages   63-75
Trip to Washington, D.C., summer  1841 [series]
Reference to career as a physician, 1794-98. Site of Battle of Red Bank, N.J. (1777). Travel companions: Nathaniel Silsbee (1773-1850) and daughter.
African-American porter refuses tip because coin is worn. Dinner at Whitman's Hotel: food bad, African-American waiters "shuffle"
Another porter deceives him.
Bankruptcy of private person who invested in Bank of the U.S. Brown's Hotel.  1840 election spoils: political appointments. Comment on insincerity of Henry Clay (1777-1852).
St. Clair Clark, Clerk of House of Representatives. Views John Trumbull's (1756-1843) painting, "Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown" and critiques the scene: "So difficult is it to come to the precise knowledge of an actual fact."
In Capitol, recalls what building looked like after British left Washington in 1814.
John Sergeant (1779-1852) gives him a seat in Ladies' Gallery of House of Representatives. Hears Robert Barnwell Rhett (1800-1876) speak against tariff. Sees John Pope (1770-1845). Meets with John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), an old friend.
Adams promises to introduce him to John Tyler (1790-1862). Visits with Adams in the evening. Wishes to see Tyler on topic of Maine/New Brunswick boundary. Carriage ride with Adams
Adams introduces Mease onto floor of House. Plans for publishing work on American commemorative medals if Congress will back the project; Library committee to discuss it.
Visit to patent office. His own plan for processing patent applications is in use. Reference to the Domestic Encyclopedia.
Thomas Cooper (1759-1839) writings critiqued. He meets Tyler in company with Adams. White House tourists. Thler says he has appointed his son to see to refurbishing mansion within limits of $6,000 set by Congress.
Talks with Census office re its errors in counting slaves in Pennsylvania. Attends Unitarian Church. Senate discusses Bank bill.