Harry Hargreaves letters  1916
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Harry Hargreaves letters [series]
 June 29, 1916; Chicago, IL
Describes train trip- "Splendid receptions along the line notably at Friendship, NY and Salamanca, NY." "We are getting inoculated for typhoid and vaccinated at the same time."
 July 2, 1916; San Macial, NM
Train has been stopping twice a day, and the men are marched for exercise. Prejudice of Texans against the Mexican laborers on Santa Fe Rail Road.
 July 4, 1916; Nogales, AZ
Description of camp -"running water piped though the camp with a faucet at the head of each Camp and street." A solitary Mexican sentry across the way -"His equipment consists o a Mauser rifle, belt and white baggy uniform and sandals." Mentions the hanging of four of Villa's raiders in Deming, NM two weeks ago.
 July 8, 1916; Nogales, AZ
Several battalions quarantined - one before they arrived because of measles, another in the hills south of camp because they were exposed to smallpox. Nose bleeds common. Revaccinating every seven days until it takes "There are some terrible looking arms … The new way of vaccinating is two small slits in the upper arm and a touch with the vaccine paint." Explanations to his family of how to pronounce "Villa," "Nogales," "Santa Fe," "Tucson," etc.
 July 17, 1916; Nogales, AZ
Rains force removal of camp to higher ground. Good description of "boundary posts" and "neutral zone" 50 feet on either side. Soldier sending home exotic fauna, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and centipedes.
 August 1, 1916; Nogales, AZ
Detailed description of evening meal and breakfast at camp "We had cantaloupe with ice cream on two occasions." Company D is a hard luck company, flooded out, wind damage to tents, kitchen damage, men have "shirt monkeys" [lice], and a gun accidentally went off during practice causing a man to loose a finger.
 August 16, 1916; Nogales, AZ
Leaving for march to Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
 August 25, 1916; Fort Huachuca, AZ
A six day march (68 miles) to Fort Hauchuca, ten days there, a march back. Description of hotel meal in Elgin as compared to camp food. Good description of both Patagonia and Fort Huachuca and the surrounding area. "This is where 10th (colored) Cavalry was stationed when called to Mexico."