Cottrell-Jury correspondence  1917-1918
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Collection Scope and Content Note

The Indian Commissioners' receipts collection consists of receipts for supplies delivered to Native Americans in Western Pennsylvania in the second half of 1776. The receipts were most often written by John Montgomery, Jasper Yeates, Thomas Walker, and John Harvie and sent to "Boreman," "Morgan" (likely George Morgan) and, on one occasion, to "Wilson." The supplies include rum, clothing items, blankets, bridles, powder and lead, salt, utensils, dyes, and other items. Some receipts contain additional notes. For instance, the September 30, 1776, receipt for a keg of rum states, "There is no living without it." The October 1 receipt notes "add 6 lb Powder & 12 Lb Lead for the Shawnese to induce them to stay till the Treaty." An undated receipt lists "4 of the largest cutter of Scalping Knives that you have in your store." The Shawnee are the only tribe mentioned by name in the receipts, but supplies may have also gone to other Native American groups.

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