Mary Jane Hale Welles papers  1846-1848
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Box   1, Mexican War Collection  
Richard Coulter journal,  1847 January 1-1848 July 14. [series] (100pp.)
 1847 January.
Organization of the 2nd Pennsylvania; River journey to New Orleans; Army celebration--with food stolen from civilians; Tale of a drunken soldier
 1847 February.
Rough crossing of Gulf of Mexico--seasickness; Poor quality of food rations; Lobos Island; Washington's Birthday celebration; Assignment to Vera Cruz expedition
 1847 March.
Journey to Vera Cruz; landing at Sacrificios Island; Siege of Vera Cruz and capture; Introduction to tortillas; Laundry
 1847 April.
Description of Vera Cruz; March to Jalapa; Battle of Cerro Gordo; Aftermath: immediate putrefaction of dead bodies of soldiers and horses
 1847 May.
Attendance at a bullfight; Gen. Thomas Childs (1796-1853) forces disgusted soldiers to kneel to passing Roman Catholic procession
 1847 June.
Soldiers paid; description of how they spend their money; March through Mexican countryside; Castle of Perote
 1847 July.
Muster and inspection by Lt. Col. John White Geary (1819-73), who makes a "considerable fool of himself"; A cowardly soldier; Description of Puebla and its Cathedral; Mexican hocus-pocus doctor saves soldier's life; New ideas of organizing messes; Contempt for regimental officers; General Childs an insufferable "sulky school boy"; Sightseeing trip to Cholula
 1847 August.
Guard duty at city prison, Puebla; March from Puebla; battles of Contreras and Churubusco
 1847 September.
Execution of 16 deserters near San Angel; Battle of Chapultepec; ; Description of statue of Charles IV of Spain
 1847 October.
Tobacco distributed to troops; Earthquake; bullfights; Dead soldiers embalmed and sent to Pennsylvania; Reflections on battle of Molino del Rey and condemnation of Gen. Winfield Scott's (1786-1866) handling of the matter; Halloween
 1847 November.
All Saints' Day celebration; Elections to fill vacancies in regiment: "rascality" of Geary in gaining sway; celebrations of the victorious; Gen. David Emanuel Twiggs (1790-1862) oversees a public whipping (he enjoys it) and causes a civil disturbance
 1847 December.
Fate of a drunken soldier; Theater; Incompetence of a Dutch officer; Description of San Angel; Distrust of raw recruits; All liquor in San Angel locked up by military order; Christmas Eve and Day
 1848 January.
New Year's Day celebration; Mexican civilians attack soldiers of the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment; army returns favor with a general killing; Discontent at not being discharged; Staging of a phony duel; Gen. Geary's gambling habits; Winfield Scott has his eye on the Presidency; Death and funeral of Daniel Webster's son; Putting out a fire
 1848 February.
Snide song (8 verses) about Geary; Increased instances of soldiers' dissatisfaction and violence; Geary reads nasty passage about self when helping himself to a private soldier's journal
 1848 March.
Skirmishes and casualties; Feast of Camoral; Notice of Ash Wednesday (a new thing to Coulter); Death of John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) reported; ceremonies on that behalf; Stingy soldier's greed with food; Description of a battle ground
 1848 April.
Treaty ratified by U.S. Senate; Attempt at robbery of a Mexico City bank by U.S. soldiers; Maundy Thursday/Good Friday/Saturday (but no mention of Easter Sunday); Escape of a South Carolina soldier being held for murder
 1848 May.
Searching for soldiers' graves in order to disinter (and send to Pennsylvania?); Massachusetts soldier murders his wife; Geary's schemes for promotion; Treaty ratified by Mexican Senate
 1848 June.
March to coast; Mexican countryside scenes; Boat journey to New Orleans
 1848 July.
Transcript of a court martial; Muster out of service, Pennsylvania