Levi Wade collection  1866-1902
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Box   13, Small Collections  
Eighteenth-Century sermons [series]
Folder   14  
  1757 February 6 . (20 pages)
1 Peter 1:18-19. Redemption from sin. Salvation through blood of Christ. Most people fated to perish.
  1757 April 10 . (20 pages)
2 Corinthians 5:11. Knowing "terror of the Lord." Hell. Motivation for proselytization. God's judgment.
  1757 June [9] . (21 pages)
Romans 2:4. God's goodness and offer of salvation. God's goodness leads sinners to repent. Ways in which sinners despise God's goodness.
  1757 July 31 . (21 pages)
Revelation 22:16. Nature of Book of Revelation. Jesus Christ as root and offspring of David. Jesus as "light" and source of reason, spirituality, and salvation.
  1757 August 28 . (21 pages)
Psalm 76:10. Wrath of man turned to praise for God. God's patience. God's vengeance for unrepentant sinners. God's restraint of man's wrath. Current darkness and recent "victories which the enemy have obtained against us."
  1760 August 17 . (22 pages)
Hebrews 11:25. Nature of faith. Faith of Moses. Believers' choice to reject pleasures of sin. Believers' suffering. Reasons to choose to suffer.
  1761 April 26 . (22 pages)
Matthew 14:30. Jesus and Peter walking on water. Sinners' recognition of "perishable condition" and desire for salvation. Grace of Jesus Christ.
  Undated . (18 pages)
Copied Bible verses. Jesus Christ's life and ministry. Baptism.