Masten family papers  1799-1899
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Volume   1  
United States Revenue Cutter Service and Merchant Marine collection [series]
Pages   iii-vii  
Pages   1-3  
  1793 September 4 . Sharp Delany and James Montgomery ADS to Thomas and William Penrose. (1 page)
Invoice regarding payment for labor and equipment for the revenue cutter General Green .
Pages   4-6  
  1794 January 1-March 31 . James Montgomery DS. (1 page)
Payroll of revenue cutter General Green , under the command of Captain James Montgomery. Includes names of officers and seamen, the length of each man's service, and each man's monthly pay rate and total pay. Also contains value of rations issued to each of the officers.
Pages   7-8  
  1798 April 20 . Oliv[er] Walcott ALS to [Benjamin Lincoln]; Treasury Department. (1 page)
Has received Lincoln's letter and the enclosed letter by Boston merchants. Authorizes Lincoln to follow merchants' suggestions with regard to the construction of an armed vessel and to obtain guns and carriages to facilitate quick construction. Reminds Lincoln that the country's emerging naval force is meant to defend the nation's commerce and that the new cutter's role is to protect revenue.
Pages   9-11  
  1799 January 4 . Ben[jamin] Stoddert ALS to Benj[amin] Lincoln; Navy Department. (1 page)
Requests that Lincoln advance funds to Captain Chapman to pay wages owed to the crew of the Pickering through December 1798; and that Lincoln assists the Pickering 's new commander, Lieutenant Preeble [sic], in fitting out the vessel with provisions and ammunition for a trip to the West Indies.
Pages   12-13  
  1799 August 1 . Oliv[er] Wolcott PrLS; Treasury Department. (1 page)
Circular letter regarding a new requirement that revenue cutters display a particular "Ensign and Pendant" and a request that the recipient(s) provide such flags to the vessels in their districts.
Pages   14-15  
  1780 September 16 . Joshua Barney ALS to Messrs. Wharton, Read, and Winder; Philadelphia. (1 page)
Requests that the agents for the Saratoga deliver his share of rum captured from the Sarah to Gunning Bedford.
Pages   16-17  
  1797 June 29 . James McHenry and Samuel Hodgdon ANS to John Harris; War-Office. (1 page)
Request that Harris deliver the hearth for the frigate United States to Mr. Francis.
Pages   18-22  
  1797 November 30 . Reuben Jones ALS to Faris & Stocker; Guadeloupe. (2 pages)
Describes the capture of his ship, the brig Mary , by French privateers; the French crew's plundering of the Mary ; and his imprisonment onboard while at Point Peter. Discusses his treatment by the French and their disparagement of his records. With addendum dated February 1, 1797, regarding additional poor treatment by the French.
Pages   23-27  
  1798 September 24-October 17 . AD to Eli Brown; Newport and Providence. (2 pages)
Record of the ship Huron 's disbursements and expenses. Expenses included customs fees, pilot fees, and health office fees, as well as purchases of rum and bread. Three entries reflect charges for noting and extending a "protest" at Newport, possibly related to impressment.
Pages   28-29  
  1799 October 20 . Richard Dale and R. Willing DS. (1 page)
"List of Freight; received on Cash & Merchandize, shipp'd in the Canton , from New York; on account William Bingham Esqr. & Messrs. Willings & Francis.
Pages   30-32  
  1801 September 10 . R[ober]t Smith ALS to Lewis Heermann; Nav[y] Dep[artment]. (1 page)
Requests that Heermann send word of his acceptance of a surgeon mate's commission in the United States Navy and orders Heermann to report to Dr. Balfour for orders. With Lewis Heermann's signed oath of allegiance to the United States and a signed copy of his letter of acceptance, dated September 21, 1801.
Pages   33-35  
  1802 May 2 . James Barron ALS to Richard Dale; Potowmack. (1 page)
Changing winds and weather have caused difficulties when attempting to bring the President into port.