Richard Clough Anderson papers  1821-1822
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Volume   1 Pages   1-62
Trip through Pennsylvania and New York,  August 1835-September 1835 [series]
Leaves Philadelphia for Bristol.
Recalls how mineral water cured his yellow fever, 1793. Visits cemetery to see graves of Revolutionary War figures and actor John Henry (1746-1794).
To Newtown; description of hotel.
Taylorsville school levy fails: opposers were illiterates with several children.
His 63rd birthday. Reads memoir of Simon Bolivar.
View from seat beside stagecoach driver.
Description of road from Point Pleasant to White's Hotel at Easton; description of hotel.
Easton's vote on recent tax levy: who supported and who did not. Germans in particular were opposed to tax.
Founding of South Easton, Easton's countersettlement. Corrects a county map based on Scull's pre-war map.
Tavern at Allentown.
Discussion with coin collector; biographical sketch of this man, James Hall (b. 1773); description of his collection. Mease promises Hall a book on American coins, colonial and national.
Description of Allentown.
Coal mine at Beaver Dam. Climate of area.
Meets C. Brobst, age 72, who managed to get state of Pennsylvania to splurge $5,000 on a bridge over the Susquehanna River near Danville.
Description of Bloomsburg.
Discovery of a cemetery where eighty-one patriot soldiers were buried in a mass grave after Tory-Indian raid on Wyoming Valley, 1778. Zebulon Butler (1731-1795) led American troops.
Meets Joseph Lewis, son of William Lewis (1759-1819)?--good commentary about young man's life.
Biographical sketch of John Read, once "banker of the King of Wurtemburg." Discusses America as a haven for the have-nots of other countries.
Silver Lake: description of Dr. Robert H. Rose's house, family, library, and sheep business (Rose established an experimental community for Free Blacks at Silver in 1833).
Carbondale: bank defrauded its depositors in 1827-28.
Scotch settlers better than the "vagabond English." Long description of ride on railroad's inclined plane.
Lock House on Delaware & Hudson Canal, operated by 13-year-old girl.
Walenpaupack (?) Falls.
He crosses into New York.
Description of a scow, with sketch, on Delaware River at Port Jervis.
Milford: disgusting courthouse and jail.
Stony soil of Sullivan County.
Silver and lead mine at Ellanville.
Discussion with hotel keeper about flowers, esp. clematis.
Is served cheese and brandy for breakfast.
Eddyville: hears sermon in Presbyterian Church.
Kingston Landing, N.Y.
Sails in boat to New York City. Trinity Church. Description of privet hedges at Trinity Church; discussion of privets.
New York City paving street by City Hall with wooden blocks.
Description of "Mr. Astor's immense granite hotel."
"Mud machine" excavates for dock. Visit to Rapalje book and paper press.
Visits Peale's Museum; sees orangutan, anaconda, and a magician.
Falls ill and is tended by a "free negro."
Volume   1 Pages   63-75
Trip to Washington, D.C., summer  1841 [series]
Reference to career as a physician, 1794-98. Site of Battle of Red Bank, N.J. (1777). Travel companions: Nathaniel Silsbee (1773-1850) and daughter.
African-American porter refuses tip because coin is worn. Dinner at Whitman's Hotel: food bad, African-American waiters "shuffle"
Another porter deceives him.
Bankruptcy of private person who invested in Bank of the U.S. Brown's Hotel.  1840 election spoils: political appointments. Comment on insincerity of Henry Clay (1777-1852).
St. Clair Clark, Clerk of House of Representatives. Views John Trumbull's (1756-1843) painting, "Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown" and critiques the scene: "So difficult is it to come to the precise knowledge of an actual fact."
In Capitol, recalls what building looked like after British left Washington in 1814.
John Sergeant (1779-1852) gives him a seat in Ladies' Gallery of House of Representatives. Hears Robert Barnwell Rhett (1800-1876) speak against tariff. Sees John Pope (1770-1845). Meets with John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), an old friend.
Adams promises to introduce him to John Tyler (1790-1862). Visits with Adams in the evening. Wishes to see Tyler on topic of Maine/New Brunswick boundary. Carriage ride with Adams
Adams introduces Mease onto floor of House. Plans for publishing work on American commemorative medals if Congress will back the project; Library committee to discuss it.
Visit to patent office. His own plan for processing patent applications is in use. Reference to the Domestic Encyclopedia.
Thomas Cooper (1759-1839) writings critiqued. He meets Tyler in company with Adams. White House tourists. Thler says he has appointed his son to see to refurbishing mansion within limits of $6,000 set by Congress.
Talks with Census office re its errors in counting slaves in Pennsylvania. Attends Unitarian Church. Senate discusses Bank bill.