Gerard B. Palmer journal  1953
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In 1953, Lieut. J.G. Gerard B. Palmer served aboard the U.S.S. Owen under the command of Commodore Mayberry. Proceeding from San Diego by way of Hawaii and Japan, the Owen arrived off the North Korean coast in March, apparently attached to Task Force 77, the Seventh Fleet Striking Force. After a brief shore leave in Yokosuka, on April 12, the Owen returned to patrolling the North Korean coast, providing support for a limited covert assault by South Korean Marines from allied-controlled Yang Do Island. Apparently of little consequence, the assault resulted in the neutralization of an unspecified target with no loss.

On April 22, the Owen was ordered to participate in the bombardment of Wonsan Harbor, a major port on the eastern coast of North Korea that had been under siege for almost two years. During this engagement, they sustained a direct hit from a North Korean shore battery, but suffered no casualties. They remained off the North Korean coast through June, providing support for at least one covert intelligence-gathering mission, and generally taking part in the blockading. Near the end of that month, the armistice in place, they left Korean waters for the states via the Suez Canal.