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Box   8, Small Collections  
Emma Clark Greene correspondence [series]
Folder   21  
  1845 August 17 . Emma Clark ALS to Orrin Clark; New Haven, Vermont. (4 pages)
Updates about Augustus Clark, Emma's brother, a successful blacksmith and carriage maker in Buffalo, New York. Request for parents' advice about joining Augustus in Buffalo, where she heard of better prospects for a school.
  1845 September 28 . E[mma] A. Clark ALS to Orrin Clark; New Haven. (4 pages)
Discussion of Augustus's offer for Emma to join him in Buffalo. News of Francis's recent visit and his decision not to move to Buffalo.
  1846 September 13 . Emma A. Clark ALS to Orrin Clark; New Haven. (4 pages)
Francis's recent work on uncle's farm and as an axe grinder. Local "select school" and teachers' need to continue their education. Distaste for housework and preference for teaching. Desire of widower from Monkton to make Clark's acquaintance.
  1847 July 22 . Emma [A. Clark] ALS to Delia M. Clark; N. H. (3 pages)
Advice for her sister, whom she suspects will not be single much longer. Recent activities include doing housework, sewing, and knitting. Frank's ill health. Anticipation of return home after several years away.
  1849 July 8 . D. G. Green ALS to Orrin Clark; Camden, Me. (3 pages)
Reflections and sympathy after hearing of Augustus Clark's death. Separation from "E," who remained in Vermont while he was in Maine. Possibility of moving to Maine or to Boston, Massachusetts.
  1854 December 17 . D[aniel] G. G[reene] and Emma [Clark Greene] ALS to "Brother & Sister." (4 pages)
News of their children and desire to visit or be visited by family members.
  1856 April [23] . D[aniel] G. G[reene] and E[mma] A. Greene ALS to [Orrin] Clark; North Bridgewater. (4 pages)
Children's recent bad health and news of Daniel's brother in California. Desire to visit or be visited by family members. Inquiry about Clark's summer plans and inquiries about family members.