Abner H. Cheever papers  1816-1837
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Volume   1  
E. Augustus Garrison journal,  1861 July 8-1869 October 8 [series]
Pages   1-26  
Accounts of T. Garrison
Pages   27-57  
Daily entries,  1861 July 8-September 10
 1861 July
Concert at Port Gibson, Miss.
Miss. school graduation
Church service
Southern patriotism
Bull Run reported; gloating
Abe Lincoln scorned
Shingling a cottage
 1861 August
Town vs. country living
Black church service
Gloating over Bull Run
Whites/blacks, separate churches
Prayer meeting for Confederacy
Preaching to blacks
He joins army
 1861 September
Formation of company
War news
Justification for war: religion and country
Departure for field
Pages   58-59  
Synopsis of war at close; list of family and slaves
Pages   60-72  
 1861 September-1863 February
President and cabinet
Regular army colonel's discipline
Peninsular campaign
J.S. Magruder
Yanks at Peach Orchard
Evacuation of Yorktown
Seven Pines
Beaver Dam
Robert E. Lee
Gaines Mills
Malvern Hill
Jubilation over success
Maneuvers in Virginia
"On to Richmond" (ha-ha)
Fighting Joe Hooker
Mission home after conscripts and absentees
Visit with family
List of his battles fought
Description of camp at Fredericksburg
Pages   73-104  
Daily entries,  1863 February 20-1863 April 5
 1863 February
Slaves working on Vicksburg fortifications
W.R. Barksdale's farewell address
Newspaper article about battalion
Railroad accident
 1863 March
Methodist convention
Mistaken for a conscript
"Colored prophet"
Description of southern family
Plantation on fire
Romance nipped by soldier's death
Siege of Vicksburg
Thanksgiving day
Description of Vicksburg
  April 1863
Southern womanhood
Child drowns
Off to war
Pages   105-106  
Pages   107-114  
 1863 April-1863 October
Commission as Chaplain
Religious revivals
Union sentiment in Maryland
News of Vicksburg
Church services
Pages   114-118  
 1863 October 2-1863 October 12
Pages   118-129  
 1863 October-1865 October
He destroys diary
Building camp cabins
Confederate desertion
Battle of the Wilderness
Soldiers' comments in battle
Before Petersburg
Land mine experiments
Army fate, Summer  1864
Religion in the army
Hatred for Sherman
Confederate generals
Petersburg campaign
Confederacy crumbles
He is captured
Lincoln's assassination
Release from prison
Brother's death
Cotton stealing
Pages   130-244  
Occasional entries,  1865 October-1869 October 9
Barter in land-trading
Black servants
Stolen cotton
Farming in Mississippi
Port-war fortunes
Fourth of July
European wars
Jeff Davis in chains
Trans-Atlantic cable
Union Convention in Philadelphia
Black servant gotten from jail
Confederate postage stamp
Thievery and black unrest
 1867 January-1867 February
Mississippi Annual Convention (Methodist Church)
He sells farm
Assassination and gold theft attempt
"Mad radicals of Congress"
 1867 March
New Congress convenes
Black-white relations on farm
Slave vs. servant status
Reconstruction bill in Congress
He attempts suicide
Military rule passed in Congress
Lazy black farm hands
Former slave's advice
 1867 April-1867 July
 1868 election predictions
Southern economy
Purchase of Russia
Jeff Davis released from prison
Knife fight over blacks' "place"
Fourth of July in Mississippi
Lazy blacks
 1867 August-1867 December
Blacks speak in own behalf
Johnson removes Edwin Stanton
Blacks owe white man money
Reconstruction politics
South in debt
Lazy blacks
Johnson's impeachment
Wife discontented with poverty
Selling patent medicine
Reconstruction politics