Cushman K. Davis papers  1886-1900
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Wilkinson-Burbeck letters [series]
Folder   14  
  1796 June 7 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to Henry Burbeck; Head Quarters, Greenville, [Ohio]. (2 pages)
Orders Burbeck to "open a good waggon road" between Gerty's Town and Fort Defiance, Ohio. Burbeck should consult with Captain Butter, who has explored the route, obtain forty axes from him, and use him as a guide if necessary. Instructed to drive thirty cattle to Lorrimiers, which Burbeck is to use for "subsistence." Orders regarding tents and keeping his troops from "rains or night damps," as well as keeping the "Indian goods" safe. Should take an extra gill per day for his detachment to counter fatigue.
  1796 June 9 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Head Quarters, [Greenville, Ohio?]. (1 page)
Orders to move "boats and provisions &c to Gerty's Town" before "the waters will leave us for the season." Grants him leave to use his whole force to obtain this, "untill Birds Cargoe and all your heavy Baggage are shipped for Roche de Bout." To send back any pack horses he can spare. General Anthony Wayne is in Philadelphia and is not expected to head west.
  1796 June 11 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Head Quarters, [Greenville, Ohio?]. (1 page)
Informing Burbeck that he will be in Gerty's Town shortly and would like to meet with Burbeck and Captain Butters and receive returns for "every thing on Hand at Lorrimiers & Pigeon Town."
Folder   15  
  1796 June 12 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to H[enry] Burbeck; Head Quarters, Greenville, [Ohio]. (1 page)
May be detained due to the arrival of the Paymaster General. Orders Burbeck to ship baggage at St. Mary's, sending back spare pack horses and wagons. "Keep the Dragoon with you, & furnish Him Corn for his Horse."
  1796 June 16 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Head Q[uarte]rs, Greenville, [Ohio]. (2 pages)
Remarks about the government voting on military matters. Enclosing a paper (not present) on "the latest advice." Mentions "our Solomon" being in Philadelphia, the resignation of Dr. Strong, the expected resignation of Carmichael, Cushing headed eastward, and Guion being in New York.
  1796 July 12 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Greenville, [Ohio]. (2 pages)
Comments on "the Chief" having arrived at Cincinnati. Refers Burbeck to Colonel Hamtramck to see his letter. Believes Wayne's power to be "short-lived," which has caused Wayne to act conciliatory. Mentions Wayne's aides-de-camp, Captain Thompson and Major Buell. Has heard that Burbeck's battalion is to head east. Notes the death of "our friend Mills."
Folder   16  
  1796 July 20 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to H[enry] Burbeck; Greenville, [Ohio]. (3 pages)
Discusses "the Old Man" and his trip to "enjoy the Honor of Entering the Ports." "His Conduct to me would make you laugh--you have never seen any thing like such suport & attention in the Army." Butters and Swan follow Wayne's example. Wilkinson is leaving for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Mount Vernon. Mentions an upcoming hearing, where he expects to obtain justice and support from "every Man of Honor, who has witnessed the outrage & abuse we have all experienced." Asks Burbeck and George to act cautiously before the trial. Addressed to Maj[o]r H. Burbeck, Detroit.
  1797 July 13 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson LS to [Henry] Burbeck; Head Quarters, Detroit, [Michigan]. (3 pages)
Was disappointed to have not heard from Burbeck, despite a recent arrival from Mackinac, and insists on monthly returns and to "distinguish between the Troops, Staff & Indians." His movements are delayed by the "very menacing aspect of affairs to the Westward," and he is awaiting orders from the government. Uncertain whether he will be able to visit Mackinac, but will strengthen the Works regardless. Warns Burbeck to "redouble your vigilance," as they have received word of a French party in Chicago. The Quartermaster is sending wagons and teams to Mackinac, but cannot find passage for the cattle. Burbeck is to purchase oxen instead. Comments on paying troops, and attempts to find American merchants to "prevent the money of the United States going into the British coffers." Authorized Colonel Meigs to send "a small assortment of Indian Goods," including tobacco and whiskey, "to dispense of by you as presents to influential chiefs, as occassion May require." Orders him to keep a strict watch "over a certain Aakeman... & on the first appearance of french or Indian hostility confine him as he is a dangerous person."
  1797 July 13 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Detroit, [Michigan]. (1 page)
Asks Burbeck to supply him with goods. "I am desirous of procuring every thing curious or beautiful, in the skin, fur & feather line, also in the pipe, Maggasan, Leggin, [Cloath?], head-dress, or mantle-line." Also interested in "white Bear, Leopard, Ermine, Martin, black fox, or other curious skins." Will be sending Indian goods, tobacco, and rum.
Folder   17  
  1797 July 13 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Detroit, [Michigan]. (1 page)
Mr. E. Berts, Deputy Sheriff of the County, is going to Mackinac "with process against several officers & other persons there," and Wilkinson reluctantly orders Burbeck to aid, protect, and support him.
  1797 July 28 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; D'Etroit, [Michigan]. (1 page)
Shirts and linen have arrived in time to be sent to Mackinac via Captain Porter. Sending old papers (not present) and news of "sundry rumours, of the declration of war by france against the United States." Needs Burbeck to inquire whether La Valley has been raising men for the Spaniards or French. "...if it be true, send Him to me in Irons, with the depositions to support the charge." Needs his orders to be discharged precisely, noting he "will spare no man who breaks them." Burbeck is to send him a draft of Mackinac's fortifications.
  1797 July 29 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry] Burbeck; Detroit, [Michigan]. (1 page)
Lieutenant Bissell is travelling to Lake Superior on a reconnoitering party, and Burbeck is to provide him with "twenty Gallons Rum, powder, lead, & such articles as May be necessary to his Equipment." Burbeck is to keep this information private.
Folder   18  
  1797 August 21 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry Burbeck]; Detroit, at Lake, [Michigan]. (1 page)
Burbeck is to deliver ten gallons of Whiskey to the bearer of the letter, "a good Man, & your favourite for the Indian Department." Inquires after the "Silver Works of the Indian Bay," asking Burbeck to take care of them and send them to him.
  [ca. 1797 August 27] . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry Burbeck]; Off St. Joseph, [Michigan]. (1 page)
Burbeck is to be friendly to the bearer of the letter, as he has provided "valuable information" to Wilkinson, has lived in the North for thirty years, and " May be important to my American Camp[ts?] who May adventure to that quarter."
  1797 August 27 . Ja[mes] Wilkinson ALS to [Henry Burbeck]; Off St. Joseph, [Michigan]. (2 pages)
Has been travelling in the north. "We have seen the Saul, the gros Cape, the half Indian Squaws & the whole Indian Squaws, we have had three Balls, & looked at Squaws hair 5 ft. 8 Inchs long." Will be sailing for Detroit soon. Burbeck is to send him as many [Leeagle?] skins in your power during the Winter." On the reverse, in another hand, a note indicates extensive work being done "on the Block," with hopes it will be done by fall. Is short on carpenters.