Jean Bon Saint-André journal  [1794]
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André Jeanbon was born in France in 1749. He trained as a Catholic priest and Protestant minister, and adopted the name Jean Bon Saint-André. In the early years of the French Revolution, he served in the National Convention, and he became a member of the Committee of Public Safety in 1793. His accomplishments included the reorganization of the French Navy. In 1794 he accompanied the fleet of Villaret Joyeuse during the Battle of the First of June, a naval battle between the French and the British over a transport ship bringing supplies from the United States to France. Saint-André was imprisoned during the Reign of Terror. After his release in 1795, he served as French consul to Algiers and then Smyrna, and he was imprisoned by the Ottoman Empire from 1798-1801. Napoleon Bonaparte later appointed Saint-André a prefect in what is now Germany, and Saint-André died in Mainz in 1813.