Numa Barned papers  1862-1865
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Barned, Numa

Rank : Sgt.

Regiment : 73rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. Co. B (1861-1865)

Service : 1861 July 15-1865 July 14

Numa Barned was the son of A. and H. Barned of 1920 Mt. Vernon Street, Philadelphia. Enlisting as a sergeant in the 73rd Pennsylvania Infantry during the summer of 1861, Barned accompanied the regiment to its first station in the defenses of Washington, where they learned drill and discipline. During the late winter, the 73rd Pennsylvania was attached to the Army of the Potomac, and participated in the Peninsular and 2nd Bull Run Campaigns, losing nearly half of their forces on the battlefield at Bull Run alone. Given time to regroup outside of Washington, the regiment remained in the rear until ordered to rejoin the main body of the Army of the Potomac in December, arriving too late to participate at Fredericksburg. In the campaigns of 1863, however, they were again thrown into the fray, suffering heavy losses at Chancellorsville and Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg.

Shortly after the disastrous Union defeat at Chickamauga, the XI and XII Corps, including the 73rd Pennsylvania Infantry, were ordered south to assist Gen. Rosecrans. Never able to remain out of a fight for long, Barned's regiment saw action at Wauhatchie and Missionary Ridge, where again they suffered terribly. Nearly every soldier in the regiment, then numbering only a little more than 300, were killed or taken prisoner. Barned was one of those few who escaped, and he and his fellow survivors marched under great hardship through East Tennessee to relieve Burnside before being sent into winter quarters in Chattanooga. After recruiting and reenlisting, the regiment joined in the Atlanta Campaign and in Sherman's March to the Sea and Through the Carolinas. Barned was briefly captured in North Carolina in March, 1865, but escaped and served out the balance of his enlistment.