Frederick Batchelder collection  1834-1878 (bulk 1834-1839, 1868-1878)
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  1818 January 27 . Andrew Jackson LS to John C[aldwell] Calhoun; Huntsville, Alabama Territory. (3 pages)
Travelling to the Georgian frontier during the First Seminole War. Notes Tennessee volunteers "flocking to the standard of their country, with that patriotic zeal which has uniformly characterised the citisens of that state." Suffering from a lack of arms for the Tennessee Mounted Volunteers. Comments on the loss or destruction of guns distributed in the previous war, noting the possibility that they made their way into Native American possession. Advocates the use of arsenals and the creation of a "National Depot, with an Armory, Foundery, & every facility for fabricating of Weapons of War" in the Southwest. Includes manuscript notes in a different hand noting the need to thank Tennessee volunteers and discussing matters with the Senate Land Committee.