Richard Cary Morse papers  1852-1886 (bulk 1853-1863)
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5: Printed Materials [subseries]
(In Broadsides Small under S)  
 31 December 1799, Sacred music, to be performed in St. Paul's Church, on Tuesday the 31st December, 1799 by the Anacreontic and Philharmonic Societies, at the Funeral Ceremonies in honor of the Memory of the late General Washington [New York, 1799]. (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
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 ca. early 1800s, "Boarding and Education for Young Ladies, At Mrs GRAHAM's, Broadway, NEW YORK": advertisement and list of fees (on a ca. 3" x 5" card) for a school run by Isabella Graham (1742-1814); Mrs. Graham began teaching in New York in late  1789 when fees for schools like hers were ca. $80 per year for full boarders; by the time of this advertisement her fee was $125 for full boarders, which must put the date considerably later than  1789 Mrs. Graham was a good friend of the Mrs. Chrystie who corresponded with the Mintos from the  1790s until  1810 and who is often mentioned in other correspondence, along with her husband, Major (later Colonel) Chrystie.
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 29 August 1844 The Clay Bugle, No. 35, Harrisburg, Thursday, [Pa.,]   August 29, 1844 a weekly Whig campaign newspaper created to support the candidacy of Henry Clay for President of the U.S.
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 13 March 1852, The Home Journal, for the week ending Saturday   March 13, 1852 ed. George Pope Morris and Nathaniel Parker Willis, "[Whole NO. 318.--SERIES FOR 1852--NO. 11." [New York].
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 1882, Proceedings of the First Boyd Convention Held at Beaver, Pennsylvania, October 26 and 27, 1881. Published by the Boyd Association Historical Committee. Youngstown, Ohio: Youngstown Publishing Company, 1882. 42 pages.
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 ca. early 1883, The Second Re-Union of the Descendants of John and Mary-Fulton Boyd, will be held in Lima, Allen County, Wednesday and Thursday, October 24th and 25th, 1883. Printed in Chambersburg, Pa., [?early 1883]. Announcement of reunion, with program, committees, etc.; 1 leaf folded in half to make 4 pages, the last of which is blank.
7.  1884, Proceedings of the Second Boyd Convention Held at Lima, Ohio, October 24th and 25th, 1883. Youngstown, Ohio: W.H. Woodrow, 1884. 48 pages.
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 1885, Proceedings of the Third Boyd Convention Held at Kiskiminetas Springs, Saltsburg, Pa., August 27th and 28th, 1884. Youngstown, Ohio: W.H.Woodrow, 1885. 33 pages.
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 ca. early 1887, Call for a Reunion to Be Held at Slate Lick, Pennsylvania, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 30 and 31, 1887. Announcement to residents and former residents of Slate Lick; 1 leaf folded in half to make 4 pages, the last of which is blank; addressed to Miss A. Skelton at Scilney, Pa. [postmarked "Kittanning"].
 1887, Re-Union at Slate Lick, Pa. Of Present and Former Residents, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 30 & 31, 1887. "Programme" of events. 1 narrow leaf, with printing on recto only.
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 1888, Proceedings of the Fourth Boyd Convention Held at Hamilton, Ohio, September 15th and 16th, 1886. H. Byxbe, 1888. 26 pages.
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 1888, Proceedings of the Fifth Boyd Convention Held at Pittsburgh, Pa., (Hotel Boyer,) September 5th and 6th, 1888. H. Byxbe, 1888. 59 pages.
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 1892, Proceedings of the Sixth Boyd Convention Held at Marion, Ohio, (Hotel Marion,) August 27th and 28th, 1890. H. Byxbe, 1892. 42 pages.
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 1894, Proceedings of the Seventh Boyd Convention Held at Seventh Avenue Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa., August 31st and September 1st, 1892. H. Byxbe, 1894. 30 pages.
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3 newspaper clippings about family events:
 [May 1935]: Article, perhaps from a newspaper in Tarentum, Pa. (since on the reverse is an advertisement for "Chantler's" in that city), about Amelia Earhart's non-stop flight from Mexico City to New York City on May 8; mentions Samuel (age 68) and Ida (age 73) Earhart, first cousins of Amelia's father Edwin Earhart (who was a schoolmaster near Saltsburg, Pa.), and another cousin, Emma Elizabeth Earhart Fleming (age 83) of Indiana, Pa.; Amelia's grandfather, Rev. David Earhart, had the Lutheran parsonage in Apollo, Pa., and the Earhart family used to visit Samuel and Ida.
 [November 1949]: Death notice, probably from a Pittsburgh newspaper, of Frank F. McIntyre of Altoona, Pa., on 16 November 1949 Frank was the father of Charles B. McIntyre and Helen B. McIntyre of Pittsburgh; the funeral was held in Freeport, Pa.
 14 June 1956: Notice from the Pittsburgh Press of the honoring of Miss Helen McIntyre, retiring school teacher, by the Shakespeare School PTA in East Liberty, Pa.