Richard Fry papers  1734-1756
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Richard Fry papers 1734-1756 [series]
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  1734 August 19-[ca. 1738] June 23
 1734 August 19
Mary Godard gives Fry power of attorney to collect monies/goods owed her, etc. Also to transact all things related to the premises.
 1734 December 24
Waldo to Fry. Waldo's bond of debt to Fry, and describes conditions of lease.
 1737 March 7
Samuel Burnett's deposition, a fellow prisoner he overheard a conversation between Tyler and Fry on July 14. Fry charged Tyler with breading his oath to return stolen household goods, and also making paper with Fry's materials. Tyler apologized and promised to return the goods if Fry did not prosecute him.
 1737 July 29
Fry complains to Waldo of Tyler's actions, and accuses Waldo of unlawfully leasing the mill to others in his absence.
 1737 September 28
Mary Haskell's deposition. Sheriffs Tyler and Massey came into her house with a warrant and took away "moulds and felt" and "sieve hair" from a chest in her house that Fry had left there.
 [ca. 1738] June 23
Sheriff Nathaniel Hasey's reply to Fry's petition. Hasey is deputy sheriff of the county of Suffolk. He brought an execution to Fry in prison on June 23, he gave a receipt for clothes and money he received from Tyler, but denies he took anything.
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  1740 July 12-1756 August 11
 1740 July 12
Deposition of Cornelius Campbell, fellow prisoner. Testifies he watched a transaction from a window where Sheriff Tyler repays Fry with cash, and clothes, who in turn gives it to Sheriff Hasey.
 1740 September 04
Deposition of George Massey. Massey was hired by Westbrook after Fry's imprisonment to help run the mill.
 1756 August 11
To (Martha Fry?) from Wright Gill; statement of payment to Jona and John Amory from Robert Fry; to Wright Gill from Martha Fry., receipt of payment of debt.