Marguerite Cret manuscript, Les Aventures d'Agnes d'Avrancourt Voyages dans le Guatemala  1888
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Volume   1  
Marguerite Cret manuscript, Les Aventures d'Agnes d'AvrancourtVoyages dans le Guatemala ,  1888 [series]    [Note: The following chapter headings have been translated from the original French.]
Page   1  
1. Guatemala--new characters--Mr. d'Avrancourt--Don Camil--Agnes--François--Broken-Arrowhead.
Page   11  
2. Mr. d'Avrancourt--calamities--exile--happy days--return--Don Camil d'Albares--voyage to Mexico--departure for Guatemala
Page   22  
3. Alert--inexplicable danger--freneac--imminent danger--a terrible struggle--sudden departure--the Eagle's Nest--François is wounded
Page   33  
4. Le marail--the Mexican camp--mysteries--Agnes and François--François worries for nothing--Yellow-Bear--affaire pour quelque marails
Page   43  
5. The anger of Yellow-Bear--a dangerous night for the Eagle's Nest--the story of Yellow-Bear--the search for the Aztecs--adventure of the Aztecs--Rapid-Arrow is sent on a mission--François' fears
Page   53  
6. Rapid-Arrow arrives at the camp of the eastern Aztecs--the second messenger--suspicion--plan of defense--provisions--a savage appears--no more!
Page   69  
7. War dance of the savages--the return of Rapid-Arrow--François' astonishment--two unknown cavaliers--Spanish and Mexican--Pablo d'Albares--Jose-Maria--the joy of two brothers
Page   81  
8. The signal of Pablo d'Albares--prattling--friendly disputes--at last, Pablo rests--looking for Agnes--the little savage and his favorite--the rascal--no sign of Indians
Page   91  
9. Rumors--lucky chance--a terrible battle--just how it is good to disobey--Agnes' imprudence--a day at the Eagle's Nest--a second battle--François conjures up danger
Page   103  
10. Agnes is impatient--at Yellow-Bear's camp--dispute between Rapid-Arrow and Neac--a strange law--Neac triumphant--the death of one of the braves--Neac's fears--Onward!
Page   113  
11. The Eagle's Nest was lived in--Flight--Neac caught in a trap--the touching cares of Agnes--How will Neac avenge himself?--François' defiance--the arrow note--Rapid-Arrow's joy
Page   125  
12. François wishes to baffle Neac's projects--the Toltecs--an idea--Don Pablo will go to look for the Toltecs--Don Pablo disappears--Neac wants to take the night watches--four days have passed!--No Don Pablo!
Page   133  
13. Sinister presentiments--François believes nothing--Poor Agnes!--Miserable Neac!--What is reconnaissance?--Terribly bad luck--Different characters--Jose--Maria understands nothing--It's all the same to me
Page   143  
14. A painful March--Sapotas--Neac will be killed by an arrow's strike--a sad good-bye--François is consternated--Poor Agnes!--Voyage with Neac--the ynambu--she is rescued--a kinkajou arrives appropriately
Page   153  
15. The tattoo--return to the Eagle's Nest--momentary sadness--a month alone--privations--Broken-Arrowhead--a big surprise--Cha-Cha-O-Poge-O--Feather-Man--a gay conversation--the Toltecs appreciate Agnes
Page   161  
16. And Neac?--disappointment--furor--he fools himself--prisoner--the death of Neac--consolation--a battle between the Aztecs and Toltecs--Don Camil is wounded--Mr. d'Avrancourt and Don Camil are at least rescued
Page   173  
17. The search for Jose-Maria and François--only Neac dies--a horrible surprise--Jose-Maria is not dead--François the buffoon--Poor Jose-Maria!
Page   181  
18. Departure--very fortunate events--the milk tree--the Glactodendron--the caravan is finally complete--communications with Mme d'Avrancourt--a Kouri
Page   189  
19. It's finished!--Feather-Man appreciates the pretty European--sad and soft--abrupt reality--to arms!--the so-called waltz--admiration of the Toltecs--No one!
Page   198  
20. Separation--the battalion of women--three old women--an exemplary punishment--March through the forest--a March at night--disquieting mirages--halt!--en route!--Agnes' gloomy thoughts--hope!
Page   205  
21. The company of men--the enemy!--the flying man--the search for Feather-Man--check--Agnes--Manina--Feather-Man's reception of the travelers
Page   213  
22. A speech to the people--Don Pablo's excellent plan--foiled--Rapid-Arrow does something foolish--a big battle!--Manina, the barbarian
Page   221  
23. The fight between Don Pablo and Yellow-Bear--danger--Agnes' devotion--cruel Yellow-Bear--Agnes certainly knows how to roll on the moss!--the pursuit of Yellow-Bear
Page   229  
24. Agnes' feelings toward Yellow-Bear--Yellow-Bear's feelings toward Agnes--Don Pablo and Agnes--final preparations--a striking contrast
Page   237  
25. Preparations for carnage--the Toltec's toilet--great chiefs should have feathers--expeditious means--François wants to go to war, him!--a terrible encounter
Page   245  
26. Poor Don Pablo!--a cry of terror!--Agnes devotes herself to Don Pablo--prisoners!--gloomy thoughts
Page   251  
27. A horrible spectacle--an atrocious error--the terrible ferocity of Yellow-Bear--Don Pablo wants to save Agnes--the two prisoners--a sad search
Page   261  
28. The terrible intentions of Yellow-Bear--an hour of freedom--a singular proposition--bad traits [more text missing?]
Page   269  
29. Search in vain--Red-Shirt--a fair trial--a precarious situation--caught--fooled--Yellow-Bear's fury--forced to flee!--emotion
Page   277  
30. Triumph!--despair!--intolerable suffering--a night of sadness--delivered!--voyage for two--hope!
Page   285  
31. Yellow-Bear's silence--an agreeable encounter--return to Mexico--to Mexico--delivering joy!
Page   295  
32. Don Camil's teasing--joyous parties--an improvised Amazon--Don Pablo is weary--hunting party
Page   301  
33. Two years later--a gentle evening--Mr. d'Avrancourt discovers something--Don Camil's collection pavilion
Page   307  
34. A terrible hurricane--a good lesson in being prepared--Mr. d'Avrancourt sticks to his ideas--what Don Pablo thinks of Agnes--we ask Agnes what she thinks
Page   315  
35. Don Pablo, great lover of the hunt--Mama's visit--Agnes blushes--engaged!--François' kiss
Page   321  
36. Agnes marries Pablo--François' tremendous pride--O stupefaction!
Page   327  
37. And Yellow-Bear?--a lost penknife--honorable recompense--a lovely reception--a serpent--the Eagle's Nest civilized