John Frizell orderly book  1761-1779
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Box   25, Small Collections  
Mary Stacy letters [series]
Folder   19  
  1846 May 10 . [Mary H. Stacy] ALS to [Jason M. Hanson]; Ware, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Work and conditions in "blue drilling mill" and cough caused by mill dust. Desire to quit mill work. Nancy's recent marriage. Possibility of meeting Hanson in Boston. Account of fire at Millington public house.
  1846 June 3 . Mary H. Stacy ALS to J[ason] M. Hanson; [Ware, Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Weeklong absence from mill and desire not to return. Belief that "blue dust" causes cough. Possibility of working at "white mill" or working at Southbridge or Thorndike, where girls can earn $4-6/week for hard work. Local "excitement" about the war. Suffering from "the horrors."
  [1846] July 26 . Mary H. Stacy ALS to [Jason M. Hanson]; Ware, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Looms running in new mill, which pays good wages. Request for advice about purchase of $16 gold watch chain. Wedding plans. Possibility of moving to Southbridge if work is available.
  [1846] July 31 . Mary [H. Stacy] ALS to [Jason M. Hanson]; Ware, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
Response to suggestion that they delay marriage until next spring. Reformed "rowdy" men "make the best husbands." Desire to marry Hanson despite his poverty.
  1846 August 23 . M[ary H. Stacy] ALS to [Jason M. Hanson]; Ware, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
Inquiry about Hanson's desire to be married in the fall. Possibility of going into housework for higher wages than mill work. Desire to make more than $2/week.
  1846 September 1 . Mary [H. Stacy] ALS to Jason [M. Hanson]; Ware, [Massachusetts]. (2 pages)
Visit to post office and receipt of Hanson's letter. Publication of marriage announcement. Desire to go through with marriage to Hanson and to block another suitor's unwanted attention.
  1846 September 13 . Mary H. Stacy ALS to [Jason M. Hanson]; Ware, [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
Lucy's desire for a visit. Mother's illness after tending to the sick in Prescott. Local sickness and daily deaths.
  1847 February 15-17 . Mary H. Hanson ALS to Jason M. Hanson; Prescott, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Visit to mother during Hanson's absence. Partial payment of debt to Mr. Drake. Possibility of selling cow. Finances and business affairs.