Pratt family papers  1854-1935 (bulk 1865-1895)
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Colonial Affairs and the  1783 Treaty of Paris [series]
Volume   34  
Letters, memoranda, and intelligence from foreign courts, concerning the peace negotiations with America,  1782-1783 (584 pages)
Volume   35  
Intercepted letters between French diplomats and French ministers,  1780-1783 (60 items)
Volume   43  
Assiento papers concerning the contract between Britain and Spain regarding Spain's slaveholding regions in America, and financial papers relating to the slave trade,  1718-1748 (663 pages)
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Volume 43, Oversize Materials
Volume   44  
Assiento papers, papers concerning the contract between Britain and Spain regarding Spain's slaveholding regions in America,  1718-1748 (969 pages)
Volume   45  
American papers: orders and instructions to captains general and governors in the American colonies and islands concerning trade and navigation (315 pages)
Volume   46a  
American papers: documents regarding cloth manufacture, French in Colonial America, currency, taxes, and Stamp Act,  1663-1764 (229 pages)
Volume   46b  
American papers index,  1763-1764 (98 pages)
Volume   47  
Examination by James Abercromby of the Acts of Parliament relative to the trade and the government of the American colonies,  1752 (180 pages)
Volume   48  
Papers and Proposals relative to North America,  1754-1767 (59 items)
Volume   49  
American miscellaneous papers,  1703-1767 (49 items)
Volume   50  
Miscellaneous papers and estimates relative to Indian Trade,  1754-1767 (361 items)
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Volume 50, Oversize Materials
Volume   51  
Abstract of letters from American Governors relating to Indian affairs,  1767-1776 (799 pages)
Volume   52  
Abstract of letters from American and West Indian governors,  1766-1767 (588 pages)
Volume   53  
American draughts, letters among Shelburne, Thomas Gage, and various American governors,   August 1766-June 1767 (405 pages)
Volume   54  
Drafts of letters to American and West Indies governors,   June-December 1767 (433 pages)
Volume   55  
Answers to American circulars to governors and trade officers,  1766-1767 (433 pages)
Volume   56  
Answers to American circulars, accounts and land grants,  1766-1767 (218 papers)
Volume   57  
Accounts of American military and civil expenses, and proposals for better regulating the Indian trade,  1765-1767 (433 pages)
Volume   58  
Papers relative to the Indemnity Act passed in Massachusetts Bay and to the American Mutiny Act, both under consideration of Parliament,  1767 (653 pages)
Volume   59  
Papers relative to the Church in America and the papers of Bishop of London, Archbishop of York, House of Lords,  1734-1767 (77 pages)
Volume   60  
Correspondence relating trade with the North American Indians (Northern District),  1703-1767 (160 pages)
Volume   61  
Reports of the attorney and solicitor general concerning finances, administrative rights of the colonies,  1689-1768 (716 pages)
Volume   62  
Letters between the Lords of Trade and the American Office,  1767-1768 (268 pages)
Volume   63  
Occurrences in the province of Massachusetts Bay since the repeal of the Stamp Act (narrative of events) (88 pages)
Volume   64  
Papers and memorials relative to the government of Canada and Quebec,  1753-1767 (650 pages)
Volume   65  
Newfoundland papers from the Governor Hugh Palleser and others to Shelburne and the Board of Trade,  1763-1767 (179 pages)
Volume   66  
American Affairs, Volume I, letters, documents, and newspapers,  1755-1782 (773 pages)
Volume   67  
American Affairs, Volume II, letters, documents, and newspapers,  1764-1783 (555 pages)
Volume   68  
American dispatches, Volume I,  1780-1782 (433 pages)
Volume   69  
American dispatches, Volume II,  1779-1783 (434 pages)
Volume   70  
Letters with Paris Commissioner Richard Oswald,   May 1782-January 1783 (439 pages)
Volume   71  
Peace Process I,  1783: Correspondence, provisional and preliminary articles (113 items)
Volume   72  
Peace Process II,  1783: Negotiations, opinions, and other information (537 pages)
Volume   73  
Jamaica, letters, orders, and documents, including "State of the Constitution of Jamaica,"  1678-1680 (235 pages)
Volume   74  
West Indies miscellaneous papers,  1724-1767 (165 pages)
Volume   75  
South Seas and West Indies, accounts, reports, and dispatches of discoveries (446 pages)
Volume   76  
"On the limits of the Spanish & Portuguese Settlements in South America,"  1701-1765 (195 pages)
Volume   77  
Description of the Islands of St. John, Cape Briton, Magdalen, Grenada, St. Vincent, and Dominica,  1765-1767 (133 pages)
Volume   78  
West Indies information concerning Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Tobago, St. Vincent, and trade with Africa,  1780-1783 (401 pages)
Volume   79  
Letters, extracts, accounts, and reports on South and Central America, the West Indies, merchant's petitions, and sugar refiners,  1773-1783 (292 pages)
Volume   80  
Extracts, reports, and minutes of African Affairs,  1702-1765 (134 pages)
Volume   81  
Senegal Affairs,  1757-1767 (214 pages)
Volume   82  
Papers related to Minorca,  1712-1768 (444 pages)
Volume   83  
Gibraltar's importance,  1782 ; Minorca; Instructions to governors in  1753 and  1763 (35 items)
Volume   84a  
Miscellaneous papers Volume I: Coast of Africa and St. Eustatius (39 items)
Volume   85  
American Affairs,  1766-1769 (51 items)
Volume   86  
Miscellaneous American papers: Newfoundland,  1760-1782 (32 items)
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Volume 86, Oversize Materials
Volume   87a  
American Affairs Peace of  1783: Volume I,  1782-1784 (63 items)
Volume   87b  
American Affairs Peace of  1783: Volume II,  1782-1784 (75 items)
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Volume 87, Oversize Materials
Volume   88  
Miscellaneous American Papers,  1770-1793 (39 items)
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Volume 88, Oversize Materials