Elizabeth Camp Tuttle travel diary  1836
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Elizabeth Camp Tuttle, a young woman from Newark, New Jersey, traveled with her parents through New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio in the spring and summer of 1836. Elizabeth was born in 1819, the daughter of Hannah Camp Tuttle (1784-1824) and William Tuttle (1781-1847), who was a printer, bookseller, binder, and notary. Her mother died when Elizabeth was five. Two years later her father married Julia Ann Tuttle, the woman Elizabeth called Ma. Besides Elizabeth, William and Hannah had four other children, two of whom died in childhood. Joseph Nathaniel (1810-1886), whom Elizabeth described as "my dear, dear brother," became a lawyer. William Parkhurst (1814-1837) drowned when he was a student at Auburn Theological Seminary. Elizabeth's brother William was not the only member of the family interested in a career in the ministry. Her cousin Joseph Farrand Tuttle was a minister who wrote The Life of Tuttle, a religious biography of his uncle William. Elizabeth had probably been educated at Newark Academy, originally a boy's school that had established a female division in 1802. Sometime after she wrote her travel diary, Elizabeth married Aaron Carter, a jeweler. The couple's only child who survived to adulthood was William Tuttle Carter, born in 1849. Elizabeth died two years later.