Thomas J. Barclay journal  1846-1848
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Volume   1  
Thomas J. Barclay journal,  1846 December 30-1848 March 2 [series]
 1846 December
Leaving Greensburg, Pa.
Company election of officers
 1847 January
Muster and medical inspection; election of field officers
Trip down Ohio and Mississippi Rivers
Amusements and life aboard boat
Description of New Orleans
Site of Battle of New Orleans
New Orleans citizens' complaints against military personnel
 1847 February
Travel in Gulf of Mexico; violent storm
Description of ship's crew
Anchor off Lobos Island; description of Island
Washington's Birthday celebration on Island
 1847 March
Setting sail for Vera Cruz; smallpox
John White Geary (1819-73) first mentioned
View of Vera Cruz; attack on city and occupation
Camp set up on a plain outside city
 1847 April
Description of Vera Cruz and its castle
March with Winfield Scott (1796-1866) to Cerro Gordo
Battle of Cerro Gordo
March to Jalapa; description of city
Camping without tents in the rain
Military relations with civilians
 1847 May
Catholic church in Mexico
Sanitary conditions in camp
Horrible hospital conditions
Public whipping of soldiers convicted of robbery, superintended by Gen. Thomas Childs (1796-1853); reflections on what is a "just" punishment
Gen. Childs' strictness
Childs forces army to participate in a Roman Catholic rite
 1847 June
Liquor-drinking vs. the Temperance pledge
Leave Jalapa with  3000 men on March
Description of Castle of Perote, now used as hospital
Childs' proficiency in organizing March ; good description of Childs
 1847 July
Muster under Lt. Col. Geary
Foul food provisions
Fourth of July reflections
March continues through farmland, under command of Gen. Gideon Johnson Pillow (1806-1878)
Arrival at and description of Puebla; grandeur of Cathedral
 1847 August
Hopes for peace vanish; advance begins on Mexico City
Battles of Contreras and Churubusco
Apathy of Mexican prisoners
Armistice of Tacubaya, immediately broken by civilians
 1847 September
March towards Mexico City; Battle of Chapultepec
Barclay's gladness at execution of 16 deserters
Capture of Mexico City (excellent and exhaustive account) "The United States in the present war has shown a forbearance and chivalrous spirit highly honorable"
Description of Mexico City and its grand Cathedral
Catholicism but a veneer on pagan Mexicans
 1847 October
Tobacco rations
Camp life while in occupation of City: diversions, amusements
National theater Circus and Museum
"Pulque"--native juice extract used as beverage
 1847 November
Election for Colonel: Geary wins in a vicious, underhanded campaign
Public whipping of would-be murderer
Mexican gypsies
Spanish actress, Canete, gives a performance
 1847 December
March to Tacuhuya; description of San Angel
Liquor rations to officers only; bootlegging begins Christmas celebration
Company E avoids receiving horrible new recruits
 1848 January-March
Affairs of occupation are detailed
Reflections on Battle of Churubusco, which was disastrous in U.S. loss of troops
Preparations for leaving service