Don Antonio de Vea journal  1675-1676
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Little is known about the life of Antonio de Vea. Spanish by birth, by 1674 he resided in Lima, Peru, and had reached the rank of captain in the Spanish Navy. In 1675, the viceroy of Peru, Baltasar de la Cueva, appointed him commander of an expedition consisting of two ships, 170 men, and various small vessels, and gave him orders to scout the southern coast of Chile for English pirates. The mission was a response to intelligence from Chonos Indians that foreigners had settled at the Pacific mouth of the Strait of Magellan, an area jealously guarded by the Spanish. De Vea and his men explored the coast of Chile from October to December 1675, but found no sign of foreign settlement. In January 1676, de Vea questioned the Chonos Indians onboard the ship and they admitted that the sightings of foreigners had been fabricated. The ships returned to Callao, Peru, in April 1676.