Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney papers  1665-1828 (bulk 1780-1788)
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Materials housed in Print Division:

Reading card for the library of the University of Edinburgh.

Materials housed in Broadsides:

Diplomatic passport for Walter Minto, signed by Sir Horace Mann.

Certificate of Walter Minto's honorary membership in the St. Andrew's Society of New York.

Materials housed in Small Oversize:

Walter Minto's diploma from the University of Aberdeen

Related Materials

Princeton University Library: The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections at the Princeton University Library has letters of Minto in its miscellaneous manuscripts collection about the business of the College of New Jersey between 1787 and 1796, when Minto was a professor there, as well as two volumes of notes from his course on mathematics.


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Joseph D. Zund. "Minto, Walter." Dictionary of American Biography Online. American Council of Learned Societies, February 2000. The most recent biography.

Minto papers - Correspondence addressed to Walter Minto (unless noted), by correspondent:
Addison, Alex. (5 letters)
  • 11 September [1786], Philadelphia
  • 23 October 1786, Washington [Pa.]
  • 7 January 1787, Washington [Pa.]
  • 20 July 1787, Washington [Pa.]
  • 23 April 1795, Washington [Pa.]
Addison, Jean. (1 letter)
  • 23 October 1786 (with P.S. from husband, Alex. Addison [see preceding], dated 26 October), Washington [Pa.]
Aitchison, Alex., Jr. (9 letters)
  • 6 April 1774, Edinburgh
  • 7 December 1774, Edinburgh
  • 8 February 1775, Edinburgh
  • 15 February 1775, [Edinburgh]
  • 18 February 1775, [Edinburgh]
  • 8 March 1775, Edinburgh
  • 15 March 1777, Edinburgh
  • 19 July 1787, Edinburgh
  • 27 June 1788, Edinburgh
Anderson, Jo. (1 letter)
  • 20 April 1775, Lonend [Paisley, Renfrewshire]
Anderson, Thomas. (2 letters)
  • 11 December 1774, Selkirk
  • 10 January 1789, Selkirk
Anonymous (1)–to Walter Minto c/o Mr. Chrystie, New York. (1 letter)
  • 9 September 1787, Philadelphia (mentions "Aunt ana Elisa")
Anonymous (2) (1 letter)
  • 20 February 1788, New York (probably from a woman; mentions Mr. Chrystie, Mr. and Mrs. Tad, Miss Graff, Miss Robisson)
Anonymous (3): "Mr[?s]. laconic"–to Walter Minto, New York. (1 letter)
  • Undated [?1788-89] (sounds as though she may be an intermediary for letters that will bring him happiness, perhaps in his courtship of Mary Skelton)
Anonymous (4)–to Walter Minto at no address. (1 letter)
  • Undated [1788-96] (brief note of thanks, probably with a little money enclosed, for Minto's attention to his/her son)
Anonymous (5) [= M. Chrystie: same hand as M. Chrystie letter below and M. Chrystie letters in Series 2.I; refers to "Mr. Chrystie" as though he is her husband]. (1 letter)
  • 1 March 1789, New York (mentions letter from Mr. Hutchison to Walter Minto; also mentions Mrs. Tad, Miss Ga[u])
Anonymous (6) "A friend to Learning". (1 letter)
  • 20 August 1792, New York (your college, where my son is, has done injury by recommending "a Silly, Ignorant Boy, to be a Professor of Languages," but you could make up for it by conferring an L.L.D. on Mr. Peter Wilson of Flatbush)
Anonymous (7-8) (1 (?) letter)
  • No date, no address (2 leaves; probably 2 separate items, as hands are not the same; cannot make out much of either: 1st appears to begin "Sir"; mentions "Miss Grant," "Mrs. Rit," "his friend M P," "Minto"; 2nd has a seal on the back and mentions "Johnson's")
Barlass, William. (1 letter)
  • 22 March 1776, Paisley
Baynton, Peter. (1 letter)
  • 6 July 1789, Philadelphia (requests Minto to appear on the commission for examining witnesses produced by John Morgan in his suit against the executors of John Baynton) (formerly in 1934 Minto donation)
Bell, John. (1 letter)
  • 13 June 1774, Glasgow (mentions what must have been a serious illness of Minto)
Betts, H. (1 letter)
  • 12 January 1780, Leghorn
Blackhall, John, Reverend. (4 letters)
  • 14 October [1782], Berwick
  • 6 February 1783, Berwick
  • 19 May 1783, Berwick
  • 3 April 1786, Berwick
Bond, P[hineas]. (1 letter)
  • 20 June 1787, Philadelphia
Bonrie, Ralph. (1 letter)
  • 27 September 1792, Philadelphia (mentions "the Son of Monsieur Woofoin" now under Minto's care)
Broom, Jacob (signer of the U. S. Constitution) (2 letters)
  • 30 July 1794, Wilmington
  • 12 September 1794, Wilmington
Brown, Colin (to W.M. c/o Major Chrystie, New York) (1 letter)
  • 14 August 1787, Philadelphia
Buchan, Lord (= David Steuart Erskine, 1742-1829; noted Scottish antiquarian) (17 letters)
  • 30 July 1784, Kirkhill
  • 26 May 1785, Kirkhill
  • 23 August 1785, Kirkhill
  • 22 September 1785, Kirkhill
  • 25 November 1785, N. Edinburgh
  • 8 January 1786, Great Pulteney Street
  • 16 January 1786, London
  • 23 January 1786, London
  • 10 February [1786], [prob. Edinburgh or Kirkhill; not London]
  • [May 1786; received 12 May]
  • 23 September 1786, Kirkhill
  • December 1786, Edinburgh
  • 16 February 1789, Edinburgh
  • 27 March 1790, Dryburgh Abbey
  • 28 June 1791, Dryburgh Abbey
  • 5 August 1793, Dryburgh Abbey
  • 9 September 1794, Dryburgh Abbey
Buchan, Lord, to Joseph Reed, Philadelphia. (1 letter)
  • 13 May 1786, Kirkhill (letter of introduction for Walter Minto, who probably took it with him to America; cf. Eisenhart)
Buist, John. (6 letters)
  • 16 May 1786, Greenock
  • 16 August 1791, Greenock
  • 13 March 1793, Greenock
  • 13 August 1794, Greenock
  • 24 March 1795 (with P.S. dated 27 March), Greenock
  • 6 August 1795, Greenock
C., J. (1 letter)
  • 5 March [1786], Stirling
Chalmers, Robert. (1 letter)
  • 3 August 1774, Pathead
Chrystie, M., to Mrs. Clark--to be left at Dr. Minto's. (1 letter)
  • 29 October [1790's–may be near end of Walter Minto's life, since it mentions his illness/ague] (talks about Minto's health, refers to Mrs. Minto; give love to Mr. Clark, also our "young friend Polly" and sister Betsey)
[Chrystie, M.].
  • (see Anonymous (5) above)
Collins, Isaac. (2 letters)
  • 15 December 1788, Trenton (about proofs of Minto's inaugural oration at College of New Jersey)
  • 13 November 1792, Trenton (gives estimate for printing Minto's calculations)
Coventry, Andrew. (2 letters)
  • 29 December 1785, Stichill
  • 24 September 1794, Edinburgh
Drummond, Catherine (1762-1833; daughter of John Drummond, 3rd Laird of Logie Almond, Perthshire) (59 letters, numbered #1 to #48 (with #32 and #33 chronologically reversed, #35 and #46 omitted), plus 1 undated letter preceding #1, 6 dated letters following #48, and unnumbered letters between #25 and #26, #38 and #39, #42 and #43; all letters signed "CD" or unsigned unless noted; for "Catherine" see Minto's letter to Drummond in section B below)
  • Tuesday morning [March 1784 on outside by WM], St. John's Street [Edinburgh] (handwritten invitation from "Miss Drummond," with numbers on inside pages in Walter Minto's hand)
  • (1) 24 [June 1784; Recd. 26 June 1784], Logie Almond
  • (2) [July 1784; 14 July on outside by WM], Logie Almond
  • (3) 22 July 1784, Logie Almond
  • (4) [July/August 1784] (partly in French)
  • (5) 19 August [1784], Logie Almond
  • (6) [Recd. 21 August 1784]
  • (7) 6 September 1784
  • (8) 4 October [1784]
  • (9) 10 November [1784] (with P.S. dated 22 November), Stobhall (signed "CDrummond")
  • (10) 25 November 1784, Logie Almond
  • (11) [November/December 1784] (has names of her siblings on outside in Minto's hand: Will., Thom., Cath., Eliz., Maria, Louisa, Fanny)
  • (12) 13 December 1784
  • (13) 3 January 1785, Logie Almond
  • (14) 11 January 1785, Logie Almond
  • (15) 21 January [1785]
  • (16) 6 February 1785
  • (17) [February-April 1785]
  • (18) [February-April 1785]
  • (19) [February-April 1785]
  • (20) [February-April 1785]
  • (21) [February-April 1785]
  • (22) 2 May 1785, Logie Almond
  • (23) [May 1785] (with P.P.S. dated 25 May and 26 May)
  • (24) 26 June 1785, Logie Almond
  • (25) 28 June [1785], [stamped Perth]
  • Thursday [21 July 1785 added inside by WM], St. John's Street [Edinburgh] (this and the next three, all in French, are sewn together and have their pages numbered 4-7)
  • [22 July 1785 added inside by WM]
  • [24 July 1785 added inside by WM]
  • [29 July 1785, plus Vendredi, added inside by WM]
  • (26) 8 August [1785], [stamped Perth] (mentions Uncle William and Mrs. Murray; also Lord Dunmore)
  • (27) [Recd. 1 September 1785]
  • (28) 4 September 1785
  • (29) [Recd. 16 September 1785] (in French)
  • (30) [Recd. 5 October 1785] (in French)
  • (31) [Recd. 10 October 1785] [stamped Perth] (in French)
  • (33) 11 October 1785 (in French)
  • (32) 31 October [1785] [stamped Perth] (in French)
  • (34) [November 1785-January 1786] (has note: "La 35eme fut brulee")
  • (36) [November 1785-January 1786] (in French)
  • (37) [Recd. 8 February 1786]
  • (38) [Recd. 16 February 1786] (in French)
  • Mardi [21 March 1786 added inside by WM] (in French)
  • (39) [3 April 1786 added inside by WM] (in French)
  • (40) [8 April 1786 added inside by WM] (in French)
  • (41) Jeudi [April/May 1786] (in French)
  • (42) 11 May [1786 added inside by WM] (in French)
  • [19 May 1786 added inside by WM] (in French)
  • (43) 2 June [1786], Edinburgh (in French)
  • (44) 2 February 1787 (sent to Philadelphia; recd. 21 July)
  • (45) 17 April 1787, Logie Almond (in French) (sent to Philadelphia; recd. 30 November)
  • (47) 28 January 1788 (in French) (all from here on sent to Princeton; recd. 23 April)
  • (48) 5 July [1788] (the day and month are from a P.S.; in French, English, and Italian; rejects Minto's proposal in his letter to her in section B below)
  • 16 January 1789, St. John's Street [Edinburgh] (in French) (recd. 11 May; replied to this one and the next two on 5 January 1790, according to a note on the outside of each)
  • 29 March 1789 (in French)
  • 25 October 1789, George Street [Edinburgh]
  • 24 February 1790, George Street [Edinburgh] (mentions his letter of 5 January telling her of his marriage)
  • 19 July 1790, Logie Almond
  • 27 April 1791, [stamped Perth] (mostly in English, a bit in French)
Erskine, David Steuart.
  • (see Buchan)
Fisher, Miers. (1 letter)
  • 18 March 1789, Philadelphia
F[ord], M[artha] ("Mrs. Forbes" on outside of letter, also on the following letter, in what appears to be Minto's hand) (1 letter)
  • 12 September 1778, Kensington Gore (mentions WM's and Johnny's illnesses; was also anxious about George, but was reassured by the latter's letter to her)
F[ord], M[artha], to George and John [Johnstone] (sons of George) (1 letter)
  • 26 August 1778 (signed "Mother"), Kensington Gore (no address on outside; probably enclosed in the preceding, since it has the same folds; mainly about their father's actions vis-a-vis the French fleets off Sandy Hook)
Gale, R.H. (1 letter)
  • 6 April 1792, Baltimore
Garrick, D[avid], to Governor Johnstone. (1 letter)
  • 28 June 1772, Hampton
Grant, John (for Minto at Colonel Gurney, Philadelphia, also at Mr. Christie, New York) (1 letter)
  • 18 December 1786, "Ma[nre] of Roha[t]in near Keith Banffshire No. Brid.'"
Gurney, Francis. (4 letters)
  • 29 January 1787, Philadelphia
  • 18 February 1787, Philadelphia
  • 28 March 1787, Philadelphia
  • 25 June 1787, Philadelphia
Harpur, Robert. (1 letter)
  • 28 February 1787, New York (about Erasmus Hall)
Hubey, Nicholas. (1 letter)
  • 3 May 1792, Baltimore
Hunter, Andrew (Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at College of New Jersey in 1804) (1 letter)
  • 10 June 1794, Woodbury [N.J.]
Hutchinson, James, and John Vaughan (secretaries of American Philosophical Society) (1 letter)
  • 6 February 1789, Philadelphia (informing Minto of his election to APS)
Imlay, [James H.]. (1 letter)
  • 3 December 1795, Allentoun [Pa.]
Irving, Thomas. (1 letter)
  • 14 December 1789, Somerset County Maryland
Jamieson, John (much published religious scholar) (7 letters)
  • 25 October 1785, Forfar
  • 16 November 1785, Forfar
  • 24 December 1785, Forfar
  • [3-23 February 1786]
  • 10 October 1787, Forfar
  • 15 August 1792, Forfar
  • 1 February 1794, Forfar
Johnstone, B[arbara], [Lady] (mother of George), to John Johnstone (brother of George), Wasterhall. (1 letter)
  • 2[-] December 1764
Johnstone, George. (3 letters)
  • 30 May 1776, London (instructions to Minto about his sons and thoughts on education, discipline, etc.)
  • 30 May [1776], Erith (a kind of P.S. to the preceding letter)
  • 30 October 1778, London (copy in WM's hand) (see below section B, Johnstone, item a)
Kemp, John. (2 letters)
  • 5 March 1791, New York
  • 26 September 1796, New York (introducing a Mr. Geary from Scotland, who has charge of the Academy at Trenton)
Laurie, Joseph. (1 letter)
  • 3 March 1795, Princeton
Lawson, George. (2 letters)
  • 18 March 1786 (has a P.S. by Lawson's wife Margaret), Selkirk
  • March 1787, Selkirk (sent to Washington College, Annapolis; then forwarded to New York c/o Dr. Mason)
Littlejohn, Thomas B. (1 letter)
  • 22 October 1794 New York
Livingston, [?B.] H. (1 letter)
  • 28 February 1787, New York–addressed to Dr. Walter Minturn (Erasmus Hall school opens in May, and Minto is their prime candidate for principal; invites Minto to New York for a visit and interview)
Marth, John. (1 letter)
  • 2 March 1779, Malaga
Mason, John. (2 letters)
  • 4 March 1787, New York (about Erasmus Hall, accompanying letter from Rev. Dr. Livingston above)
  • 5 March 1791, New York
McCormick, Daniel, to George Morgan Esq. (1 letter)
  • 1 November 1794, New York
McDonald, Jo. (fellow Scottish immigrant and Presbyterian minister) (10 letters)
  • 21 September 1783, Berwick
  • 28 June 1784, Greenock
  • 19 August 1786, Albany–addressed to Minto c/o Dr. Benj[torn], Philadelphia
  • 11 July 1787, Albany
  • 29 June 1789, Albany
  • 10 November 1789, Albany
  • 11 November 1791, New Brunswick
  • 28 May 1792, New Brunswick
  • 2 November 1792, Albany
  • 12 July 1794, Albany
Minto, Agnes (sister of Walter Minto) (1 letter)
  • 1 March 1774 [in spite of fact that 1779 is on the outside], Edinburgh (mentions Minto's recent illness)
Minto, David (brother of Walter Minto) (1 letter)
  • 10 April 1787, place cut out
Minto, M[ary] [Skelton] (wife of Walter Minto) (1 letter)
  • 7 October [probably 1789, though could be later; note that it sounds as though early in their marriage and this, from Minto's letter to Anon. dated 1[2] July 1789: "As soon as our vacation begins, an event is to take place of the greatest importance to my future happiness. Immediately after this I am under engagements which I cannot dispense with to go to N. York."]-- addressed to Minto at Col. Chrysties Maiden Lane No. 17 New York
Minto, Nanny (sister of Walter Minto) (5 letters)
  • 18 August 1786, Edinburgh–addressed to Minto c/o "Dr. R[u]sh, Philadelphia"
  • 10 June 1788, Edinburgh
  • 26 February 1789, Edinburgh
  • 20 September 1794, Edinburgh
  • 5 May 1795, Edinburgh
Minto, Nanny, to Mrs. Col. Christie. (1 letter)
  • 14 February 1797 (has received her sad account of Walter's death and mentions the "embarrassment of Mrs. Minto's affairs" [presumably financial]; in a P.S. dated 10 March 1797 says she has received a box with a parcel of newspapers and a few articles of her brother's, but not one line from Mrs. Minto)
Minto, Robert (uncle of Walter Minto), to Walter Minto Sr. (3 letters)
  • 19 July 1775, Jamaica
  • 30 January 1779, Liverpool
  • 4 January 1783, London
Minto, Thomas (brother of Walter Minto) (12 letters)
  • (1st 5 letters numbered #15-#19, 7th numbered #20):
  • 23 August 1785, Crosbie, Cumberland
  • 13 September 1785, Liverpool
  • 29 September 1785, Liverpool
  • 14 November 1785, Liverpool
  • 6 February 1786, Kingston [Jamaica]
  • 22 March 1787, Hanover, Jamaica
  • 24 April 1787, Hanover, Jamaica
  • 10 September 1787, Hanover, Jamaica
  • 12 June 1789, Hanover, Jamaica
  • 25 June 1791, Hanover, Jamaica
  • 30 July 1791, Hanover, Jamaica
  • 5 September 1796, Hanover, Jamaica (says their brother David died on 19 August 1796, and he is uneasy about Walter's health)
Minto, Thomas, to his sister Nanny Minto. (2 letters)
  • 10 February 1781, St. James, Jamaica
  • 24 July 1781, St. James, Jamaica
Minto, Thomas, to his parents, Walter Minto Sr. and Agnes Waugh. (7 letters)
  • Undated [but perhaps Spring 1777, from Jamaica] ("I wrote to you from Kingston," says it has been over 3 months since he came to this country, and talks about a Negro rebellion begun by a boy "belonging to a Dr. Spence parish of Hanover next parish to St. James")
  • 26 July 1777, St. James, Jamaica (with P.S. to his sister Nanny)
  • 10 April 1778, St. James, Jamaica (includes a letter for his sister Nanny Minto beginning on page 3)
  • 1 August 1778, St. James, Jamaica
  • 21 May 1780, St. James, Jamaica
  • 10 February 1781, St. James, Jamaica (with P.S. dated 15 February)
  • 24 July 1781, St. James, Jamaica
Minto, Walter, Sr. (9 letters: a few signed by Walter Minto Sr.'s wife and/or children)
  • Undated [between 2 November 1773 and 11 March 1775, when he was staying in East Rhynd; "176odd" on outside of letter]
  • 29 August 1777 (parents are very worried about Walter Jr.'s brother Thomas and uncle Robert in Jamaica; have not heard from them)
  • 9 February 1778
  • 2 June 1779, Edinburgh
  • 14 June 1780, Edinburgh
  • 2 August 1780, Edinburgh (includes a P.S. from A. Waugh to
  • 22 January 1781, Edinburgh
  • 12 September 1782, Edinburgh--no destination, but to somewhere overseas: perhaps Ostend, since it mentions Minto coming home via there
  • 11 April 1787, Edinburgh
Minto, Walter, Sr., to Revd. Buist (see above) (1 letter)
  • 18 January 1790, Edinburgh
Minto, Walter, Sr., to Mary Minto. (1 letter)
  • 15 February 1798 (addressed "Dear Daughter"; says he can't give her any advice about selling the farm; mentions his daughter's death on 3 September 1797; spends most of his letter laying out his financial trouble and asking Mary Minto to send him something)
Mundell, John. (1 letter)
  • 28 April 1789, Fredericksburg Virginia
N[?ichol]nson, William. (2 letters)
  • 23 May 1786, Edinburgh
  • 19 June 1789, Edinburgh (mentions "our friend Chrystie," Mr. Bowre/Bowie/Bonrie, etc.)
O., [A.]. (1 letter)
  • 13 March 1786 (mentions Minto's degree, asks the name of the ship he sails on for America "in the middel of April" and when he leaves Edinburgh)
Oliver, Katharine (cousin of Minto) (1 letter)
  • 30 November 1775, Inverleithen
Oliver, Stephen. (1 letter)
  • 11 September 1794, Marton (letter of recommendation for James Somerveil)
Panton, Thomas. (1 letter)
  • 7 November 1778, Leghorn
Paterson, Samuel. (3 letters)
  • 22 May 1788, Edinburgh
  • 15 September 1789, Edinburgh
  • 21 June 1792, Edinburgh (says he received a package from Minto's father and knows to whom it should go [=Charlotte Drummond])
Ragueneau, Abraham. (1 letter)
  • 9 September 1776, Leghorn
"Rhomboidus," Timothy. (1 letter)
  • "Paulus Mart. 5722" [1786, between February and May] ("Dear Mr. Domine Squire Doctor Mintot": joking letter with mathematical and astronomical references congratulating Minto on his doctorate from "University of St. Andrews")
Rittenhouse, David (1732-96; noted astronomer and clockmaker) (6 letters)
  • 10 March 1790, Philadelphia
  • 15 November 1790, Philadelphia
  • 26 September 1791, Philadelphia
  • 25 May 1792, Philadelphia
  • 4 April 1793, Philadelphia
  • 28 October 1795, Philadelphia
Rittenhouse, David, to Mary Minto. (1 letter)
  • 21 December 1795, Philadelphia (mentions Minto's severe illness)
Rochefontaine, Stephen. (2 letters)
  • 9 October 1793, Princeton
  • 14 February 1795, Philadelphia
Rodgers, John (noted clergyman, Revolutionary War chaplain) (1 letter)
  • 16 May 1795, New York (about his funeral oration for Witherspoon)
Rush, Benjamin (signer of the Declaration of Independence) (5 letters)
  • 5 January 1789, Philadelphia (thanks Minto for a copy of his speech; contains a recipe in French inside, in neither Rush's nor Minto's hand)
  • 24 March 1792, Philadelphia (wishes to send his son John to the College and requests Minto to take him into his family)
  • 30 April 1792, Philadelphia (same subject)
  • 9 May 1792, Philadelphia (same subject)
  • 19 September 1792, Philadelphia (his son's disgrace, has decided to take him home; immoral life at the College)
Skelton, Joseph, to Mary [Skelton] Minto. (1 letter)
  • 16 March 1797, New York (addressed "Dear Aunt," but from date this should be her brother, not a nephew; he had her letter from Toney; mentions details of the auction of someone's goods, probably her husband's, and urges her not to sell the farm for a while)
Skinner, Abraham. (1 letter)
  • Undated [1790s] (mentions Princeton)
Slop, Giuseppe A[ntonio] (1740-1808; noted Italian astronomer, professor at Pisa) (3 letters)
  • [1778, early December: before the 10th; sent to Livorno] (numbered #10) (in Italian)
  • [Recd. 10 September 1785] (numbered #22; with P.S. by his son, Francesco) (in Italian), Pisa
  • 10 February 1786 (numbered #23) (in French and Italian), Pisa
Slop, Giuseppe, to Governor Johnstone. (1 letter)
  • 13 November 1778, Pisa (in French) (see below, section B, Johnstone, item a)
Smith, B. (1 letter)
  • 14 November 1795, Trenton (has to do with a signature for a deed in Philadelphia)
Smith, Samuel [Stanhope] (President of College of New Jersey, 1795-1812) (1 letter)
  • Saturday 1 p.m. [15 November 1794 inside, perhaps by Minto], Tusculum [near Princeton] (mentions John Witherspoon dying half an hour earlier)
Snowden, Isaac, Jr., to Mary Minto. (1 letter)
  • 1 July 1797, Philadelphia (about Walter Minto's tombstone, whether it should be in Latin or English)
Steuart, Selkirk. (2 letters)
  • 20 May 1786, Bunker's Hill
  • 24 July 1792, Edinburgh
Stockton, R[ichar]d (son of signer of the Declaration of Independence) (1 letter)
  • Sunday 12 ‘O [?Cl] [6 July-28 September 1795, probably September], [Princeton] (has to do with legal papers for a bond or bonds signed by Minto [see section IV.B.9 and B.10 below]; a note dated 1 October 1795, found accompanying this letter, is now item B.11 in section IV. below) [Though this note is clearly connected with Stockton's letter in subject matter, it is not in the same hand, and it is uncertain whether the two were originally together in the Minto donation.]
Stone, D. (2 letters)
  • 21 December 1788, Windsor, North Carolina
  • 20 March 1790, Edenton [North Carolina]
Taylor, James. (2 letters)
  • 7 August 1774, Cardross
  • 29 November 1777, Calderhall
Thorburn, James. (1 letter)
  • 27 March 1787, South Shields–addressed to Walter Minto "at Dr. Rush's"
Tod, Ann[i]e (probably not a relative of next, since she talks about letters from Scotland and her ill father) (1 letter)
  • 15 June 1789
Tod, James. (3 letters)
  • 26 May 1788, Erasmus Hall (Tod seems to be connected to the school in some way)
  • 24 October 1794, New York
  • 2 April 1795, New Utrecht
VanDerbilt, John. (1 letter)
  • 17 October 1787, Flatbush (as president of trustees at Erasmus Hall, releases Minto from his contract to accept appointment at College of New Jersey)
Vaughan, John.
  • (see Hutchinson)
Watson, Robert. (2 letters)
  • 3 May 1786, Duppline (he adds: "Direct for me at Dupplin by Perth"; accounts written inside in Minto's hand)
  • 13 May 1786, Duppline
Witherspoon, John (President of College of New Jersey, 1768-94; signer of Declaration of Independence) (2 letters)
  • 18 April 1787, Tusculum [near Princeton]
  • 29 August 1787, Tusculum [near Princeton]
Woodhull, John. (1 letter)
  • 2 March 1789, Freehold [N.J.]
Woofoin, Lewis. (2 letters)
  • 1 October 1794 [Trenton] (signed "Lewis Woofoin Son")
  • 27 [?Octo]bre 1795, Camp du Centre (recd. August 1795; Philip Woofoin begins and signs this letter, but Lewis appends an addendum and signs too; the hands--though the d's are sometimes different--and thought expressed are very similar, leading to the possibility that these two are one and the same person; but in letter from Bonrie of 27 September 1792 only one son is mentioned)
Woofoin, Philip.
  • (see preceding)
Young, James. (1 letter)
  • 27 October 1794, New York
Minto papers - Correspondence from Walter Minto, by recipient:
Anonymous (1) "Revd. Sir" (someone connected with the Royal Society) (1 letter)
  • 31 January 1786 (copy, from Edinburgh; Minto says: ".. it was the discovery of the new planet that drew my attention to Astronomy, about a year after I had begun the study of the Mathematics"; mentions his "honoured friend & master Professor Slop"; says that "Mr. Robison of this University has lately favoured me with a few observations of HL [= HL ligature, probably an abbreviation for the recently discovered planet by Herschel; also called "N.P." in this letter] by Professor Wilson of Glasgow": these observations are for January 16, 1786 and are on page 3, which is otherwise blank)
Anonymous (2) [= Peter Baynton] (1 letter)
  • 1[2] July 1789 (draft or copy, written on a blank leaf, on the verso of which is an address: Monsieur Walter Minto in Casa del Sigre Dottore Slop Pisa; Minto declines to be a commissioner for examining witnesses to a suit, replying to a letter of Peter Baynton dated 6 July 1789 (see section A. above); gives as reason: "As soon as our vacation begins, an event is to take place of the greatest importance to my future happiness. Immediately after this I am under engagements which I cannot dispense with to go to N. York.")
Buchan, Lord (= David Steuart Erskine) (2 letters)
  • 30 June 1784, Edinburgh (draft; draft of a letter in Italian on the reverse, perhaps for Lord Buchan)
  • 21 January 1786, Edinburgh (draft or copy)
Drummond, Catherine (1 letter)
  • Undated [but probably February-June1788, in response to hers of 28 January 1788, since he says that it has been 4 years since he loved her] ("Translation of part of a letter from W.M. to C.D." at top; proposes marriage; mentions the name "Catherine"–the only time her first name appears)
Ferguson, [Adam], Professor (at Edinburgh) (1 letter)
  • Undated [probably spring 1779] (tries to explain his actions vis-à-vis the Johnstone boys and also mentions "my friend Mr. Slop") (copy, very faint and difficult to read)
Johnstone, [George], Governor. (5 items)
  • 3 items written consecutively on the 8 pages of 2 folded leaves: (1) copy of a letter from Johnstone to Walter Minto (in Minto's hand) dated 30 October 1778, London [4 days after returning from North America] (complains that WM has put off the trip home from the spring to the winter after he told WM to bring them home earlier, that WM did not follow his plan of education, and about WM's "attachments" and personal characteristics); (2) copy of letter to Johnstone (in Minto's hand) dated 23 November 1778, Pisa (refutes all of Johnstone's complaints, but says he will write to the Consul tomorrow and will bring the boys home as soon as possible); (3) letter of support for WM from Slop to Johnstone (in French) dated 13 November 1778, Pisa (this last may also be a copy given to Minto by Slop for Minto's files, but it is definitely in Slop's hand)
  • 10 December 1778, Leghorn roads (draft or copy) (numbered # 25)
  • Fragment (a P.S. to an unknown letter): [probably early March 1779], [probably from Cadiz, after delivering Johnstone's sons to Captain Machell] (draft or copy)
Minto, David, Jr. (1 letter)
  • 5 March 1777, Pisa
Minto, Walter, Sr., or Walter Minto Sr. and wife (4 letters)
  • Undated [early 1776, when he first went to Johnstone's in London; probably before 17 January]
  • 12 January 1779, Malaga
  • 28 September 1781, Pisa (fragment)
  • 11 March 1782, Pisa
Monthly Reviewers.
  • 1 letter: 10 July 1784, Edinburgh (copy) (defends his book on Uranus against criticism)
Skelton, [Mary], Miss (later Mary Minto, wife of Walter Minto, "at Mrs. Morgan's") (1 letter)
  • Undated, Thurs. morning [1788-89]
Wauch (probably not the same as next) (1 letter in two parts)
  • Undated [1776-77; in 2nd (pages 3-4), addressed to "Dear [S]anney" (another name for Wauch), Hume is mentioned as having died, which would put it after 25 August 1776, but it is also after 7 September, when he last wrote Wauch] ("I understand Dr. Hume Esquire who had the Chief hand in sending me here [Italy] is gone to the world of spirits." "Is Allie Wauch married?") (?copy)
Waugh, Alex. (1 letter)
  • 1 September 1777, Pisa (includes letter on pages 2-3 to his sister Nanny)
Minto papers - Correspondence with recipients other than Walter Minto:
Buist, Revd., from Walter Minto Sr. (1 letter)
  • 18 January 1790
Christie, Mrs. Colonel, from Nanny Minto (1 letter)
  • 14 February 1797 (with P.S. 10 March)
Clark, Mrs., from M. Chrystie (1 letter)
  • 29 October [1790's]
Johnstone, Governor George, from Garrick (1 letter)
  • 28 June 1772
Johnstone, Governor George, from Slop (1 letter, in French)
  • 13 November 1778, Pisa (see above, section B., Johnstone, item a)
Johnstone, George and John (sons of Governor Johnstone), from Mrs. M[artha] F[ord] (1 letter)
  • 26 August 1778
Johnstone, John, from [Lady] B[arbara] Johnstone (1 letter)
  • 2[-] December 1764
Minto, Mary, from Walter Minto Sr. (1 letter)
  • 15 February 1798
Minto, Mary, from David Rittenhouse (1 letter)
  • 21 December 1795
Minto, Mary, from Joseph Skelton (1 letter)
  • 16 March 1797
Minto, Mary, from Isaac Snowden Jr. (1 letter)
  • 1 July 1797
Minto, Nanny, from Thomas Minto (3 letters)
  • 10 April 1778 (see under Minto, Walter Sr. and Agnes Waugh Minto)
  • 10 July 1781
  • 24 July 1781
Minto, Walter Sr., from Robert Minto (3 letters)
  • 19 July 1775
  • 30 January 1779
  • 4 January 1783
Minto, Walter Sr. and Agnes Waugh Minto, from Thomas Minto (7 letters)
  • Undated [perhaps Spring 1777]
  • 10 April 1778 (includes a letter for his sister Nanny Mint beginning on page 3)
  • 1 August 1778
  • 26 July 1779
  • 21 May 1780
  • 18 February 1781
  • July 1781
Reed, Joseph, from Lord Buchan (1 letter)
  • 13 May 1786
Minto Papers - Correspondence after Walter Minto's death:
Nanny Minto (Minto's sister) to Mrs. Colonel Christie
  • 14 February 1797, Edinburgh (with a P.S. dated 10 March 1797)
Joseph Skelton to Mary Minto
  • 16 March 1797, New York
Isaac Snowden, Jr., to Mary Minto
  • 1 July 1797, Philadelphia
Walter Minto Sr., to Mary Minto
  • 15 February 1798, Edinburgh
Minto-Skelton family papers - Correspondence from 1780 to 1813 (and possibly to 1824), primarily to or from Mary Skelton Minto (died late 1824):
Anonymous (?the daughter of one of Mary Minto's siblings) to Mary Minto (1 letter)
  • 17 July 1799, New York (addressed "Dear Aunt"; received MM's letter via Mr. Godwin; she is postponing her visit to MM for a few weeks because of possible fever; says "Mrs. Chrystie & all the family is well"--she is on Long Island at the moment; will get the knives and forks in Mrs. C's absence and lists them, "Dezert" knives are for Aunt Clarke; also mentions a "Cosin John")
Chrystie, John (Columbia class of 1806; died 1813), to Mary Minto (3 letters)
  • 7 December 1805, New York (1st and 3rd addressed to "My dear friend," 2nd to "My dearest friend," and in all three he gives his and his mother's love to Miss Betsey and the Clarks; mentions his regret at not being able to attend commencement in Princeton)
  • 2 February 1807, New York (mainly literary banter; mentions Col. Baytie)
  • 4 May 1808, New York (he has a 1st lieutenant post offered, which is good for his years; he took Mary Minto's letter to "our most unfortunate Joseph" [MM's brother], wishes he could help him and his family of little ones, but cannot)
Chrystie, M, to Mary Minto (2 letters)
  • 22 January 1810, New York (must be the mother of John, much of the letter spent talking about him; also mentions "your little son Minto" [ = Walter Minto Skelton, whom she is raising]; "His father & family are well," another son has arrived [probably Thomas], all fine children; the mother has been "a great sufferer" in Joseph's troubles; mentions Joseph's salary and his "place," but "Thomas" [probably Joseph's brother] would rather give more to Joseph until something comes up that will allow him to do better)
  • Undated [probably after Walter Minto's death, since he is not mentioned, and perhaps after 1807, which would also fit in with the riots and the possible Detargny reference], no place (mentions Mr. Chrystie, " Mrs. Clark, sister Betsy & Miss Gau[ ]'," and Joseph, who has been looking forward to seeing her; also a Mr. Tad, "John" [probably her son], and a "Mrs. Ditennia [? = Detargny], who has visited Mary Minto–glad she is better; mentions Mr. Cuthbert calling on us, also that it is good that the "Trustees of the College are determined on a more rigid discipline" [?after riots of 1807])
Cuthbert, M., to Mary Minto (2 letters)
  • Undated [after 1789, but no mention of Walter Minto, so probably after 1796], no place (thanks her for good feelings, mentions his or her own near-death experience ["the perils of the Ocean"], etc.; sounds like a woman, but not like a relative)
  • Undated (and anonymous, but a draft of the preceding, in same hand)
Gamble, John G., to Monsieur [Marin] Detargny (Alexandria) (1 letter)
  • 1 December 1802, Richmond (rejects his request to open a French school in Richmond)
Garcia del Rio, Manuel, to Dr. Santiago Drake (Havana) (1 letter)
  • 6 February 1800, Cadiz (in Spanish; recommendation for Dr. Marino Detargny)
Gibbes, Ann, to Mary Minto (1 letter)
  • 24 October 1808, Charleston (presents her son George, who is leaving for Princeton and hopes to be admitted to the College; asks her to give him good advice under her observation as a "Mother"; gives compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Clark and her sister Miss Betsy)
Hopkins, B[enjamin] B. (husband of Mary Minto's niece, Elizabeth, daughter of her brother Josiah Skelton), to Mary Minto (2 letters)
  • 14 February 1811, Philadelphia (both addressed "My dear Aunt"; about family affairs, with names that Mary Minto would be expected to know (including Ennion and Josiah); appends a note of expenses from a bill to him from the steward of the Penn' Hospital for 41 weeks of board for Marin Detargney" from 29 April 1810 to 10 February 1811, plus other expenses)
  • 19 January 1813, Philadelphia (long explanation about the hospital bill and "Detergney"'s situation: he may have to be sent to the overseers of the poor, and Mrs. D is also destitute and depends on relatives who could ill afford to help her husband; mentions his own financial situation; enclosed is "the interest money" drawn for you at North America Bank; his daughter Margaret Hopkins adds a note to "My dear Aunt" mentioning her [MH's] sisters Eliza and Adelaide and says to give love to "Cousin Walter")
Invitation to Miss B. Baynton (1782)
  • (see Series II, sub-series 6: Invitations)
Invitations (14) to one or both of the Skelton sisters (1780-[probably mid-1780's])
  • (see section Series II, sub-series 6: Invitations)
Minto, M[ary Skelton], to Walter Minto (1 letter)
  • 7 October [probably 1789, though could be later] (filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
Minto, Nanny, to Mrs. Christie (1 letter)
  • 14 February 1797, Edinburgh (with P.S. 10 March 1797) (filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
Minto, Walter, to Miss [Mary] Skelton [later Minto] (1 letter)
  • Thurs. morning [1788-89] (filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
Minto, Walter, Sr., to Mary Minto (1 letter)
  • 15 February 1798, Edinburgh (filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
Rittenhouse, David, to Mary Minto (1 letter)
  • 21 December 1795, Philadelphia (filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
S[cudder], Mrs. H[annah], to her husband (1 letter)
  • Undated [but a few days before her death on Monday 19
  • November 1781] (mentions her sister Mary, to whom she entrusts her child if it live)
Skelton, Joseph, to Mary Minto (1 letter)
  • 16 March 1797, New York (addressed "Dear Aunt," but from date this should be her brother, not a nephew; filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
Skelton, M[ary], to Betsey Skelton (1 letter)
  • 18 October [probably before 1780] (describes wedding of Hannah Scudder; the letter is carelessly, perhaps hurriedly, written; cf. Scudder letter above)
Snowden, Isaac, Jr., to Mary Minto (1 letter)
  • 1 July 1797, Philadelphia (filed in Series I: Minto Correspondence)
Minto-Skelton family papers - Correspondence from 1824 to 1843, primarily to or from Walter M. Skelton (died 1848):
Committee of the Princeton Blues (C. H. Vancleve, Ashbel Green, Chas. W. [ ]eritan) to W.M.S. (1 letter)
  • [received 25 July 1831], Princeton (thanks him for his service as Captain of the Company)
Invitation to Miss Ann Skelton (1834)
  • (see Series II, sub-series 6: Invitations)
Invitations (2) to Walter Skelton (1826, 1843)
  • (see Series II, sub-series 6: Invitations)
Maclean, John (president of College of New Jersey, 1853-68), to WMS (1 letter)
  • 18 August 1824, Princeton (thanks for note, will see him tomorrow morning in his rooms)
Skelton, Ann (sister), to WMS (at Conemaugh Salt Works, Westmoreland County) (1 letter)
  • 14 January 1832, Princeton (her mother is now in Princeton, and very sick; mentions a letter from "Thomas" to her mother in which he says he will be in Princeton soon; gives her love to Elizabeth and "Father")
Skelton, Joseph (father), to WMS (1 letter)
  • 20 January 1825, Conemaugh Salt Works (in reply to WMS's letter of 10 December regarding the death of "Aunt Minto"; mentions Thomas [brother of WMS], who is at school, also a brother Joseph and a sister Ann "wich you have never saw yet," and gives a list of siblings with birth dates; the writer works at the salt works; stained and very difficult, sometimes impossible, to read)
Skelton, Walter Minto, to Anonymous ("Gentlemen" [people connected with the college]) (1 letter, draft)
  • 29 September 1824, [Princeton] (thanks for the "honour . . bestowed, by advancing me to this honourable, yet difficult and responsible station"; mentions "the duties of my appointment" and "our beloved and venerable Hall [must be Nassau Hall]" and asks for their "assistance and cooperation")
Skelton, W. M., to John Lourey (Major, Princeton Blues) (1 letter, copy)
  • 8 July 1831, Princeton (resigns commission as Captain in the Princeton Blues)
Skelton, W. M., to John Skelton (?cousin, son of Josiah Skelton, Mary Skelton Minto's brother) (1 letter)
  • 27 June 1824, [Princeton] (appears to be a draft, or else the letter was not sent; asks for information on his father and his family: his father is in "your part of the country," and he has not heard from his mother for a long time, but she too left New York for "the western country"; mentions Aunt Minto [who is still alive], his mother's brother Amos White, his mother's brother-in-law John Bezonett)
Skelton, W. M., to Mary Skelton (sister) (1 letter)
  • [2 February 1826 on outside, probably written just before leaving for western Pennsylvania] (a copy or draft of a letter of advice to his younger sister about how to conduct herself in life, beginning "Accept the parting advice of your brother"; on page 3 begins a brief note to his mother, saying that anything he has is hers)
Skelton, W. M., to Sarah Skelton (mother) (1 letter)
  • 6 February 1832, Conemaugh Salt Works [postmarked Alexandria, Pennsylvania (mentions Thomas as being with her in Princeton and hopes T. will be able to come out to Conemaugh ASAP so as to be there when WMS is absent–he wants to get to Princeton ASAP and has to be back at Conemaugh in the spring; encloses a letter [no longer here] to stonecutter for tombstone for Mary C. Skelton, b. 25 December 1812, d. 15 July 1831)
White, Elizabeth (aunt, sister of WMS's mother), to WMS (1 letter)
  • 22 March 1827, Scarsdale (sent to WMS at "Great Salt Works, Indianna County"–1st letter addressed to WMS in western Pennsylvania; refers to the fact that his parents were not able to provide for him, that he owes a debt to his "departed aunts"; mentions WMS's mother who hopes to visit her relatives in New York, his sister Mary whom he wishes to educate, and his "cousin Jane White" who has married a man named Gant, an industrious and respectable mechanic; also mentions that she [his aunt] runs a school of 28 scholars, mostly boys; says to remember her to his mother and sister Elizabeth, both in western Pennsylvania)
Minto-Skelton family papers - Later Correspondence, 1872-1940, chiefly Boyd:
Duffy, James O.G. (attorney), to C.M. Hill (attorney in Freeport) (1 letter)
  • 30 March 1906, Philadelphia (subject: "the quarry leases from the Ann Skelton estate," so she must be dead; monthly rental paid during the life of leases, but the concerns controlled by H.S. Kerbaugh Inc. do not desire an extension (cf. Series II, sub-series 4: Ann Skelton, item 3)
Earhart, Harry B. (donor of the first Minto collection to the Clements Library in 1934), to "My Dear Uncle" [probably W.M. Boyd] (1 letter)
  • 7 January [18]98, "Home" (he arrived there "after an uneventful ride across country"; thanks him, Aunt Hannah, and Lizzie for their hospitality and hopes they will see more of his mother than in past years; is glad to have learned from them about her girlhood and young womanhood)
Jack[s]on, William F., Jr. (Manager of Operations, Franklin Institute), to Elizabeth Boyd (1 letter)
  • 24 August 1938, Philadelphia (thanks her for offering us the very interesting papers of Dr. Minto, former professor of mathematics at Princeton, but our funds are not sufficient to permit us to make purchases like this)
K., H.L., to Elizabeth [Boyd] (1 letter, typed)
  • 11 September 1915, Pittsburgh (titled "CURRENT NEWS OF THE DAY," regarding people in Pittsburgh, including "Helen" [McIntyre] and her new job at Shakespeare School in East End Pittsburgh)
Rayburn, Calvin (attorney), to Mrs. Hannah P. Boyd (1 letter)
  • 17 February 1887, Kittanning, PA (encloses claim for bounty and gives her instructions for filling it out; see Series II, sub-series 4: McFARLAND, item 1)buck
Robb, Charles A. (attorney), to Elizabeth Boyd (1 letter)
  • 12 January 1930, Pittsburgh (encloses a "Copy of spoken [=spirit] message" dated 11 January 1930 from "Aunt Ann Skelton" to her niece Mary Boyd, transcribed by Robb and heard by 8 persons there present; "They found and brought to me the one you desired to hear from and I inclose her message to you with this letter," room dark and didn't get down half of what she said, but she was an interesting speaker)
Ryder, Edgar M., to Ann Skelton at McVill, Armstrong County, PA (1 letter)
  • [?2]4 March [18]72, New York (addressed to Cousin Ann; "I have not been sent off yet by the spirits and I do not know when they will start me but when I go I suppose your Brother Walter will go with me he spoke through me the other day he told me not to go to a certain Medium that it woul[d] be hard for me to go . . I think he is one of the Big Guns in the Spirit world.")
Skelton, Ann, to Mary Boyd.
  • (see Robb above)
Thorsen, William B. (of W.B.T. Publishing Co.), to "Mrs." Elizabeth Boyd, Freeport (1 letter)
  • 7 April 1931, Chicago (interested in several of the books on the list she sent him, including books from 1745, 1795, 1798, Laws of College of New Jersey 1794 and 1819; ?some perhaps owned by Walter M. Skelton or even by Walter Minto)
White, Marie Earhart (Mrs. Fred H. on letterhead but she lives alone in an apartment), to ("Cousin") Elizabeth Boyd (3 letters)
  • 18 November 1937, Duluth, Minnesota (their association has been sketchy, but she enjoys seeing her in Freeport; infers from what she said last summer that things were going "pretty hard with you," and offers her 2 or 3 good dresses, but does not want to offend her)
  • 2 May 1939, Duluth (has just sent off a box of dresses and a couple of hats by Railway Express; will be going to Butler for perhaps 2 weeks and invites her to come over if she has a chance)
  • 6 September 1940, Box 45, Ann Arbor, MI (White letterhead crossed out, with the preceding in pencil above; again offers her clothes, a coat, some shoes; mentions "Harry" a few times–probably her brother [who gave the earlier donation to the Clements Library], and perhaps she has moved in with him; she cleaned things out pretty thoroughly last April and mentions her new "station")