Berlandier and Chovell, Observaciones Astronomicas and Meteorologic Observations  1832-1835
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Collection Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of three volumes containing astronomical and meteorological observations made in Goliad, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico, from 1832 to 1835.

The first two volumes, individually labeled "A" and "B," are titled Observaciones Astronomicas por Berlandier y Chovell. Jean Luis Berlandier and Rafael Chovell recorded astronomical observations made between 1832 and 1835. They entered data on a near-daily basis, with occasional gaps, and included positions of various astronomical bodies and points of interest. The observations, made with a chronometer and sextant, included latitude and longitude readings.

Entries in Volume A, recorded in Goliad, Texas, cover the following dates:

  • December 11, 1832-February 21, 1833
  • May 22, 1833-July 9, 1833
  • May 9, 1834-October 10, 1834

Entries in Volume B, recorded in Matamoros, Mexico, cover the following dates:

  • October 14, 1834-December 31, 1834
  • January 15, 1835-May 30, 1835
  • September 27, 1835-November 6, 1835

The third volume is titled Meteorologie Observations faites a Goliad i devant Bakia del Espiritu, Santo Texas. It is a record of meteorological observations made by the pair at Santo, Texas, between December 1, 1832, and December 31, 1833. Entries included information about wind direction and observations about the sky.

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