William Logan Fisher papers  1749-1861
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Bowhill Papers [series]
Box   : Bowhill (in Box 295) Folder   : Bowhill/1
Autographed letter to Townshend,  1756 September 5
Folder   : Bowhill/2  
Autographed letter to Townshend,  1765 October 28
Folder   : Bowhill/3  
Autographed letter signed Sir George Yonge to Townshend,  1765 October 28
Folder   : Bowhill/4  
Autographed letter signed Dr. Edward Barnard to Townshend,  1765 October 31
Folder   : Bowhill/5/1-4  
John Huske, 4 Autographed letters signed to Townshend
Folder   : Bowhill/6  
Note in Townshend's hand for speech on East India Bill, Isle of Man, New York bill, state of Europe [1766]
Folder   : Bowhill/7  
Copy extracts from correspondence with Horace Walpole regarding Lord Orford, and Bolingbroke
Folder   : Bowhill/8  
Copy Horace Walpole to Josiah Tucker,  1755 October 6
Folder   : Bowhill/9  
Letter unsigned and incomplete,  1765 July 5
Folder   : Bowhill/10  
Autographed letter signed Charles Hamilton to Townshend?  1766 January 8
Folder   : Bowhill/11  
A Plan for attacking the Spanish settlements in the West Indies in the north and south seas in case of a war with that nation,  undated
Folder   : Bowhill/12  
Narrative regarding embarkation of army from Isle of Wight, [1758]
Folder   : Bowhill/13  
Poem, a new song to the tune of the Lilies of France
Folder   : Bowhill/14  
Notes on soaking barley or wheat in sal mirabile and charcoal before sowing,  undated
Folder   : Bowhill/15  
Extract of a letter from J. H. Northshields to Sir Joseph Banks,  1782 April 3
Folder   : Bowhill/16  
Unsigned letter,  June 14, 1783
Folder   : Bowhill/17/1-3  
Three unsigned letters,  1783
Folder   : Bowhill/18  
Scroll to the Marquis of Carmarthen,  1785 January 9, Bath (Contains the Jefferson/Hartley map on tissue inside letter)