Rees Cadwalader notebook  1801
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Volume   1  
Rees Cadwalader notebook,  1801 [series]
Pages   1-2  
"Liberty and Slavery contrasted-Part of a letter written from Italy by Addison"
Page   3  
"On the Death of Mrs. Mason"
Pages   4-6  
"Whatsoever ye would that Men should do to you, do ye even so to them," [Miss] Williams
Pages   6-10  
"An address to the Deity," [Anna Letitia] Barbauld
Pages   10-17  
"A tale relative to Reaping"
Pages   17-18  
"On the Death of an amiable and affectionate Wife"
Pages   19-22  
"Alcanzar and Zaida-a morish Tale imitated from the Spanish"
Pages   22-24  
"A Birthday Reflection," [James Hamton]
Pages   24-25  
"To a Daughter who wish'd her Father would write something for her instruction and entertainment"
Pages   25-30  
"On the death of two Sisters; who departed this life soon after each other; in which short interval, the former part of this was written"
Pages   30-31  
"A Dream"
Page   32  
"On the death of Edith Sharpless, 8th mo, 2nd 1787"
Pages   33-35  
"A Remarkable Dream or Vision on the 12th of January 1801" Sarah Hunter
Pages   35-36  
"An Elegy on the Death of Samuel Ble[cby], who died of the small pox at Ackworth school in  1781 aged 13 years"
Pages   37-42  
"An account of the Lives and behavior of Abraham and Levi Doan, Who were executed upon the commons in the city of Philadelphia on [fourth] day the 24th of September 1788"
Pages   43-47  
[missing and blank pages]
Page   48  
"A receipt for making black ink"