Jacob van Zwaluwenburg memoir  Undated
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Box   99, James S. Schoff Civil War Collection Folders   6-11
Jacob van Zwaluwenburg memoir,  undated [series]    [Note: Following is a list of topics discussed in the typescript copy. The details and page numbers vary in the manuscript copy.]
Page   1  
Memories of childhood in the Netherlands
Page   2  
Experiences in the Reformed Church in the Netherlands
Page   8  
Arrival in New York (Castle Garden)
Page   9  
Westward trip to Michigan
Page   10  
Settlement of Holland, Mich.
Page   12  
School days in Holland
Page   13  
Experiences in the Reformed Church of America
Page   17  
 1860 Election Beginnings of the war
Page   18  
He joins the 16th U.S. Infantry Enlists at too early an age
Page   20  
Description of Sibley tents and other equipmentFood preparation
Page   21  
Vices: drinking and gambling March on Nashville, Tenn.
Page   22  
March to Pittsburg Landing to reinforce Gen. Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885)
Page   23  
Battle of Shiloh
Page   24  
Aftermath of Shiloh Capture of Corinth, Miss. Use of foliage as camouflage
Page   25  
Gen. Don Carlos Buell refuses to allow runaway slave to become regiment cook Battle of Perryville
Page   26  
Reasons for Gen. Buell's removal Battle of Stones River Soldier shot through head while talking to author; survives
Page   27  
Incompetence of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton's nephew, "Capt. Stanton"
Page   28  
Blames Gen. Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) for war deaths last two years of the war
Page   29  
Fighting around Chattanooga
Page   32  
Fraternizing with enemy troops
Page   33  
Death of Gerret Van Zwaluwenburg (d. 1864) from wound suffered at Battle of Cold Harbor
Page   34  
Gen. William T. Sherman (1820-1891) and refugees from Atlanta
Page   35  
Discharge from service and return home
Page   36  
Post-war occupations