Nixon family papers  1800-1889 (bulk 1800-1851)
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Thomas Nixon was born in 1736, in Framingham, Massachusetts, the son of Mary Sever and Christopher Nixon. He served as an ensign in the French and Indian War and a colonel in the 6th Massachusetts Regiment in the Revolutionary War. In 1756, he married Bethiah Stearns (1735-1823); they had five children, including Thomas, Jr., (1762-[1842]) and Hannah (b. 1772). Before his death in 1800, Thomas, Sr., purchased land from the Ohio Land Company, which passed to his descendants, including Thomas, Jr., and Hannah and John Nichols.

Thomas Nixon, Jr., was a fifer in his father's regiment during the Revolution and a farmer in Framingham, Massachusetts. He married Lydia Hagar (d. 1822) in the 1790s, and they had four children: Warren (1793-1872), Otis (1796-1877), Sukey (1797-1828), and Reny (1799-1824). Otis and Warren migrated to the family land in Morgan Township, Ohio, in 1818, where they cleared the terrain and began farming, but faced many difficulties. Warren returned to Framingham, Massachusetts, and Otis traveled to New York before going returning to Ohio, where he resided from 1834 until his death in 1877.

In 1818, while still in Massachusetts, Warren married Salome Rice. They had six children: Myra (1819-1841), Laurella (b. 1820), Olenia (b. 1822), Selina (b.1825), Marcella (b. 1827), Camillus (1830-1837), and Marcellus (b. 1833). In the same year, Otis married Margaret Swain (d. 1825); in 1827, he married Lucy Lee. Otis Nixon had nine children, including George H. Nixon (b. 1828). In the 1840s, Marcella attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary and studied under its founder, Mary Lyon. Selina received her education from Charlestown Female Seminary in Boston.