Henry J. Johnson papers  1862-1865
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New York (State) 18th Century letters and documents,  1685-1790 [series]
  1685 September 16 . S[imon] Bradstreet ADS; [Massachusetts]. (1 page)
Regarding William Boals's request for a warrant of arrest (on behalf of his daughter Martha Boals) for John Row, who "ravished" Martha and refused to marry her.
  1699 [July 8] . Thomas Danforth ADS; Charlestown, [Massachusetts]. (3 pages)
Last will and testament of Thomas Danforth; includes conditional liberty for his "Negro Servant" after a period of servitude for a new master.
  1713 December 13 . Captain John Chandler ALS to Col. William Dudley; Woodstock. (1 page)
Response to a letter from Dudley, outlining Chandler's intention to travel to Kellingley and Oxford to gather information; speculates on Indian affidavits.
  1724 April 23 . E[lisha] Williams ALS to Rev. William Williams; [Newington]. (2 pages)
Letter from E. Williams to his father, regarding his health and a possible trip to visit the family; Williams suggests his sister Betty travel to stay with him for a while.
  1727 July 10 . J[oh]n Chambers ALS to Philip [Vonplank]; New York. (1 page)
Enclosed with information of the Attorney General against [Vonplank] in a legal case, and requesting a statement of observations.
  [1731] February 4 . Cornelius Cuyler ADS; Albany, New York. (2 pages)
Financial record, with "Capt. Jacob Glen" written across the top. In Dutch.
  [1734] January 27 . O[liver] Partridge ALS to Rev. Jonathon Ashley; Hatf[iel]d, Massachusetts. (1 page)
Partridge wonders if Ashley's letter has been lost in the mail; asks for news and whether Partridge has heard that Doctor Fells is dying.
  1735 April 25 . Ph[ilip] Livingston ALS to Captain Walter Butler; Albany, New York. (1 page)
Request for 2000 acres of land from 6000 acres laid out by Mr. Collins for Butler.
  1736 March 9-1737 April 12 . James Stevenson ADS; [Albany, New York] (. 2 pages)
Record of funds received by John Stevenson, City and County Treasurer; includes the signature of Ph. Livingston.
  1740 September 12 . John Van Driessen ADS; Albany, New York. (2 pages)
Last will and testament of John Van Driessen, physician of HMS Squirrel ; bequeaths his estate to his mother, Eva Van Driessen.
  1742 February 20 . William Shirley DS to Joseph Jackson; Province of Massachusetts Bay. (1 page)
Appointment of Joseph Jackson to second lieutenant of a Regiment of Foot in the town of Boston
  1746 April 21 . Robert Sanders ALS to John Sanders; Albany, New York. (2 pages)
Request to credit Jacob [A…] for white pine boards.
  1746 April 15-1747 March 27 . ADS. (2 pages)
Six entries recording the receipt of money from James Stevenson, City and County Treasurer. Signed and dated by the recipients.
  1748 September 19 . Cornelius Cuyler (and Philip Schuyler) ALS to Jacob Glen; Albany, New York. (1 page)
In Dutch.
  1750 October 9 . J. Wentworth and [ ?] ALS to S. W. Pepperell; Little Harbour. (3 pages)
Congratulations on arrival and assurance of an eleven gun salute from Fort William and Mary the next day. Asks when it would be convenient for Pepperell to visit.
  1750 October 23 . R[obert] Sanders ALS to John Sanders; Albany, New York. (2 pages)
Inquires related to health and business. Sanders's wife includes a story about a "Negro wench" who learned a cure from "squaw" that May interest John.
  1752 April 22 . Joseph Murray LS to Edward Collins, attorney at law; New York. (1 page)
Originally enclosed rules for balloting juries; discusses the Pithor case and asks for more instructions in future cases.
  1752 December 19 . ADS to Captain Peter Winne. (1 page)
Receipt for the years 1739-1750.
  1753 October 13 . Ja[mes] Alexander ALS to Goldsborough Banyar; New York. (1 page)
Arranging the compensation for the family of the murdered Robert Mackriel; written by one of his "greatest creditors."
  1752 February 2 . Robert Sanders ADS to Robert Latterbridge; Albany, New York. (3 pages)
Record of debt from 1750-1754.
  1754 August 6 . William Johnson ALS to William Corry; Mount Johnson. (1 page)
Letter of introduction for Patrick Flood, who believes he has been charged excessive fees by the Justice of the Peace at Thinderhook.
  1754 September 11 . Jurors, Body of the County of Suffolk DS; Suffolk County, New York. (1 page)
Court of Oyer and Terminer document, listing John Chambers as Second Judge of the Supreme Court of the province of New York, and Richard Floyd, Hugh Gelfon, and George Phillinson as associate justices.Charges Henry Howell of Southold for shooting and killing John Payn while "hunting and watching for Wild Deer," on May 16, 1753"… then and there being with force and Arms &c: an Assault Did make and with a gun of the Value of five Shillings which he the said Henry Howell then had in his hand Loaded with Large Mould Shott being Sent by the force of Gun Powder out of the said Gun the Left side of the Belly of the said John Pain Did Strike and Wound."Signed "A True Bill" by jury foreman, Nathaniel Smith.On vellum.
  1755 April 5 . Stephen Hopkins, Honas Nichols, Thomas Cranston, and [d'Anieke Jencke?] ALS to Thomas Richardson; Newport. (1 page)
Request to pay Captain Henry Babcock 500 pounds for enlisting in the service of the colony.
  1755 May 22 . Ja[mes] Alexander ALS to W. John Smith; New York. (1 page)
Order to put bonds in suit and execute against the estate of Joseph Dennis, who has used his land as collateral security for the payment of his bonds. Dennis has not paid any of his interest. Originally enclosed copies of the two bonds and Dennis's deeds [not present].
  1755 June 12 . Ja[mes] Alexander ADS. (1 page)
Announcement that John Smith has granted James Alexander and Ebenezer Pemberton authority over the lands and purchases of William Brown, for violation of his debt agreement.
  1755 September 1 . William Shirley ADS to "Paulus (alias) Tarachyodus"; Camp of Oswego, Lake Ontario. (1 page)
Appointment as "Lieutenant of Indians," to be employed in removing the French from Niagara and Lake Ontario.
  1755 November 8 . George Banyar, Secr[etar]y ALS to John Glen; Albany, New York. (1 page)
Request from General Shirley that Glen convince Peter Greendyck to rent his empty house to the troops stationed in Schenectady for use as a hospital for the sick men.
  1756 May 22 . George Banyar ALS to William Kempe; New York. (1 page)
Order for the prosecution of Samuel Stilwell and John Burroughs.
  1756 September 13 . James DeLancey ADS; New York. (3 pages)
Statement made by John Omand to James DeLancey, Chief Justice of the Province of New York. Account of the capture of a French sloop in the Port of New York; Omand was an apprentice to the Branch Pilots who informed on a group of Englishmen helping the French.
  1756 November 8 . Roger Wolcott, Jr. DS to the Sheriff of the County of Hartford; East Haddam. (1 page)
Summons of Captain Jacob Burnham, to appear before the County Court regarding a payment of 4 shillings 2 pence and interest.
  1757 July 8 . Sybrant G. Van Schaick DS; County of Albany. (2 pages)
Statements to the mayor regarding the theft of yarn from the widow Van Alen by James Anderson.
  1757 December 15 . Rob[ert] Sanders ALS to John Sanders; Albany. (1 page)
News of a son's illness. Discusses the merchant trade run by Robert and John Sanders. Speculates on the future of the war between England and France.
  1758 July 29 . Conrad Weiser ALS to Richard Peters; Reading. (1 page)
Acknowledges receipt of a letter delivered by Benjamin Davis. Intends to wait on General Forbes in the afternoon and plans to bring intelligence back to Reading.
  1759 May 8 . Jurors, Body of the County of Richmond DS; Richmond, New York. (2 pages)
Court of Oyer and Terminer document, listing justices for Richmond County, New York province, "to hear and determine" on cases of "diverse Felonies Trespasses and other Misdemeanors."Justices include John Chamber, Daniel Horsmanden (1694-1778), David Jones, William Walton, Hezekiah Wright, Joseph Ralph, and Jacob Reseau.Stating that Augustus Dubois, cordwainer, on the 13th of June 1758 beat and killed Thomas Trot in Little-Worth. Charges Dubois with "feloniously kill[ing] against the peace of our Said Sovereign Lord the King his Crown and Dignity."Signed by jury foreman, Joseph Rolph, "A True Bill."Witnessed and signed by Phillip Hooper, Mary and Joseph Sprag, and Thomas Churchword.On vellum.
  1759 December 7 . Rob[ert] Sanders ALS to John Sanders; Albany. (1 page)
Information on a false certificate Robert Sanders thought had been taken care of, and the news that a debtor who had promised to pay left before doing so.
  1760 March 3 . William Johnson ALS. ( 1 page)
Reprimand for selling provisions to the Indians at the expense of the Crown, and warning that Johnson will be investigating claims by the Indians that the recipient or his son had bought the only land they had left to occupy.
  1761 January 31 . Rob[ert] Sanders ALS to Frederick Orendorp; Albany. (1 page)
In Dutch.
  1762 June . Jurors, Body of the County of Albany DS; Albany County, [New York]. (2 pages)
Jurors' indictment stating that George Riffer, laborer from Livingston, New York, broke into Harmanus Bosh’s home on March 10th, 1762, and stole twenty pounds of New York currency.Signed by the jury foreman as "A True Bill."Witnessed and signed by Haramanus Bosh.On vellum.
  1762 September 10 . Rob[ert] Sanders ALS to John Sanders; Albany. (1 page)
Describes letters received, the death of a friend's mother, and the death of a cousin. Congratulations on the reduction of Havana.
  1763 May 6 . Jurors, Body of the County of Albany DS; Albany, [New York]. (2 pages)
Jurors' indictment stating that Mary Jones, "Late of the Manor of Ranslowick in this County of Albany" stole clothing, silver utensils, stone buckles, and "Spanish silver money" from William Shehan.Clothing items stolen include silk gowns, petticoats, silk coat, handkerchiefs, ruffles, woman’s hat. Costs of items stolen.Signed by the jury foreman as "A true Bill."Signed by four witnesses, including William and Nansy Shehan, the victims.On vellum.
  1763 June 25 . Jurors, Body of the County of Albany DS; Albany, [New York]. (2 pages)
Jurors' indictment stating that Peter Hanson, Albany merchant, on June 25th, 1763, "Maliciously Unlawfully and injuriously" broke the glass windows of John H. Ten Eyck, Abraham Doua, and Gysbort Gonda's residences.Signed by jury foreman, "A true Bill."Witnessed and signed by Abraham C. Cuyler, possibly Abraham Cornelius Cuyler (1742-1810).On vellum.
  [1763] . Jurors, Westchester County DS; Westchester County. (2 pages)
Jurors' indictment stating that John Smith of Mamaroneck on March 6, 1763, broke into Josiah Disborah’s house and stole a coat, waistcoat, and vest.Signed "A true Bill" by jury foreman, Jonathan Fowler.Witnessed and signed by Thomas Baysaux, Benjamin Stout, James Mills, Joseph Grigg, and Josiah Disborah.On vellum.
  1764 January 11 . Isaac Norris, Speaker of the House ALS to the Governor. (1 page)
Letter from the Assembly, informing the Governor that the House is considering a bill to pay off the province's debt to other colonies.
  1764 May 23 . Benning Wentworth DS to John Knight and John Newmarch; New Hampshire. (1 page)
Appointment of John Knight and John Newmarch by George the Third to the superior Court of Judicature as Special Justices, after allegations that some of the Court's justices were absent or incompetent.
  1764 June 9 . Samuel Welles ALS to Joshua Henshaw and other Selectmen of the Town of Boston; Boston. (3 pages)
Letter verifying that the bearer, Simon Callignon, was sick and required assistance from the selectmen and the Boston Treasury in order to care for himself.
  1765 March 22 . Rob[ert] Sanders ALS to John Sanders; Albany. (1 page)
Originally enclosed with a letter from Mr. [Jen Bos?] to Robert Sanders, and a lease which needed to be signed and sealed [not present]. Robert asks his brother to look over both and send his opinion and signature by Saturday.
  1765 April 27 . Clarke DS to Sheriff of Orange County; New York. (2 pages)
Orders for the Sheriff of Orange County to have yeomen Robert Land of Haverstraw, New York, and Jacob J. Eckerson and John V. Carikum of Paramus, New Jersey, appear in the New York Supreme Court. Mentions Attorney General John Tabor Kempe and Chief Justice Daniel Horsmanden (1694-1778).On reverse, Jacob Eckerson’s mark attests to his promise to appear at the court and the Sheriff acknowledges that he has summoned him.On vellum.
  1765 May 11 . Judge W[illia]m Smith ALS to John T. Kempe, Attorney General; New York. (2 pages)
Describing a land title dispute that arose after Smith sold his land to a Mr. Wickham, who in turn sold to David Moore and Samuel Wickham. The last two were being prosecuted by the Attorney General, who issued Writs of Intrusion, and concerned Smith.
  1766 February 15 . Hora[tio] Sharpe ALS to Philip Sharpe; Annapolis. (1 page)
Instructions from Horatio Sharpe to his brother Philip in London for paying debts on his behalf and asks about his family's health. Mentions Lord Baltimore and the marriage of Captain Eden to Lord Baltimore's sister.
  [1766 July] . Jurors, Body of the City and County of New York DS; New York [City, New York]. (2 pages)
"Indictment for a Riot breaking Lamps and beating the Watch."Jurors’ indictment stating that Andrew Hamilton, an ensign in a British foot regiment, Charles Smith, a cadolin in the same, and seventeen others gathered with "Guns Pistols Swords and Bayonets at the West Ward" to riot on July 11, 1766.Charged with destroying five "Public Lamps" which were erected "for the safeguard and Protection of the said City of New York and the Inhabitants thereof."Charged with assaulting public watchmen John Brower, Adam Vandle, Christopher Johnson, John Wilson, and John Pierce.Signed "A true Bill" by Andrew Barclay.Witnessed by the victims.On vellum.
  1766 August 2 . Clarke DS to John McKesson; [New York]. (1 page)
Ordering McKesson, Deputy Register of the Court of the Vice Admiralty for the Province of New York, to appear in New York City Hall on October 27th to testify on the trespassing case between Thomas White and John Brown.McKesson is to bring "a certain Libel or Information" filed in the Vice Admiralty court "against the ship or Vessel the New York and Thirty Casks of Wine and Twenty Boxes of Soap."To bring the claims of David Kennyon, Walter Franklin, Samuel Franklin, and Alexander Claxon for the ship, as well as all decrees and sentences of the Vice Admiralty court.Witnessed by Daniel Horsmanden (1694-1778), Chief Justice at New York.Includes "Kempe Attorney," likely referring to John Tabor Kempe.On vellum.
  1767 July 15 . Benj[amin] Tasker ALS; Annapolis. (3 pages)
Complaint that Mr. Bird's trustees refuse to pay the principal or interest on a debt of 3539 pounds, which Bird owed Tasker. Mentions a letter from the daughter of the Earl of Essex.
  1767 September 29 . Col. Theodore Athenson ALS to Go. Wentworth. (1 page)
Directing attention to instructions sent by Mr. King, originally for Governor Belcher.
  1768 February 24 . W[illia]m Pryon ALS to Joseph Montfort; North Carolina. (1 page)
Order to pay Martin Howard, Chief Justice of the Province, 26 pounds on May 06 for each of the Courts he attends at Hellsborough, Hallifax, and Edenton.
  1768 October . DS to Sheriff of City and County of New York; New York [City, New York]. (1 page)
Ordering the New York City sheriff to have twelve "free and lawfull Men of the City and County of New York" who have freehold rights to an "Estate of the Value of Sixty pounds" to appear in a New York City court.The men must not be in any way related to "Catherine Bransen otherwise called Catherine Ranson otherwise called Hannah Harding," recently convicted of grand larceny.Bransen "had Judgment accordingly to be burnt in the Hand in the Face of the Court."Mentions John Tabor Kempe, Attorney General.Witnessed by Chief Justice Daniel Horsmanden (1694-1778).On vellum.
  [1769 March 21?] . J[ohn] Worthington ALS to Major Day. (3 pages)
Land dispute pertaining to Moses King, whose property is within the limits of Somers and crosses north of the line of Connecticut.
  1770 June 8 . Sybrant G. Van Schaick ALS to Sir William Johnson; Albany. (1 page)
Alerting Johnson that Van Schaies had received information from the Governor Commissions for completing a regiment in Albany. Promises to send the names of the officers who refused to accept a commission.
  1772 October 12 . Horatio Sharpe ADS to John Sayer Blake; Queen Ann County. (2 pages)
Contract for the indenture of John Sayer Balke to Horatio Sharpe, signed and witnessed.
  1776 June 25 . Capt. George Benjamin ALS to Col. Tho[mas] Seymour; Stratford. (2 pages)
Order to pay enlistment money for a company to be raised by the bearer, Aaron Benjamin. On the back, a receipt for 580 pounds paid to Aaron Benjamin, signed and dated.
  1778 May 1 . James Hamilton ALS to Timothy Matlock; Northampton. (1 page)
Request for written permission to leave and return to Philadelphia, from the "Congress, the Commander in Chief of the Armies of the United States of America, or the Executive Council of this Commonwealth." Asks that his pass also grant permission for him to bring four servants, including two mulatto men and a "Negroo Woman."
  1788 January 6 . John Worthington ALS to Edw[ar]d Prime; Springfield. (1 page)
Sending cash received from John and Abner Sikes. Had not yet received anything from Captain Miller, who was in debt and slow in paying.
  1789 March 7 . W[illia]m Erwin ADS to John Stokes; Morgan District, North Carolina. (2 pages)
Certification of John Stokes as Judge at Morganton. Acknowledgement of receipt by John Stokes on the back.
  1790 May 1 . W[illia]m Falley, John Bird, and W[illia]m Robeson ADS to Justices of the Court of Quarter Sessions; Newcastle. (1 page)
Proposal for the construction of a road across the presenters' lands. Includes an illustration of the boundaries of their property, a river, and the proposed road.