William Knox papers  1757-1811
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  • American Loyalists
  • Astronomy
  • Auckland, William Eden, Baron, 1744-1814
  • Boston (Mass.)--History--Siege, 1775-1776
  • Canada--History--19th century
  • Carib Indians
  • Catholic Church--Ireland
  • Cherokee Indians
  • China--Commerce--Great Britain
  • Creek Indians--Georgia
  • Downshire, Wills Hill, Marquis of, 1718-1793
  • Embargo, 1807-1809
  • Fisheries--Newfoundland
  • Florida--History--18th century
  • Fort Ticonderoga (N.Y.)
  • France--Foreign relations--Great Britain
  • France--Politics and government--18th century
  • Georgia--History--18th century
  • Great Britain--Colonies--North America--Administration
  • Great Britain--Colonies--North America--Commerce
  • Great Britain--Commerce--China
  • Great Britain--Foreign relations--France
  • Great Britain--Foreign relations--Spain
  • Great Britain--Foreign relations--United States
  • Great Britain--Politics and government--18th century
  • Grenville, George, 1712-1770
  • Heaven
  • Indians of North America--Commerce
  • Indians of North America--Southern States
  • Ireland--Commerce
  • Ireland--Commerce--18th century
  • Ireland--History--18th century
  • Jamaica--History--18th century
  • Lexington, Battle of, 1775
  • Lyttelton, William Henry Lyttelton, 1st baron Westcote, 1st baron, 1724-1808
  • Marriage
  • New Brunswick--History--19th century
  • Newfoundland--History--18th century
  • Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778
  • Prince Edward Island--History--19th century
  • Rockingham, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquis of, 1730-1782
  • Russo-Turkish War, 1768-1774
  • Sackville, George Germain, Viscount, 1716-1785
  • Saint Vincent--History
  • Shelburne, William Petty, 1st Marquis of Lansdowne, 2nd earl of, 1737-1805
  • Slave-trade
  • South Carolina--History--18th century
  • Spain--Foreign relations--Great Britain
  • Stamp Act, 1765
  • Thurlow, Edward Thurlow, baron, 1731-1806
  • Townshend, Charles, 1725-1767
  • United States--Foreign relations--Great Britain
  • United States--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763
  • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
  • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Causes
  • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Participation, French
  • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Participation, Spanish
  • United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Peace
  • West Indies--History--Revolution, 1775-1783
  • Wilkes, John, 1727-1797
Related Materials

The Knox Papers bear an intimate relationship with numerous other manuscript collections in the holdings of the Clements Library, particularly the papers of William Henry Lyttelton, Charles Townshend, Lord Shelburne, George Germain, Thomas Gage, and Henry Clinton.

Knox, William. The claim of the colonies to an exemption from internal taxes imposed by authority of Parliament... (London, 1765). C2 1765 Kn

___________. A letter to a member of Parliament, wherein the power of the British legislature and the case of the colonists, are briefly and impartially considered (London, 1765). [often, but incorrectly attributed to Knox]

Devotion, Ebenezer. The examiner examined. A letter from a gentleman in Connecticut... in answer to a letter from a gentleman in London... intitled, the claim of the colonies... examined (New London, Conn., 1766). C2 1766 De

Bancroft, Edward. Remarks on the review of the controversy between Great Britain and her colonies (London, 1769, reprinted in New-London, 1771).

Knox, William. The present state of the nation..., 1st-4th eds. (London, 1768). C2 1768 Kn

___________. Three tracts respecting the conversion and instruction of the free Indians, and negroe slaves in the colonies (London, 1768). C2 1768 Kn.

___________. An appendix to the present state of the nation... (London, 1769). C2 1769 Kn

___________. The controversy between Great-Britain and her colonies reviewed... (London, 1769). C2 1769 Kn

Lee, Arthur. Obsverations on the review of the controversy between Great-Britain and her colonies (London, 1769).

___________. The interest of the merchants and manufacturers of Great Britain... (London, 1774). C2 1774 Kn

___________. The justice and policy of the late act of Parliament, for making more effectual provision for the government of the province of Quebec, asserted and proved... (London, 1774). C2 1774 Kn

___________. Helps to a right decision upon the merits of the late treaty of commerce with France (London, 1787). C2 1787 Kn

___________. Considerations on the present state of the nation... (London, 1789). C2 1789 Kn

___________. Extra official state papers. Addressed to the Right Hon. Lord Rawdon... (London, 1789). C2 1789 Kn

___________. Observations upon the liturgy. (London, 1789). C2 1789 Kn

___________. A letter from W.K. esq. to W. Wilberforce, esq. (London, 1790). C2 1790 Kn

___________. Considerations on the present state of the nation..., 3rd ed. (London, 1791). C2 1791 Kn


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An important Knox manuscript is published in "William Knox Asks What Is Fit to Be Done with America?" ed. Leland J. Bellot, Sources of American Independence; Selected Manuscripts from the Collections of the William L. Clements Library (Chicago, 1978).