Amos Bradbury papers 1848-1863
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Amos P. Bradbury (1827-1905), son of Dr. Samuel Bradbury and Miranda Page (later married to Curtis Stanhope) of Bangor, Maine, left his home in 1849 to seek his fortune in the gold fields of California. Soon after arriving in San Francisco, Bradbury decided not to pan for gold, but to pursue more stable lines of work, including keeping store and running a public house. He spent the years between 1853 and 1860 prospecting, but, after having little luck digging for gold, he worked as a captain running steamboats between Sacramento and San Francisco. His steamers included the Caroline , Pert , Fanny Ann , and the S.M. Whipple . On June 4, 1871, Bradbury married German born Catherine E. Moore (1840-?) in Stockton, California; they had one son named Samuel.

Bradbury and his wife left California in 1874 and moved to Old Town, Maine, where Bradbury still had family. He owned a number of retail businesses, including a dry goods store and a furniture and carpet business. Bradbury died in Old Town, Maine, in 1905.