Oliver Hazard Perry papers  1796-1969 (bulk 1812-1819)
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Horatio Nelson collection [series]
Volume   1  
Lord Nelson and the Battle of Copenhagen ,  April 4, 1801-July 30, 1801 (35 items)
Volume   2  
Letters of Horatio Lord Nelson to Captain S. Sutton, R. N. with Memorabilia of the Battle of Trafalgar ,  October 28, 1773;  October 22, 1801-September 25, 1805, and  undated (18 items)
Box   1  
  1781 October . [Horatio] Nelson AL to Mr. Fenwick; HMS Albemarle . (1 page)
Requests Fenwick to forward his letter to England. Would like to borrow his English newspaper.
  1784 June-1786 July . Horatio Nelson Ms. [West Indies]. (46 pages)
"An Account of the proceedings of Captain Nelson, of His Majesty's Ship Boreas, relative to the Illegal Trade carried on between the Americans & the British West India Islands &c." Inscribed by William Whitehead. Details Nelson's observance of unhindered American trade in Barbadoes in June 1784 in contradiction to the Navigation Act, and his subsequent actions to uphold it through July of 1786. Includes copies of letters, orders, and documents about American vessels trading in the area and naval operations to restrict them. Notes local resistance to his efforts of turning away American ships and legal actions taken against him. Includes figures such as Admiral Richard Hughes, Captain Collingwood, Lord Sydney, A. C. Adye, West Indian governors, and customs collectors.
  1783 November 4-1786 February 6 . Horatio Nelson, Daniel Letsome Peers DS. (6 pages)
"An Account of Provisions, Cask Iron Hoops, Bisquet, Bags, Oyl Jars &c Returned Lent or Condemned by Survey from His Majesty's Ship Boreas between the fourth day of November 1783 & 31 October 1785." Lists time, place, items and who received them, names of the vessels and their masters. Signed by Horatio Nelson, James Jameson, Daniel Letsome Peers, John Scotland, William Higgins. Includes Peers's deposition, as Purser, to the accuracy of the list, sworn Feburary 2, 1789, in Nevis.
  [17]88 June 2 . Horatio Nelson ALS to Prince William Henry; Cavendish Square, [London, England]. (4 pages)
Glad that Prince William is going on the cruise with the squadron, believing it will lead to William's fame. Pleased that the Prince's presence in the Channel will make his ship, the Andromeda, much better known. Seeks appointment for his wife in the household of the Princess Royal (Caroline Amelia Augusta, 1768-1821).
  1795 April 24 . Horatio Nelson ALS to William Suckling; HMS Agamemnon , at sea. (3 pages)
Currently safe from the French, but still at sea, believing it to be "more honorable but also as much safer than sculking in Port." His fleet would be difficult to capture, but is frustrated with the neglect of the new Admiralty Board. Need more convoys for merchants. Hopes for reinforcements from Lord Hood, and worries about possibility of the enemy's fleet arriving.
  1796 September 18 . Agostino Agnolo, et al. Copy to Horatio Nelson and James Logan; Capraia, [Italy]. (2 pages)
"Capitulation of the Fort and Island of Capraia." Lists nine conditions for the capitulation covering treatment of troops, religion, taxes, officers of the municipality, and rules regarding possession of the fortress, stores, and property. Original signed by Agostino Agnolo, Horatio Nelson, James Logan, Bros. Maggiore, Pasquale Sostope, and Gio Solivi.
  1796 September 18 . Agostino Agnolo Copy to [Horatio] Nelson and [James] Logan; [Capraia, Italy]. (1 page)
Sending for orders from Genoa in response to the demands placed before them.
  1796 September 18 . Horatio Nelson and James Logan Copy; Capraia, [Italy]. (1 page)
Offering one hour to begin treating with the British. Assures that if they had not agreed to treat the attack would have already commenced, and they would have surely lost.
  1796 September 18 . Horatio Nelson and James Logan Copy to the Governor of the Fortress and Island of Capraia; Capraia, [Italy]. (2 pages)
British terms for the capitulation of Capraia. Assuring civil and military officers will be given military honors. Members of civil department will retain their offices. Promises security of persons, property, and religion. No change in taxes. Agrees to create an inventory of items taken into custody. All French property to be given up.
  1796 September 28 . J[ames] Logan ALS to [John Thomas] De Burgh; Capraia, [Italy]. (2 pages)
Prisoners still at Capraia on account of the lack of a ship to transport them to Genoa. Requests a ship be sent with men and artillery.
  1797 January 25 . Horatio Nelson ALS to Mrs. Pollard; La Minerve . (3 pages)
Thanks for the items she sent. Upset that Mr. Pollard, a merchant, thought he had neglected his interests. Believes Leghorn will soon be at liberty. Having seen some nice wares, he would like them to purchase silk shawls, handkerchiefs, or "such other pretty things as a most elegant woman May like" for his wife.
  1798 October 26 . W[illiam] H[amilton] ALS to [Horatio] Nelson; Caserta, [Italy]. (5 pages)
Sends intelligence on French duplicity and their intentions to plunder Italy. Hopes news of Nelson's victory will deter the Portuguese from agreeing to an unfavorable peace treaty with France. Napoleon Bonaparte's army has been greatly reduced. Discusses military status and expectations of a forthcoming treaty between Great Britain and Sicily. Brief mention of the Princess Royal experiencing labor pains. Spain threatens retalitation if Sicily engages the French. French take a Neopolitan merchant vessel as a prize. Comments on General John Acton, Captain ThomasTroubridge, General Macks[?], Captain Thomas Thompson, and Captain Edward Berry.
  1798 October 27 . Horatio Nelson ALS to William Hamilton; Malta. (5 pages)
Upset with Sicilian officials' treatment of Maltese who wish to be under English rule. The Governor of Syracuse has failed to send orders or supplies. Details on the Maltese situation and the role the English have played in keeping it from falling to the French. Frustrated that the officer sent to Malta is feeble, and muses on what kind of man should have been sent. Discusses lifting quarantines on ships bringing corn to Sicily.
  1798 December 1 . [Horatio] Nelson AMsS; HMS Vanguard , at sea. (4 pages)
Account of the capture of Leghorn and the negotiations accompanying it. Notes his offense at not having his name affixed to the document summoning the town and the generals' eventual decision to include him. Details of the movements and actions of officers, government ministers, and the military action of the troops under Captain Thomas Troubridge. Misunderstanding with Mr. Windham regarding the terms of Leghorn's capitualtion and Nelson's belief that it could not be a neutral port. Convinces General Nasellia to prevent French privateers and ships from leaving the port.
  1799 June 4 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS; D to William Hamilton; Palermo, [Italy]. (4 pages)
Requesting payment for James Harryman, who aided Captain Thomas Troubridge in the Bay of Naples. Accompanied by two medallion portraits of Nelson. One portrait and the letter are pasted in a document that includes a short biography of Nelson with a pasted print of a coat of arms above it.
  1799 August 20 . Evan Nepean Copy to [Horatio] Nelson; Admiralty Office, [London, England]. (3 pages)
Notifying Nelson that he has become the senior officer in command of the Mediterranean fleet until Lord Keith's return. Includes instructions to maintain harmony with British allies, prevent supplies from reaching the French in Italy, reduce the town of Malta, protect Minorca, monitor and blockade the port of Cadiz, and protect trade. With Sidney Smith's success in Syria and the expectation of success in Egypt, directed to relocate his ships when available.
  1799 October 13 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to William Hamilton; Port Mahon, [Spain]. (4 pages)
Encountered the sloop of war Bull Dog and Edward Berry. News of the outward bound Mediterranean convoy, information on the enemy squadron, and the movements of John Duckworth. Anxious about Malta. Discusses the possibility of Sir James or the Russians helping his efforts in Malta.
  1800 January 23 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to [George John] Spencer; Leghorn, [Italy]. (3 pages)
Travelling to Palermo and Malta with Lord Keith. Notes the difficulties facing his ships since the Russians left. Expecting more soldiers by order of the King of Naples and by Sir James St. Clair. Trouble provisioning and paying those at Malta. Confirms the loyalty of Sicilians and comments on the King and Queen. Has fallen into debt.
  1800 January 26 . W[illiam] Sidney Smith LS to [Horatio] Nelson; HM Sloop Bull Dog , off el-Arish, [Egypt]. (8 pages)
Has shifted his attention from sea to land maneuvers. Details of his Captains, Lieutenants, and midshipmen and decisions about where they should serve. Experienced difficulties with ships and provisions, and is grateful for the transport Nelson sent to relieve them. Reassures Nelson of his commitment to his subordinate role. Asks for Captain Canes to be given command of the Tigre so Smith can move more freely in Egypt. Notes on the Turkish fleet. Comments on Captain Stiles's blockade of Alexandria and capture of an American ship. Suffering from a lack of small vessels to send communications. Notes on military honors and distinctions. Mentions the Tigre , Theseus , Valiant , Cameleon , Deux Freres , Dangerous , Alliance , a scampavia, Fortune , and Expedition .
  1800 March 31 . [Horatio] Nelson DfS to the Captain Pa[s]ha; Palermo, [Italy]. (2 pages)
Has forwarded the Pasha's letters to Lord Keith. Assures him that there is no cause for Turkish alarm even if the enemy's whole fleet were to enter the Mediterranean, but believes they will not come. Sorry about the treaty signed with France and believes it wrong to send troops against a former ally. Signed Bronte Nelson of the Nile.
  [1801] April 9 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to [Lady Hamilton]; St. George. (3 pages)
Writes of an armistice treaty and the praise accorded to him. Speaks of a child's illness, Captain Hammond's physical constituion, and Hammond's relationship to his family.
  1801 May 8 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to [John Joshua Proby] Earl Carysfort; Baltic Sea. (3 pages)
Has command of the fleet. Working to avoid battle with the Swedes. Intends to travel to the Gulf of Finland, without war ships, to compliment the new Emperor. Waiting to hear how Hyde Parker's letter is recived at Petersburgh. Hopeful for good news about their success in Egypt.
  1801 May 12 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS; St. George. (2 pages)
Russians brought copies of Lord Carysfort's letters about avoiding hostilities with them. Nelson serving in a pacific manner, to help merchant ships. Notes on the Russian navy and his hopes of joining the Kite soon.
  [1801] . [Horatio] Nelson Copy Signed. (1 page)
"A Copy of the 4th Article of the treaty between the Danish Government and Admiral Sir Hyde Parker." Allows Parker's fleet to provision itself at Copenhagaen and along Danish territories. Signed by Nelson.
  1803 May 30 . [Horatio] Nelson DS to Robert Barlow; HMS Amphion , off Cape Finisterre, [Spain]. (1 page)
Orders to not interrupt Spanish ships, vessels of war, or trade. Not to infringe on the neutrality of those "in Amity with Great Britain." Also signed by John Scott.
  1803 June 1 . [Richard Hussey] Bickerton DS; HMS Kent , at sea. (1 page)
"Distinguishing Pendants." Table with watercolor pendants to help identify British vessels.
  1803 July 1 . [Horatio] Nelson DS to Robert Barlow; HMS Amphion , off Monte Cristo, [Italy]. (2 pages)
Declaring the Republic of Genoa hostile to Great Britain, and thus ordering Barlow to "seize and detain all ships, vessels and property" belonging to it. To detain said ships in port similarly to those belonging to the Batavian Republic. Also signed by John Scott.
  1803 July 9 . [Horatio] Nelson DS to Robert Barlow; HMS Amphion , off Toulon, [France]. (3 pages)
Ordering the HMS Triumph to be dismasted and taken to Gibraltar to acquire a new bowspirit and provisions before rejoining Nelson's fleet. Must deliver letters to Captain Richards at La Victorieuse, along with public dispatches to be directed to the Admiralty. Accompany store or provision ships from Gibraltar when returning. To bring seaman Robert Marr to be sent to England to be discharged. Also signed by John Scott.
  1803 July 22 . [Horatio] Nelson DS to Robert Barlow; HMS Amphion , off Toulon, [France]. (2 pages)
List of signals to direct where to go to watch for enemy ships and return with information on them.
  1803 September 13 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to J[ohn] H[ookham] Frere; HMS Victory , off Toulon, [France]. (3 pages)
Sending a paper from the Vice Consul at Barcelona and Nelson's response to it. Would like the same rights of neutrality that are being provided to Britain's enemies. Contrasts treatment of French and English vessels. Asks to be notified directly and clearly if war is coming, so he will not be delayed waiting for information from England. Suggests about how to communicate such news to the fleet.
  1803 October 14 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to J[ohn] H[ookham] Frere; HMS Victory , off Toulon, [France]. (1 page)
Believes Spain will not go to war with Great Britain, as their mutual interests ought to ally them against France. Aware of external readers of his letters, Nelson writes of the British fleet being in good order, health, and humor.
  1803 October 16 . [Horatio Nelson] AL; HMS Victory , off Toulon, [France]. (8 pages)
Planning on the best methods to make the Dey of Algiers behave more respectfully towards the British after sending away John Falcon, British consul and representative, and taking Maltese prisoners. Realizes the delicacy of balancing a refusal to be insulted with avoiding a war, especially with one who also hates the French. Discusses Algerians' general disdain for the office John Falcon holds, and their mistreatment of him was therefore unlikely intended to be as insulting as it was. Comments on granting British passports to Sicilian vessels, their occasional misuse of them, and the purported capture of Maltese vessels. Notes the possibility of having to resort to violence and the best time to do so in regards to the Dey's ships. Describes steps to take in dealing with the Dey about insults and reparations.
  1803 November 25 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to J[ohn] H[ookham] Frere; HMS Victory , off Toulon, [France]. (3 pages)
Sending letters regarding Spain. Hopes to have the same access to Spanish ports as the French do. Feels himself disrespected by Spain's more favorable treatment of French vessels, and will start to retaliate against the French even if they strike from within Spanish territory. Believes the "order of 1771" is unjust and should be removed.
  1804 January 23 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to J[ohn] H[ookham] Frere; HMS Victory . (1 page)
The French fleet is either at sea or about to leave for Italy. Believes he will intercept them and trusts the British will be victorious.
  1804 January 23 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to J[ohn] H[ookham] Frere; HMS Victory . (2 pages)
The Spanish and Latin Bibles he requested are for gifts. Uncertain whether the intended recipient can read Spanish. Details on payment for the Bibles.
  1804 January 23 . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to J[ohn] H[ookham] Frere; HMS Victory . (3 pages)
Dissatisfied with the government at Roses, Spain, for refusing them sheep. Regardless, will anchor soon at Roses, which he promises will offend the French more than their staying at sea. Brief notes on correspondence.
  1804 March 8 . [Robert] Hobart Copy Signed to [Horatio] Nelson; Downing Street, [London. England]. (6 pages)
Approves of Nelson's "energy and spirit" in his actions regarding the Dey of Algiers and Captain Keats' execution of his orders. Agrees with Nelson's decision to wait to begin hostilities until he could strike against Algerian ships. Would like Nelson to try to negotiate with the Dey to avoid hostilities. Comments on Moorish women found in John Falcon's house being a provocation for the Dey's dismisal of Falcon. Nelson is to work with the Dey to get another Algerian consul appointed, if the Dey acknowledges the insult to the former consul and releases Maltese prisoners, ships, and cargoes. Sending a copy of the March 19, 1801, treaty with Algiers that discusses treatment of Maltese inhabitants. Signed by Horatio Nelson.
  1804 May 15 . [Horatio] Nelson DS to Richard Goodwin Keats; HMS Victory , Maddalena Islands. (2 pages)
Ordered to take his ship the HMS Superb to Malta to get an interpreter who can communicate with the Dey of Algiers. Must bring sloops of war from Malta to the Bay of Algiers to deal with the Dey. When completed, to send word to Alexander Ball at Malta. By command of the Vice Admiral John Scott.
  1804 August 27 . [Horatio] Nelson DS to Robert Barlow; HMS Victory , at sea. (6 pages)
Directed to take his ship the HMS Triumph to Gibraltar to repair its foremast and main mast and notify merchants at Cadiz and Malaga of an upcoming convoy. To cruise in the straits or stay at Cadiz to deter enemy ships from harrassing an incoming English convoy. Putting the Narcissus and Maidstone under Barlow's command, and orders him to ensure they do not undergo unnecessary repairs. Directons on leading the convoy and destroying enemy privateers. By command of Vice Admiral John Scott.
  1804 October 28 . [Horatio] Nelson LS to Commissioners for Victualling His Majesty's Navy; HMS Victory , at sea. (3 pages)
Notes on the investigation into losses sustained by J. B. Gibert, the English Pro Consul at Barcelona, while supplying Nelson's fleet with wine, onions, and lemons. Recommends paying.
  1804 November . [Horatio Nelson] AL to [Lady Hamilton]; HMS Victory . (4 pages)
Comments on Lady Hamilton acquiring a pension, and offers to supply her one from Bronte if her application is unsuccessful. Disapproves of the Queen's appointment of Roger Dumas as commander in chief. Believes the Queen May be upset that he took time to recuperate his health. Writes unfavorably of George Elliott, an officer. Notes on General Acton and his dispute with the Queen. Details of his estate in Bronte.
  1805 January 14 . [Horatio Nelson] ALS to Lady Hamilton; HMS Victory . (2 pages)
Believes the French are preparing for another expedition, and worries they will wait until he leaves. Being pressed to stay at Naples, noting political unrest there. Writes of himself in the third person and signs the letter "J.T."
  1805 January 29 . [Horatio] Nelson DS; HMS Victory , at sea. (2 pages)
Giving route and rendez-vous directions to captains of the ships searching for the French squadron. Signed by five British commanders upon receiving and opening the document, including Pulteney Malcolm, George Murray, and Christopher Strachey. Includes original wrappers with commanders' seals.
  1805 August 17 . Tho[ma]s Louis ALS to [Horatio] Nelson. (1 page)
Has been signalled to join the Prince of Wales, and wishes Nelson were here with them. Believes Nelson will return to duty again soon.
  Undated . Horatio Nelson DS. (2 pages)
List of financial charges made at Barbados and Nevis for legal matters regarding the Brig Jane & Elizabeth and the Schooner Brilliant , alias Louisa . Court costs and legal fees for the trial and condemnation of the vessels, including an American petition for the King to pay his expences. Nelson frustrated with the delay in the trials.
  Undated . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to [Thomas] Graves; [Reval]. (3 pages)
Inquires after Admiral Graves' reaction to Russian weather. Nelson and Hardy to visit the governor and would like to know if Graves could accompany them. Details on the Russian fleet. Good news from Egypt has been confirmed.
  Undated . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to [Thomas] Graves; [Reval]. (1 page)
The Russian Emperor wishes to be friends with Nelson, if the British are friendly towards him. Includes a note from Colin White, August 11, 2003, where he dates this letter to May 12/13, 1801.
  Undated . [Horatio Nelson] AN to [Thomas] Graves. (1 page)
News of the French Army's surrender in Egypt. Admiral Totty is off the coast of Bornholm.
  Undated . [Horatio] Nelson ALS to Lord Strangford. (3 pages)
Sending ships to take water at Lagos and hopes the Portuguese government offers some form of protection from enemies while the British are on neutral ground, unless they are allowed to retaliate. Believes the Portuguese governor should be held accountable for not doing so previously. Folder also includes a printed J. Cochran portrait engraving of Nelson.
  Undated . Horatio Nelson DS; Nevis, Leeward Islands. (1 page)
Advocate and proctor costs against the Schooner Brilliant alias Louisa , the Brig Jane & Elizabeth , and the Schooner Eagle . A. Clyde, Advocate & Proctor.
  Undated . [Horatio Nelson] AL. (2 pages)
Flirtatious letter, with the expectation of meeting soon. Refers to love and children, and contains allusions to sex.