Oliver Hazard Perry papers  1796-1969 (bulk 1812-1819)
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Box   : G. E. Densmore Collection  
William Jennings Bryan collection [series]
  1882 February 19 . Will[iam Jennings Bryan] ALS to Julian [Wadsworth]; Chicago, [Illinois]. (6 pages)
Written while studying law at Union Law College. Missed Julian and his girlfriend at the train station. Updates on friends (passim). Went to the mission school this afternoon and taught a class. Contest between Bryan's class and the senior class: "I am the orator from our class but am not very confident of victory. My subject is vigilance and is discussed more in its political bearing." Reminiscing about college life and girls.
  1896 July 27 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan TLS to W[illia]m Sulzer; Lincoln, Nebraska. (1 page)
Written while running as the Democratic candidate for U.S. President. Sending Sulzer a collection of speeches. "As we are trying to make the money question the main issue, It May be best not to include the tarrif speeches … I want it understood that the book shall make no mention of the fact that I have selected or approved of the selection of the speeches In other words I do not desire to be in any way connected with any collection of speeches at this time." On William J. Bryan personal stationery.
  1897 May 29 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan TLS to John M. O'Hanlon; Lincoln, Nebraska. (1 page)
Requests as little "formality and display" when the reception committee meets him at the depot. " … the less display there is about it the better I shall be pleased." Identifies typographical errors in his Cross of Gold quotation. On William J. Bryan personal stationery, with matching envelope.
  1898 August 4 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan TLS to Charles J. Faulkner; Lincoln, Nebraska. (1 page)
Clarifications regarding a newspaper printing of Bryan's Cross of Gold quotation. Fears that readers will misunderstand his statement as if he were quoting it from someone else. Pressed for time since the nomination. On William J. Bryan personal stationery.
  1900 July 19 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan TLS to O.S. Morden; Lincoln, Nebraska. (1 page)
Does not have a photo of himself when he first started school, having been taught at home until age 10. The schools he attended have fallen down or are otherwise gone. On William J. Bryan personal stationery.
  1907 April5 . Mary B[aird] Bryan ALS to Mr. and Mrs. Alford; [Lincoln, Nebraska]. (4 pages)
Condolences on the death of the Alfords' son. [Enclosed in William Jennings Bryan's letter of the same date]
  [1907] April 5 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan ALS to Mrs. Alford; Lincoln, Nebraska. (2 pages)
Condolences on the death of Alford's son. " … his high ideals drew us to him. We were speaking of him this morning and wondering what progress he was making with his lecture on Immortality-and now he has gone to test immortality. Sad that one so young and full of promise should be called away so suddenly." On The Commoner stationery.
  1915 April 1 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan TLS to William Harral; Washington, D.C. (1 page)
Responding to a request for blank pledges (pertaining to temperance). On official Department of State stationery and signed as Secretary of State. "I am glad to note that you are taking the matter up in your Sunday-school. The subject of total abstinence ought to [be] brought before all our sunday schools. A few years ago I presented a similar pledge to the Sunday school in the little country church which we attended in Nebraska, and out of 113 there were 109 who signed a pledge similar to the one which is being circulated by the National Abstainer's Union."
  1918 August 27 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan ANS to Dr. F.H. Green; s.l. (1 page)
"The spoken word has not been displaced by the press-it has been given a larger field. There will be audiences eager to hear as long as men have messages to deliver on great subjects."
  1921 April 16 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan ALS to [Crawford] A. Peffer; Miami, Florida. (2 pages)
Has received the revised schedule. General admission should not be over 50 cents, "I do not want to keep people away by making the admission too high." "At the Chautauqua you can put it at the highest price you charge for any lectures...I want us to make our money on the size of the audience & not leave the impression that I am charging an [exorbitant?] price." On William J. Bryan personal stationery.
  1925 March 6 . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan TLS to Mark Sullivan; Coconut Grove, Florida. (3 pages)
Regarding Sullivan's biography of Bryan. Thanks for dispelling rumors and for being kindly and fair. Clarifications about Bryan's life, political reflections, and thoughts on his convention speech. On William J. Bryan personal stationery.
  Undated . W[illiam] J[ennings] Bryan AQS; s.l. (2 pages (total))
Quotation from his "Cross of Gold" speech: "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold." With: Alva C. Townsend TDS respecting the use and provenance of the Cross of Gold AQS. On Townsend of Lincoln Studios stationery.