James Moncrieff papers  1710-1894 (bulk 1780-1804)
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  1872 August 7 . Hiram Powers and E[lizabeth] Powers ALS and ANS to William Bosson; Florence, Italy. (5 pages (total))
Quotation by Edward Joshua from "Nurses Philosophicae," that "memory is the mind." Believes memory is the storage center for the mind but does not agree that memory is constitutive of the mind. "How you looked personally, when I last saw you--is clean as a fresh picture in the outline--and so with your entire family." Is not optimistic that they will meet again while they are still alive. Powers' reports a decline in health and relays information on his life in Italy. Situated about 600 yards from the Roman Gate; has s garden with American trees, "Wellingtonia, the Red Wood, the Black Walnut, the [Pecan?] nut, the Butter nut, Hickory nut and many varieties of American apples." All of his children live nearby except for his youngest son (Edward Everett Powers), who studies engineering in Sheffield. One of his six children works in his studio and shows "much ability," while another is a photographer with property in Kansas. Powers has worked as a "successful American sculptor" in Italy after the past 35 years and will likely spend the rest of his days there. Gives William Bosson and his family an open invitation to the "old world," "It would pay--if you can spare the means--and it is an easy thing to journey now a days." Enclosing photographs and a list of captions for the photos by Elizabeth Powers [Photographs not present]. The note is a numbered list of 12 individuals, including Hiram and Elizabeth Powers, and their children and grandchildren. Does not have a picture of Edward Everett Powers (who works for Globe Steel Works) to send. Also included an image of a wedding party taken on the day of the wedding. A manuscript note by William Bosson (1806-1887) provides information about Hiram and Elizabeth Powers.