Robert W. McCleery papers  1862-1863
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McCleery, Robert W., d. 1863

Rank : Chief Engineer

Regiment : United States. Navy

Service : 1855 August 2-1863 September 15

A career Navy man, Robert W. McCleery was appointed 3rd Assistant Engineer in the on August 2, 1855, advancing to 2nd Assistant in 1858 and 1st Assistant in 1859. Continuing in the service during the Civil War, McCleery's climb through the ranks continued, when he was appointed Chief Engineer aboard the U.S.S. Wabash on August 11, 1862, and detailed to Port Royal Harbor, S.C., as part of the South Atlantic Blockading fleet. A vital post for maintaining the blockade and naval superiority of the Union, Port Royal was also an important port for refitting, repairing, supplying, and maintaining naval vessels. McCleery provided a vital, bureaucratic role in coordinating all of these activities. His death on September 15, 1863, was not listed as a war casualty.