The History of the Reign of George III  1820-1823
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George III, King of Great Britain, was born in 1738, the son of Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales, and Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. He ascended to the throne on October 25, 1760, following the death of King George II, his grandfather, although he was not formally crowned until September 22, 1761. He married Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818) on September 8, 1761. Domestically, the early years of his reign were difficult, as Great Britain cycled through multiple different administrations. By the early years of Lord North's ministry in the 1770s, political matters became more settled, while international affairs became increasingly heated, especially with the American colonies. By 1810, the King had become incapacitated by mental illness, and he remained secluded in Windsor Castle until his death on January 29, 1820.