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Summary Information
Title: William Sargeant manuscript, Collectanea: Voyages and Travels, vol. 54
Creator: Sargeant, William
Inclusive dates: Undated [c. 1800-1810?]
Extent: 407 pages (1 volume)
Volume 54 of William Sargeant's Collectanea consists of manuscript transcriptions of travel accounts and geographical and historical data about a number of foreign countries. These transcriptions are extracts of published materials from the 1780s and 1790s.
Language: The material is in English
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William Sargeant Manuscript, Collectanea: Voyages and Travels, vol. 54 , William L. Clements Library, The University of Michigan.


William Sargeant, whose biographical information is unknown, apparently transcribed and/or authored at least 56 volumes, apparently under the title Collectanea. They were likely written sometime around the turn of the 19th century. He had an interest in travel accounts and descriptions of foreign and local, physical and social geography.

Collection Scope and Content Note

William Sargeant's Collectanea: Voyages and Travels, vol. 54 is a paper-bound notebook of 400 pages with a 7-page index of locations and sources. The volume is a commonplace book of Sargeant's manuscript transcriptions of passages from a number of published travel accounts and historical and geographical works, dated from the 1780s to the 1790s. The original authors of Sargeant’s transcriptions include men of renown, such as George Vancouver, Jean François Galaup de la Pérouse, and Thomas Pennant (see Controlled Access Terms for a detailed list of locations represented and the names of the authors from whom he copied).

Approximately a third of the notebook is a copy of parts of the "Voyages of La Pérouse." Jean François de Galaup, Comte de la Pérouse (1741-1788) led expeditions of scientists and geographers to locate the Northwest Passage from the Pacific. These three expeditions were described in the four volumes in French of "Voyages...", which was translated into English and published in 1788.

The volume does not include any indication of why Sargeant transcribed some passages versus others, or why he wrote them in this particular order. The passages discuss a variety of topics: vegetation, geological features, natural resources, climate, sea travel, and overland travel. He also transcribed material on the inhabitants' physical features, clothing, culture, agriculture, industry, and home construction.

A few of Sargeant’s transcriptions describe North America and North American people. Among them are details about the people of Port Mulgrave and "Port des Francais," Alaska (from Dixon and La Pérouse, respectively) and Monterey Bay, California (also from La Pérouse).

Subject Terms

    • Bay de Castries--Description and travel.
    • Calcutta (India)--Description and travel.
    • Ceylon--Description and travel.
    • China--Description and travel.
    • Concepcion Bay (Biobio, Chile)--Description and travel.
    • Easter Island--Description and travel.
    • Education--France.
    • French Polynesia--Description and travel.
    • Herculaneum (Extinct city)
    • Hungary--Description and travel.
    • India--Description and travel.
    • Jammu and Kashmir (India)--Description and travel.
    • Japan--Description and travel.
    • Kythera Island (Greece)--Description and travel.
    • Lituya Bay (Alaska)--Description and travel.
    • Maui (Hawaii)--Description and travel.
    • Melbourne (England)--Description and travel.
    • Monterey Bay (Calif.)--Description and travel.
    • New South Wales--Description and travel.
    • Port Mulgrave (Alaska)--Description and travel.
    • Portugal.
    • Russia--Description and travel.
    • Sakhalin, Gulf of (Russia)--Description and travel.
    • San Marino (Calif.)
    • Sweden--Description and travel.
    • Taranto (Italy)
    • Vienna--Description and travel.
    • Collins, David.
    • Cruttwell, Clement, 1743-1808.
    • Dixon, George.
    • Gudin de la Brenellerie, Paul Philippe.
    • Hutchinson, William.
    • La Pérouse, Jean François Galaup de, 1741-c. 1788.
    • McLean, Hector .
    • Mitford, William.
    • Murphy, James Cavanah, 1760-1814.
    • Nichols, John, 1745-1826.
    • Pennant, Thomas, 1726-1798.
    • Plescheef, Sergey.
    • Seward, William, 1747-1799.
    • Staunton, Sir George Leonard, 1737-1801.
    • Stolberg, Friedrich Leopold Graf zu, 1750-1819.
    • Southey, Robert, 1774-1843.
    • Thunberg, Carl Peter, 1743-1828.
    • Townson, Robert.
    • Vancouver, George, 1757-1798.
    Contents List
    Container / Location Title
    Volume   1  
    William Sargeant manuscript, Collectanea: Voyages and Travels, vol. 54 [series]
    Pages   1-2  
    Ceylon [in the Indian Ocean]
    Pages   3-29  
    Bay de Castries on the East Coast of Tartary
    Pages   30-40  
    Cape Crillon, Sakhalin
    Pages   41-43  
    Port Mulgrave, Alaska
    Pages   44-52  
    "Easter Island and Mowee" [Maui]
    Pages   53-61  
    Sandwich Islands [Hawaii]
    Pages   62-66  
    Oparo [Rapa], French Polynesia
    Pages   67-99  
    Port des Francais, Alaska
    Pages   100-124  
    Bay de Langle, Isle of Tchoka, Sakhalin
    Pages   125-130  
    Bay d'Estaing, Isle of Tchoka, Sakhalin
    Pages   131-137  
    "Cashmere" [Kashmir, India]
    Pages   138-147  
    "Overland Route to India"
    Pages   148-161  
    Concepcion and Concepcion Bay, Chile
    Pages   162-163  
    Ceylon [in the Indian Ocean]
    Pages   164-171  
    Melbourne, Leicestershire, England
    Pages   172-178  
    Pages   179-194  
    Pages   195-197  
    "Cerigo"/"Cythera" [Kythira, Greece]
    Pages   198-203  
    Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Italia
    Pages   203-204  
    Pompeii, Italy
    Pages   205-220  
    "Republic of St. Marino" [San Marino, Italy]
    Pages   220-221  
    "Cardinal Alberoni"
    Pages   221  
    "Imperial Gardens at Schoenbrun" [Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria]
    Pages   222-224  
    Vienna, Austria
    Page   225  
    Taranto, Italy
    Pages   226-231  
    Pages   232-234  
    "Xenophon's Retirement at Scillus"
    Pages   235-236  
    "Anecdote of Petrarca & a Blind man"
    Pages   237-242  
    "Persecution of the Jews in Portugal"
    Pages   243-258  
    "Account of the City of Hieres & the Circumjacent Country" [Hyeres, France]
    Pages   259-263  
    "Chinese Dwarf Vegetation"
    Page   264  
    "Threshing of Corn"
    Page   265  
    "Chinese Misionary"
    Pages   266-269  
    "Of the State of the Arts and Sciences Among the Japanese"
    Pages   270-272  
    "Dimensions of China"
    Page   273  
    Page   274  
    "Swallows" [regarding the birds, in Sweden]
    Pages   275-295  
    New South Wales [Sydney, Australia and Norfolk Island]
    Pages   296-315  
    Batavia [Jakarta, Indonesia]
    Pages   316-322  
    Monterey Bay
    Pages   323-327  
    Bermuda Islands
    Pages   328-330  
    "The Baths of Caldas da Rainha," Portugal
    Pages   331-334  
    "St. Domingo" [Port au Prince, Saint Domingue]
    Pages   335-338  
    Monterey Bay
    Pages   339-344  
    "Lazaroni of Naples"
    Pages   345-351  
    "Wurtemburg" [Württemberg, Germany]
    Page   352  
    Whitehaven, Cumberland
    Page   352  
    Canary Isles
    Pages   353-354  
    "State of France at the commencement of the Revolution"
    Pages   355-378  
    "Account of the present System of Public Instruction and of the National Scientific Establishment in the French Republic"
    Pages   379-381  
    "Present State of Portugese Literature"
    Pages   382-386  
    "State of Literature in Italy"
    Pages   387-388  
    "The Seven Pagodas of Sadras," [India]
    Pages   389-391  
    Calcutta, India
    Pages   392-394  
    "Napaul" [Nepal]
    Pages   395-397  
    "The Bound Hedge Fortification of Hindoostan
    Pages   398-400  
    "Mysore Country," [India]
    Pages   [401-405]  
    Index of Subjects
    Pages   [406-407]  
    Index of Sources
    Additional Descriptive Data
    Related Materials

    Sargeant, William Collectanea : voyages and travels, North America v. 56 (manuscript at the State Library of Pennsylvania, call number 091 Sa73)