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Finding Aid for Yacht Vergana Photograph Album -- 1902-1908 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 190 photographs in 1 volume
Abstract: The Yacht Vergana photograph album contains approximately 190 photographs related to the lifestyle and friends of a New York-based yacht owner.
William Yardley mathematics and surveying exercise book -- 1812 Creator: Yardley, William, 1791-1861
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The William Yardley Mathematics and Surveying Exercise Book contains solved geometric, trigonometric, and surveying exercises, including practical problems and illustrated examples that feature drawings of buildings, animals, and landscape elements.
York (Ship) log -- 1825-1828 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The York ship log contains daily entries chronicling the packet boat's journeys between the United States and Great Britain between 1825 and 1828.
Charlotte York letters -- 1845-1852 Creator: York, Stiles P.
Extent: 24 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 23 letters that Charlotte York wrote to her fiancé and husband, Stiles P. York, in the mid-19th century. She discussed her life in Tarrytown, New York, while her husband was in New York City.
Young Ladies Union Society of Danbury (Conn.) record book -- 1826-1842 Creator: Young Ladies Union Society of Danbury (Conn.)
Extent: 135 pages
Abstract: This volume includes the records of the Young Ladies Union Society from 1826-1842, a benevolent society primarily comprised of unmarried women who sewed items to raise money.
George H. B. Young letters -- 1864 Creator: Young family
Extent: 7 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 7 letters that Private George H. B. Young wrote to his family while serving with the 26th Ohio Independent Light Artillery Battery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, between April 24, 1864, and September 16, 1864.
Harold Young letters -- 1942-1943 Creator: McIntyre, Faye
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: This collection contains 6 letters that Private Harold Young wrote to Faye McIntyre, a friend, while serving with the United States Army during World War II. He first worked as a Quartermaster Corps driver based at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, and then transferred to Camp Butner, North Carolina, where he trained with the Signal Corps. Young discussed his opinions on the army, his changing military ambitions, and his desire to return to Oregon after the war.
Henry Young collection -- 1950s-1970s Creator: Young, Henry, 1908-1995
Extent: 7.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of Henry James Young's research on American loyalists' military service during the Revolutionary War. The bulk of the collection consists of index cards listing primary resources on the service of individual soldiers.
Joseph LaVille Young collection -- 1858-1947 (bulk 1898-1946) Creator: Young family
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, documents, photographs, printed items, and genealogical papers related to Joseph LaVille Young, who served in the Virginia Militia, United States Army, and United States Navy from the 1890s to the end of World War I. Most of the materials pertain to Young's military career, particularly during the Spanish-American War and World War I.
Mary and Frank Young papers -- 1899-1918 (bulk 1899-1907) Creator: Young, Mary Davis Stephens, 1868- and Young, Frank Dwight, 1866-
Extent: 50 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 48 personal letters addressed to Frank Dwight Young and his wife, Mary Davis Stephens, of Greenwood, New York, as well as 2 printed wedding invitations. The couple received letters from female family members and acquaintances throughout the state of New York and from as far away as Pontiac, Michigan, and Topeka, Kansas. Correspondents discussed a variety of topics, such as the death of the Youngs' first son and the lives of women in the early 20th century, including an unmarried female teacher's experiences in Hartford, Connecticut, and New York City.
Mary Young papers -- 1864-1905 (bulk 1895-1901) Creator: Young, Mary Clap Blake, 1831-1901
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains letters that Mary C. Young of Cambridge and Waltham, Massachusetts, received from her brother and sister-in-law, Gorham and Mary Blake, who lived in Georgia and in Oakland, California. Gorham Blake wrote of his mining interests in California and Georgia, and later described his life in Oakland. After his death, his widow frequently corresponded with Young, about her late husband's life and her own health. The collection also includes 6 portraits of Blake family members.
Samuel Young journal -- 1846 Creator: Young, Samuel L.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Samuel L. Young of Reading, Pennsylvania, kept this 108-page journal "during a tour through the United States" between June 1, 1846, and October 12, 1846. He traveled by railroad, steamship, and stagecoach, and recorded his impressions of major cities, local scenery, and fellow travelers. Young ventured as far west as St. Louis, Missouri; as far north as Niagara Falls, Canada; and as far south as Lexington, Kentucky.
William Young journal -- 1795-1796 Creator: Young, William, 1751-1847
Extent: 50 pages
Abstract: The William Young journal reflects Young's service aboard HM Transports Zephyr, Lancaster, and Cornwall, and naval operations of the larger British convoy travelling from Great Britain to the Caribbean.
William Young papers -- 1765-1900 Creator: McAllister, W. Y. (William Young), 1812-1896
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: The William Young papers center on the lives of William Young and his son-in-law John McAllister, Jr. The strengths of the collection are its documentation of William Young's careers as printer, publisher, bookseller and paper maker; the Associate Presbyterian Church; John McAllister's antiquarian interests; and the personal lives of the Young and McAllister families.
Youths Literary Society minutes -- 1867-1889 Creator: Youths Literary Society
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume holds 15 sets of minutes taken at meetings of the Youths Literary Society, along with manuscript and newspaper copies of recipes and household cleaning tips.