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Wabash (Ind.) family photograph albums -- [19th century] Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: The Wabash (Ind.) family photograph albums contain tintype and carte-de-visite studio portraits of men, women, and children in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in the 19th century.
Edward Hitchcock Wade papers -- 1862-1864 Creator: Wade, Ellen N.
Extent: 20 items
Abstract: The Edward Hitchcock Wade papers are made up of letters from Mr. Wade to his sister, Ellen N. Wade (also given as Nancy Ellen Wade) in Northampton, Mass., during his Civil War service in the 14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment.
Levi Wade collection -- 1866-1902 Creator: Wade, Levi Clifford, 1843-1891
Extent: 3 volumes
Abstract: This collection consists of a diary (108 pages), a school notebook (111 pages), and a scrapbook (approximately 15 pages) related to Levi C. Wade, a Massachusetts lawyer and director of the Mexican Central Railway Company in the late-19th century. The diary is an account of Wade's visit to Mexico City in the late months of 1879 to win governmental support for his proposed railway, and a record of his observations on contemporary Mexican politics. The school notebook contains Wade's lecture notes from the Newton Theological Institute and from his law studies. The scrapbook holds material related to Wade's death and to his sons, among other subjects.
Wadsworth family papers -- 1833-1853 Creator: Wadsworth family
Extent: 15 items
Abstract: The letters in this collection are from Alice Colden Wadsworth to her son and his family, who were early settlers to Michigan.
Wait-Packard family letters -- 1851-1895 (bulk 1868-1883) Creator: Wait, Stephen Edwin, 1834-1919
Extent: 41 items
Abstract: This collection consists of letters that Stephen Edwin Wait of Traverse City, Michigan, exchanged with his second wife, Ellen Packard of Racine, Wisconsin, before and in the early years of their marriage, as well as additional letters to Wait and Packard from family members. The correspondence pertains to the couple's relationship; their views on the afterlife, marriage, and other subjects; Packard family news from Racine, Wisconsin; and life at the Michigan State Normal School in 1895.
Josephine Wakely papers -- 1862-1868 Creator: Wakely, Josephine, b. ca. 1845
Extent: 22 items
Abstract: The Josephine Wakely papers contain correspondence from several Civil War soldiers from Whiteford, Michigan, primarily describing battles, attitudes, and duties.
George B. Walbridge papers -- 1851-1852 Creator: Walbridge, George B.
Extent: 18 items
Abstract: The George B. Walbridge papers consist of the correspondence of an entrepreneurial businessman in the areas of groceries and shipping around Buffalo, NY.
Walker family papers -- 1832-1910 (bulk 1838-1880) Creator: Walker family
Extent: 2.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Walker family papers (1,962 items) contain the 19th-century letters and documents of the Walker family of Vermont, Illinois, and Minnesota. The bulk of the papers relate to Houghton Walker's mercantile businesses in Illinois. Other topics covered include the Civil War, the Mexican War, migration and settlement in Illinois and Wisconsin, Indian affairs, and religion.
Harriet E. Walker collection -- 1841-1854 Creator: Walker, Harriet E., 1827-1860
Extent: 30 items
Abstract: This collection contains letters that Harriet E. Walker received from family members and friends, as well as letters addressed to her mother, who lived in Palmyra, New York. Several of Walker's female correspondents wrote about their daily lives in New York, and her brother James commented on gender relations. Walker also wrote to her mother about her studies at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
Henrietta Walker autograph album -- 1900-1902, 1945, 1964 Creator: Walker, Henrietta, d. 1982
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: The Henrietta Walker autograph album contains 48 autographed cards signed by presidents, politicians, and other famous people in the early 20th century. The collection also includes a Christmas card sent to Walker by Colonel F. W. Marshall, and a letter to Walker from Barry Goldwater.
Lewis Walker letter books -- 1813-1880 (bulk 1813-1815) Creator: Walker, Lewis, ca. 1770-1840
Extent: 2 volumes and 3 loose items
Abstract: Lewis Walker letter books contain copies of letters written by a citizen of Catoctin Furnace, Maryland, who described the local effects of the War of 1812, as well as the dress and manners of visitors to the town.
Richard F. Walker letters -- 1877-1881 Creator: Denham, Edward
Extent: 21 items
Abstract: The Richard F. Walker letters consist of a series of letters written by Walker, Virginia's Superintendant of Public Printing, a member of the Virginia Historical Society, and printer for the Richmond Whig, to Edward Denham in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Walker discussed life and politics in Reconstruction-era Richmond.
Caleb A. Wall collection -- 1835-1850 Creator: Wall, Caleb A. (Caleb Arnold), 1820-1898
Extent: 8 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of personal letters addressed to Caleb A. Wall of Worcester, Massachusetts. Several items pertain to his time at the Friends' school in Providence, Rhode Island, including correspondence from former schoolmates such as Joseph W. Aldrich.
Golden Wallis collection -- 1943-1946 Creator: Wallis, Goldie (Golden J.), 1914-1999 and Wallis, Roberta Parrish, 1909-1993
Extent: 18 items
Abstract: This collection consists of 18 items related to Golden J. Wallis of the United States Navy and his wife Roberta, natives of Memphis, Tennessee. Wallis wrote 10 love letters and 1 telegram to his wife while serving onboard the USS Missouri in 1944 and 1945, and they received 4 additional letters and telegrams from friends and family. Other items are an invitation, a church program, and an unidentified wedding photograph.
Howard A. Walsh papers -- 1919-1982 (bulk 1927-1966) Creator: Walsh, Howard A., b. 1901
Extent: 0.75 linear feet
Abstract: The Howard A. Walsh papers contain diaries, technical papers, and other material related to the life and work of Walsh throughout the first half of the 20th century.
Mary Walter Redmond autograph book -- 1910-1912 Creator: Redmond, Mary Walter
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains signatures, poems, well-wishes, and cartoons that Mary Walter Redmond collected between 1910 and 1912. Many contributors were involved in the New York publishing industry.
Frank H. Walworth collection -- 1873-1874 Creator: Weed, Thurlow, 1797-1882
Extent: 4 items
Abstract: This collection contains 4 letters that New York politician Thurlow Weed received about Frank H. Walworth, who was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his father, Mansfield Tracy Walworth, in June 1873. The writers appealed to Weed to speak to Governor John A. Dix on Walworth's behalf and raised the possibility of an executive pardon.
War of 1812 collection -- 1806-1860 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 2.5 linear feet
Abstract: The War of 1812 collection is a miscellaneous collection of approximately 300 single items relating to the War of 1812. The papers cover many aspect of the war on both the American and British sides, including naval and military operations, regimental matters, trade issues, and state and national politics relating to the war.
James Noble Ward journal -- 1843-1844 Creator: Ward, James Noble, 1823-1858
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The James Noble Ward journal concerns Ward's experiences as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1843 and 1844. He described his return to New York following a furlough to his Georgia home and discussed his coursework, drill, and other daily experiences at the academy.
Zael Ward notebook -- 1833-1843 Creator: Ward, Zael, 1791-1864
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Zael Ward notebook contains notes on civil cases that Ward heard as justice of the peace in Harmony, New York; financial accounts; and records of marriages he performed in Harmony, New York, and Cottrellville, Michigan.
Warder-Haines papers -- 1789-1854 (bulk 1822-1854) Creator: Warder, Elizabeth Haines
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Warder-Haines papers (178 items) contain letters collected by Elizabeth Haines Warder, a Quaker from southeastern Pennsylvania, concerning her extended family and friends, primarily between the 1820s and 1850s. Much of the collection consists of letters between the women of the families concerning sickness, death, childbirth, and personal matters, as well as the anti-slavery movement, science and medicine, and Quakerism in Germantown, Philadelphia, and Cincinnati.
Michael Warner papers -- 1805-1950 Creator: Warner, Michael, Jr. and Warner, Michael III, 1829-1864
Extent: 84 items
Abstract: The Warner papers consist of letters relating to the Warner family including Michael Warner III's Civil War service.
Warner, New Hampshire, Congregational conversion narratives -- 1817-1823 Creator: Warner Congregational Church (Warner, N.H.)
Extent: 26 items
Abstract: The collection includes 26 conversion narratives of members of the Congregational Church in Warner, New Hampshire.
William Warre notebook -- 1803-1804 Creator: Warre, William, Sir, 1784-1853
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Sir William Warre composed this 70-page volume, which contains military orders, notes on trigonometry, and a translated history of the Battle of Rossbach, while serving with the British Army's 52nd Regiment of Foot in the early 19th century. The military material provides details about the daily life of the regiment, particularly its activities while stationed in winter quarters in southeast England between 1803 and 1804.
Moses Warren, Jr., letters -- 1796-1797 Creator: Warren, Moses, Jr., 1762-1835
Extent: 12 items
Abstract: The Moses Warren, Jr., letters document Warren's travels through New York and the Western Reserve with the Connecticut Land Company.
Peter Warren papers -- 1738-1764 (bulk 1744-1751) Creator: Warren, Peter, Sir, 1703-1752
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Peter Warren papers are the letters, documents, and financial papers of Admiral Peter Warren, the British naval officer who led the siege of the French fortress at Louisbourg in 1745. The collection primarily contains material related to the Louisburg expedition in 1745 and the British occupation of the outpost. The Peter Warren papers were originally part of the Thomas Gage papers.
Charles and Mariana Washburn correspondence -- 1837-1855 (bulk 1847-1855) Creator: Washburn, Charles, 1816-1865 and Washburn, Mariana Reed, 1821-1883
Extent: 76 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence between Charles Ellery Washburn and his wife, Mariana Reed Washburn, as well as a small number of letters that they received from acquaintances and family members. Mariana Washburn provided news of their daughter Lucy, and Charles occasionally referred to his medical career.
Emory and Marianne Washburn collection -- 1830-1875 (bulk 1830-1851) Creator: Washburn family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is primarily made up of letters between members of the Washburn family of Worcester, Connecticut, including Massachusetts governor Emory Washburn, his wife Marianne, and their children Emory, Charles, and Marianne. Emory Washburn also wrote letters to various individuals during his time as a professor at Harvard Law School.
Washington & Jefferson College Student album -- 1862-1865 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Washington & Jefferson College Student album contains carte-de-visite portraits of Jefferson College students and various other individuals, many of whom are identified. Several of the college students belonged to the fraternity Delta Tau Delta. Many photographs originated in Washington, Pennsylvania; Canonsburg, Pennsylvania; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Washington County (R.I.) Jail ledger -- 1824-1856 Creator: Sherman, J. S.; Lillibridge, Edward; Taylor, John N.; and Caswell, William G.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Washington County (R.I.) Jail ledger contains records concerning persons incarcerated in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, from 1824-1856. Included are the prisoners names, reasons for their imprisonment, and dates of their release.
Booker T. Washington collection -- 1897-1915 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 11 items
Abstract: This collection is comprised of 11 letters that Booker T. Washington wrote between 1897 and 1915. Five letters are addressed to William Hayes Ward, editor of the Independent, about William Hannibal Thomas's The American Negro. The remaining items pertain to his duties as principal of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute.
George Washington collection -- 1758-1799 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The George Washington collection contains miscellaneous letters and documents written and received by George Washington, first President of the United States, relating to personal, political, and military matters. Most of the items in the collection date from the period during and after the Revolutionary War.
Richard Washington notes, Written in Daniel Fenning's A New System of Geography -- 1771-1790 Creator: Washington, Richard and Fenning, Daniel
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: This copy of Daniel Fenning's A New System of Geography (2 volumes, London: 1771) contains additional tipped-in maps, as well as manuscript notes by Richard Washington, who owned the books in the late 18th century.
Washingtoniana collection -- 1602-1932 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Washingtoniana collection (approximately 160 items) contains letters and documents concerning George Washington and his extended family, as well as items that discuss Washington and his legacy.
Washtenaw County (Mich.) account book and court records -- 1839-1858 Creator: Gould, A. M.; Miles, George, -1850; and Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume is a record of costs associated with mortgage foreclosure cases filed in Michigan's Second District Court in the early 19th century, personal financial records of Michigan Supreme Court justice George Miles, and notes on mortgage foreclosures and similar legal cases filed primarily in Washtenaw County, Michigan, between 1847 and 1858.
Waterford (N.Y.) Overseer of the Poor account book -- 1922-1931 (bulk 1929-1931) Creator: Waterford (N.Y.). Overseer of the Poor
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This account book (approximately 120 pages) documents payments made by the overseer of the poor in Waterford, New York, to destitute men and women between January 1922 and December 1931. Most disbursements consisted of groceries and coal, though some individuals received medical assistance or shoes. Each of 569 unique entries contains the recipient's name, age, gender, country of birth, and cause of poverty, along with the amount and type of relief provided.
Robert Waterston and Robert C. Waterston diaries -- 1832-1833, 1861 Creator: Waterston, Robert, 1778-1869 and Waterston, R. C. (Robert Cassie), 1812-1893
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: This collection is made up of one diary of Robert Waterston of Boston, Massachusetts, and a diary of his son, Unitarian minister Robert Cassie Waterston. Robert C. Waterston kept his diary from May 1, 1832, to March 27, 1833. He wrote about attendance at meetings for The Association for Religious Improvement, religion, literature, life, philosophy, travel in New England (with a corresponding mileage log and related expenses), and weather observations. The elder Robert Waterson kept his diary between February 10 and April 7, 1861. He reflected on national politics, the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, secession, and the Civil War. He also noted weather observations and provided frequent religious mediations.
Watkins and Livingston family scrapbook -- 1773-1882 (bulk 1773-1839) Creator: Rylance, Lucretia Elizabeth Hamersley
Extent: 94 items (1 volume)
Abstract: The Watkins and Livingston family scrapbook contains letters between members of the Watkins, Livingston, and Jay families; genealogical data recorded by Lucretia Elizabeth Hamersley Rylance; and miscellaneous drawings and newspaper clippings related to the families.
Charles S. Watkins letterbook -- 1853-1854 Creator: Watkins, Charles S.
Extent: 50 pages
Abstract: Charles Watkins' letterbook contains copies of letters written by Watkins while searching for gold in California in 1854.
Orville E. Watson letters -- 1878-1885 (bulk 1878-1882) Creator: Watson, Eliza J.
Extent: 24 items
Abstract: This collection contains 22 letters that Orville E. Watson wrote to his mother while attending Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, between 1878 and 1882, as well as 2 letters he wrote after graduating. He discussed his coursework and his social life, which included membership in a fraternity.
Watt family record book -- 1863-1885 Creator: Watt family
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The volume contains diary entries and copied letters, obituaries, and recipes relating to the Watt family and the military service of several of its members.
Aulder Watt correspondence -- 1917 Creator: Watt, Aulder, 1895-1971
Extent: 13 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 12 letters that Private Aulder M. Watt received and 1 letter that he wrote while serving with Company H of the 10th Regiment, Illinois National Guard, at Camp Lincoln, Illinois, in 1917. Olive Stone, his fiancée, wrote 11 of the letters from her home in Clinton, Illinois, about their separation, and an aunt composed 1 letter concerning family news. Watt's letter to Olive pertains to his wages and recent labor strikes.
Anthony Wayne family papers -- 1681-1913 Creator: Wayne family
Extent: 7 linear feet
Abstract: The Anthony Wayne family papers contain correspondence, diaries, documents, and accounts relating to several generations of the Wayne family of Pennsylvania. Of particular note is material concerning Anthony Wayne's service in the American Revolution and the Northwest Indian War, and William Wayne's service with the 97th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment in the Civil War.
Hiland H. Weaver papers -- 1861, 1864-1865 Creator: Weaver, Hattie
Extent: 11 items
Abstract: The Hiland H. Weaver papers contain 11 letters written by an officer of the 3rd Iowa Independent Light Battery during his service in the western theater of the Civil War.
Webb family letters -- 1891 Creator: Webb family
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection contains 3 letters (32 pages) that Thomson W. Webb ("Tommie") wrote to her sisters and aunt while visiting family members in Clarksdale, Mississippi, in March 1891. She reported extensively on her social outings, which included dances, parties, and interactions with local men.
Frederick L. Webb carte-de-visite album -- 1862 Creator: Webb, Frederick L.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Frederick L. Webb carte-de-visite album contains portraits of 12 non-commissioned officers who served in the 10th New York Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War.
Nathan B. Webb journals -- 1862-1864 Creator: Webb, Nathan B., 1842-1891
Extent: 1,165 pages (5 volumes)
Abstract: The diaries of Nathan Webb include vivid descriptions of life in one of the most active Union cavalry regiments, the 1st Maine, during the Civil War. Webb's thoughtfulness, candor, and his insight into the minds of soldiers and civilians make his diary a rich resource for the study of the social and military history of the Civil War.
Francis H. Webster letters -- 1863 Creator: Webster family
Extent: 2 items
Abstract: This collection contains two letters Francis H. Webster wrote to his siblings while serving with the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Regiment in 1863. Webster described several aspects of camp life and provided his opinions about the conduct of the war.
Martin S. Webster journals -- 1856, 1863-1865, 1870-1896 (bulk 1863-1865) Creator: Webster, Martin S., b. ca. 1840
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: Martin Webster's journals record his service with Battery I, 3rd New York Light Artillery, from 1863 to 1865, during which the regiment was stationed in northeastern North Carolina, primarily at New Bern.
Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn papers -- 1676-1801 (bulk 1764-1800) Creator: Rosslyn, Alexander Wedderburn, Earl of, 1733-1805
Extent: 0.75 linear feet
Abstract: The Alexander Wedderburn papers contain correspondence, documents, notes, and writings pertaining to Anglo-American relations during the late 18th century. The papers include items about the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, and claims brought under the 1794 Treaty of Amity (Jay Treaty).
Christian August Weihe correspondence -- 1849-1897 (bulk 1849-1877) Creator: Weihe family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains letters that German immigrant Christian August Weihe wrote to his parents and siblings in Herford, Germany, after he settled in San Francisco, California. He wrote regularly about his financial affairs and other aspects of his life in the United States between his arrival in California in 1849 and the year 1877.
Elsie F. Weil collection -- 1897-1926 (bulk 1913-1926) Creator: Weil, Elsie Frances, 1890-
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains incoming correspondence and other items related to Elsie F. Weil of Chicago, Illinois, and New York City, including many passionate letters from Weil's close friend Gertrude Emerson, who wrote about her foreign travels, life in New York City, and her deep bond with Elsie. Other friends and, to a lesser extent, family members, wrote to Elsie about their daily and social lives in New York City, Chicago, and Boston. Additional materials include two of Elsie's diaries, articles written by Elsie F. Weil and Gertrude Emerson, and ephemera.
John Weir letters -- 1760 Creator: Savage, Thomas
Extent: 4 items
Abstract: This collection contains 4 letters that Boston merchant John Weir wrote to businessman Thomas Savage during a business trip to the Caribbean in 1760. Weir discussed shipments of molasses to Boston and commented on local prices and news in Monte Cristo, Santo Domingo.
George Weirick orderly book -- 1814 Creator: Weirick, George, 1773-1838
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The orderly book of George Weirick, who commanded the 77th Regiment of the Pennsylvania militia at Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, in 1814.
Arthur Welch letters -- 1916 Creator: Welch, Mrs. M. J.
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection consists of letters, postcards, and photographs related to Private Arthur E. Welch of the United States Army, who served with the 1st Regiment, Company L, in and around Nogales, Arizona, between July and October 1916. Welch discussed everyday life along the United States-Mexico border, his work in a military ice house, and developments in the region's military conflicts.
Calow Weld papers -- 1836-1837 Creator: Bundy, Philo
Extent: 5 items
Abstract: The Calow Weld papers contain five letters on major issues of the 1830s, including slavery, immigration, and education.
Weld-Grimké family papers -- 1740-1930 (bulk 1825-1899) Creator: Weld family and Grimké family
Extent: 14 linear feet
Abstract: The Weld-Grimké family papers consist of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, autobiographical documents, printed materials, photographs, realia, and newspaper clippings. The collection addresses such subjects as abolition, women's rights, temperance, religion, education, and the lives of members of the Weld-Grimké family, including Sarah and Angelina Grimké and Theodore Weld.
Weld-Grimké family photograph album -- ca. 1860-1880 Creator: Weld family
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Weld-Grimké family album is a 12.5 x 16 cm bound cartes de visite photograph album with some tintypes and gem tintypes interspersed. The album has a brown leather cover with gilt clasps. The photographs all appear to date from the 1860s to the 1870s but there is no precise date for individual photographs listed. The album has a printed title page that reads "Photographs/Boston/Roberts Brothers." The album is 50 pages with each page containing a single slot for a photograph, though some pages have multiple photographs tucked into the same slot. The photographs are almost all studio portraiture. While some of the individuals in the album have been identified (including Theodore D. Weld) the vast majority are unidentified.
Hannah R. Weldin expense book -- 1839-1857 (bulk 1841-1855) Creator: Weldin, Hannah R.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This account book contains records of Hannah Weldin's expenses between 1841 and 1855. The entries pertain to purchases of fabrics and apparel, shoes, and household items, as well as donations to religious societies. The final two pages consist of a list of books purchased between 1839 and 1857.
Mary Jane Hale Welles papers -- 1846-1848 Creator: Welles, Mary Jane Hale
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: Mary Jane Hale married Gideon Welles in 1835 and had at least three children. These six letters from Mary Jane to her mother primarily discuss her children's illnesses and exploits, and her social life in Washington D. C.
West African Mission photograph album -- 1887 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This album contains photographs of local residents, buildings, and natural scenery taken in the Congo region of Africa, around 1887. Africans and white missionaries posed singly and in groups. Landscape views, village scenes, images of vegetation and rock formations also appear.
West family papers -- 1697-1880 Creator: West family
Extent: 2.25 linear feet
Abstract: The West family papers are comprised of approximately 1,400 letters, letter books, documents, and financial records pertaining to Reverend Samuel West and his two sons, Benjamin and Nathan P., of Boston. The bulk of the collection (approximately 900 items) relates to business concerns, particularly to Benjamin West's sugar refining firm.
Davenport West collection -- 1945 Creator: West, Mrs. Davenport
Extent: 18 items
Abstract: This collection contains reports, notes, and manuscript maps related to the actions of Task Force Poinier, a United States Army unit, between March and April 1945, as well as a narrative account of the 331st Infantry's experiences in France in January 1945. The reports provide detailed records of American military operations as Allied forces progressed eastward across Germany in the closing months of World War II.
James West, Elements of Navigation -- 1785 Creator: West, James
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Elements of Navigation, a manuscript adaptation of John Robertson’s work of the same name, provides instruction and practical exercises in arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, geography, astronomy, and navigational principles (781 pages). The volume is heavily illustrated with mathematical diagrams. It also contains a 1785 copy of a ship log for a 1772 voyage from England to Madeira, (21 pages).
Western America collection -- 1820-ca. 1898 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Western America collection is a group of miscellaneous individual items relating to the settlement of the western United States, including present-day Wisconsin, California, Oregon, and Missouri.
Western Brand book -- 1899-1900 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume (198 pages) contains 184 pages showing various branding marks used by horse and cattle dealers throughout the western United States in the late 19th century, as well as 15 pages of accounts recording purchases of cattle in December 1899 and January 1900. The 184 pages of brands are divided into several sections based on the types of identifying marks used; approximately 1,480 brands are represented. The notebook is accompanied by a 35-page pamphlet entitled "Cattle Brands of Texas," published in the mid-20th century.
Western Reserve (Ohio) collection -- 1796-1808 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 23 items
Abstract: The Western Reserve (Ohio) collection contains documents related to the sale and purchase of land in the Western Reserve and in the state of Ohio, shortly after it gained statehood.
Western travel and mid-Michigan photograph albums -- 1901 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Western travel and mid-Michigan photograph albums (2 volumes, each 23 x 36 cm) contain a total of 417 photographs primarily pertaining to travel in the western U.S. and the mid-Michigan region, likely taken by a member of the Charlesworth/Abraham family of Flint, Michigan.
"Western Trip" photograph album -- 1899 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The "Western Trip" photograph album contains pictures of people, natural scenery, and cities in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington. The album includes photographs of the traveling party, popular tourist destinations, and residents of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Western Views - Kodak Snapshot Album -- approximately 1895 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 104 photographs in 1 album
Abstract: The Western views - Kodak snapshot album contains 104 photographs primarily of Western landscapes including canyons, rivers, waterfalls, and the Monterey, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz coasts.
Leander Wetherell letters -- 1847-1896 Creator: Wetherell, Leander, d. 1885, and Wetherell, Mary
Extent: 5 items
Abstract: Leander Wetherell, a newspaper editor and teacher from Rochester, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts, received 4 personal letters between 1847 and 1865. Among other topics, his correspondents discussed the publishing industry, slavery, and differences between men and women. Mary, his widow, received a letter from one of his former acquaintances in 1896.
Ella St. John Whallon collection -- 1863-1923 (bulk 1863-1874, 1903) Creator: Whallon, Ella St. John, 1853-1926 and Wittle, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Extent: 63 items
Abstract: This collection contains Ella St. John Whallon's personal correspondence, including letters from friends and family members in Michigan and love letters from her husband, James M. Whallon of Dowagiac, Michigan. The collection also has letters to Lizzie Wittle of Columbia, Pennsylvania, from Edward E. Seifred, a member of the United States Army's 18th Infantry Regiment who served in the Philippines during the early twentieth century. Other items include financial documents, tintype photographs, a commemorative ribbon, and a leather postcard.
Sylvanus A. and Rachel Wheat papers -- 1848-1880 Creator: Wheat family
Extent: 126 items
Abstract: The Sylvanus Wheat papers contain the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Wheat, a soldier in the 144th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment; the papers shed light on his Civil War service in 1862-1863, as well as on the activities of the Wheat family.
John Wheeler journal and essays -- 1859 Creator: Wheeler, John
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains a journal and two essays composed by New Hampshire native John Wheeler in 1859. He kept the journal between December 1858 and September 1859, detailing his experiences after moving to Albemarle County, Virginia, to teach school. He later wrote an essay in which he reflected on the cultural differences between New England and Virginia. In a second essay, he discussed "the three learned professions": law, medicine, and divinity.
Peter F. Wheeler account books -- 1832-1872 Creator: Wheeler, Peter F., b. 1811
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: These two account books record the income and expenses of Peter F. Wheeler, a palm leaf splitter and farmer who lived in Grafton and Petersham, Massachusetts, in the mid-19th century. One volume primarily concerns the costs of finishing calfskins and other labor performed in Grafton between 1832 and 1847, and the second records Wheeler's finances between 1860 and 1872.
Clarence V. Wherley letters -- 1918-1919 Creator: Wherley, Sara
Extent: 66 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Clarence V. Wherley sent to his wife Sara while serving with the United States Army's 313th Infantry Regiment in France during World War I. He commented on military life, leisure activities, and his travels in France during and after the war.
Abraham Whipple papers -- 1763-1793 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Abraham Whipple papers contain letters and documents relating to Whipple's employment with Rhode Island merchant Nicholas Brown and Company (1763-1767), and his service in the Continental Navy, 1776-1780. The collection documents his 1778 mission to France, his role in the southern naval operations during the Revolutionary War (1780), and various other letters, bills of lading, accounts, and receipts.
James A. Whipple papers -- 1846-1862 Creator: Whipple, James A., 1826-1861
Extent: 1.75 linear feet
Abstract: The James A. Whipple papers contain correspondence, documents, and drawings related to Whipple's career as an engineer during the mid-19th century. Whipple's interests in submarines and naval engineering are documented throughout the collection, which includes correspondence, documents, drawings, and patents.
Robert and George Whitcomb papers -- 1862-1867 Creator: Whitcomb, Eli and Whitcomb, Harriet
Extent: 36 items
Abstract: The Whitcomb letters reflect a small portion of the Civil War service of brothers George and Robert Whitcomb in the 169th New York Infantry Regiment. These papers include reflections on draftees, draft resisters, deserters, paroled Union soldiers, and active service.
White Mountains Vacation Photograph Album -- July 1883 Creator: Hine, Thomas Avery, 1855-1933
Extent: 26 photographs in 1 album.
Abstract: The White Mountains vacation photograph album contains 26 photographs taken by amateur photographer brothers Thomas Avery Hine and Charles Gilbert Hine related to a twelve-day carriage tour of the White Mountains by a party of eight travelers in July of 1883.
Elizabeth White letters -- 1845-1847 Creator: Curtis, Jane
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: Elizabeth White of New York City wrote 3 letters to Jane Curtis, a friend in Stratford, Connecticut, in 1845 and 1847. She discussed courtship and relationships between men and women, social news, upcoming marriages, and other topics.
Patrick White letterbook -- 1791-1794 Creator: White, Patrick
Extent: 1 volume (0.25 linear feet)
Abstract: Patrick White, a merchant in Petersburg, Va., was in partnership with Conway Whittle of Norfolk from 1791 to 1794, specializing in trading grain and flour. The Patrick White letterbook contains copies of 235 business letters of the Virginia mercantile firm of White, Whittle, & Co., written between August 20, 1791 and July 18, 1794, and 462 letters of Patrick White & Co., July 27, 1794 through August 14, 1797.
William White Sermon, Of Anticipation of Heaven -- [18th-19th century] Creator: White, William, 1748-1836
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: In this 68-page sermon, Bishop William White of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania explored the topic of salvation and the Christian promise of heaven.
Edwin Whitefield collection -- 1884-[1890] Creator: Whitefield, Edwin, 1816-1892
Extent: Approximately 200 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of manuscript essays and writings, original artwork, and printed proof sheets by Edwin Whitefield, an artist who specialized in bird's-eye views and landscapes in North America. The manuscripts largely concern Whitefield's travels in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakota Territory, as well as Whitefield's interest in the Bible.
Albert Whiteley notebooks -- 1838-1839 Creator: Whiteley, Albert, 1817-1893
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: Albert Whiteley of Columbia County, Maryland, compiled these two notebooks while a student at Jefferson Medical College between 1837 and 1839. He recorded detailed lecture notes from numerous physicians on topics such as surgery, anatomy, obstetrics, general medicine, and chemistry.
Roy M. Whiteman letters -- 1918-1919 Creator: Whiteman family
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 6 letters that Roy M. Whiteman sent to his family in Burlington, Iowa, while stationed in France in late 1918 and early 1919. Whiteman wrote about his recovery following an injury, his travels in France, and his life in the U.S. military.
Whitfield-Barnett correspondence -- 1917-1921 Creator: Whitfield, Tacey Barnett
Extent: 42 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 42 letters that Robin Whitfield wrote to his girlfriend and future wife, Tacey Barnett of Clarksville and Nashville, Tennessee, from 1917-1921. He wrote of his experiences at Camp Dodge, Iowa, and Brest, France, during World War I, and commented on his life in Clarksville after the war.
Edmund Whitman papers -- 1830-1881 Creator: Whitman, E. B. (Edmund Burke), 1812-1883
Extent: 65 items
Abstract: The Edmund Whitman papers contain personal and military accounts and records concerning Whitman's teaching, Civil War service as chief quartermaster, and post-war work locating the graves of Union soldiers.
Whitney family letters -- 1839-1843 Creator: Redfield, Mary Jane Whitney, b. 1821 and Whitney, William Wallace, 1817-1847
Extent: 30 items
Abstract: This collection is comprised of 30 incoming letters to Mary Jane Whitney and her brother, William Wallace Whitney, of Albany, New York. Eliza Whitney wrote 13 letters to Mary about her experiences at the Albany Female Academy, and William and George Whitney each wrote letters to Mary about their lives in Albany. Asa Whitney, a machinist and railroad entrepreneur, sent Mary and William news from home and updates on his business affairs.
B. Whitney travel diary -- 1816 Creator: Whitney, B.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This diary (4"x5.75", 105 pages) contains a traveler's impressions while visiting Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., from November 9, 1816-November 26, 1816.
Bert C. Whitney diary -- 1918-1919 Creator: Whitney, Bert C., 1893-1973
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This 132-page diary chronicles the experiences of Bert C. Whitney, of Washington, Michigan, who served with the 304th Sanitary Train in France during World War I. Whitney described his transatlantic voyages, his experiences near the front line at Verdun in late 1918, and his travels around France after the armistice.
Whittemore-Low family papers -- 1729-1955 (bulk 1840-1939) Creator: Whittemore family and Low family
Extent: 7.5 linear feet
Abstract: The papers of the Whittemore, Low, Peck, Parmelee, and Bonticou, families, primarily of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The collection concerns the families' military service, genealogy, travel, and social activities.
Richard Whitworth papers -- [1765]-1836 Creator: Whitworth, Richard, 1734-1811
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Richard Whitworth papers contain letters and documents relating to explorers Robert Rogers and Jonathan Carver and several of their moneymaking ventures in North America, which Whitworth oversaw and encouraged.
Wiccopee Mills labor records -- 1854-1858 Creator: Wiccopee Mills and New York Rubber Company
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: These 2 volumes contain labor records for a cotton mill in Wiccopee, New York, between 1854 and 1857. The books document male and female workers' names, their positions, and the amount of time they worked. Also included are similar records for the New York Rubber Company in 1858.
Francis Wickham diary -- 1796 Creator: Wickham, Francis, 1770-1797
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Francis Wickham diary contains entries for August-October 1796, when Wickham served with the British Royal Navy in Martinique. He wrote about Martinique's wildlife, navy life, travels, and other topics.
Edward R. Wilbur, Jr. journal -- 1887-1889 Creator: Wilbur, Edward R., Jr.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains diary entries and essays about sea travel between New York City and San Francisco, railroad travel between California and Florida, and life in Florida during the late 1880s. The volume also includes drawings, several incomplete acrostic poems about Grover Cleveland, two laid-in essays, and a list of theatrical performances.
E. E. Wilcox journal -- 1893-1896, [1917] Creator: Wilcox, Edward E., 1864-1941
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Edward E. Wilcox, a native of Franklin County, New York, wrote narrative recollections of hunting trips, painted watercolors, created sketches and drawings, and pasted photographs and newspaper clippings in this volume around the 1890s. Most of the material concerns hunting and fishing excursions in northern New York and southern Québec.
Jonathan S. Wilcox diaries -- 1844-1875 Creator: Wilcox, Jonathan S., 1791-1875
Extent: 13 items
Abstract: The Jonathan S. Wilcox diaries document nearly 30 years in the life of a storekeeper in Madison, Connecticut, including his support for the Democratic Party, his religious and business activities, and his opposition to the Civil War.
William B. Wilcoxson papers -- 1862-1865 Creator: Wilcoxson, Susan M. and Wilcoxson, Mary Ann
Extent: 31 items
Abstract: William Wilcoxson served in the 2nd Connecticut Light Artillery Battery during the Civil War. This collection of letters home to his mother and sister document his wartime activities, including a stay at the U.S. General Hospital in Annapolis and later hospitalizations in New Orleans.
Helen L. Wild diary -- 1906 Creator: Wild, Helen L., 1887-1957
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Helen L. Wild kept this diary immediately following the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Wild described the state of the city, fires, her family's experiences, residential and commercial displacement, and other effects of the event on the city and its residents.
Albert Wilder papers -- 1862-1864 Creator: Wilder family
Extent: 34 items
Abstract: The Albert Wilder papers primarily consist of Wilder's letters home to his sister, Sarah, and brother-in-law, William, while he served in the Civil War. Wilder enlisted in the 39th Massachusetts Infantry in 1862 at the age of 21 and died after being wounded near Spotsylvania, Pennsylvania, 1864.
Asa Waldo Wildes daybook -- 1849-1864 (bulk 1857) Creator: Wildes, A. W. (Asa Waldo), 1822-1894
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Asa Waldo Wildes daybook contains an account of his 1857 trip from Detroit to Michigan's Upper Peninsula via Lake Huron and Lake Superior, as well as poetry, financial accounts, and a draft of an 1857 survey report.
Wilkes County, Georgia collection -- 1778-1867 (bulk 1778-1830) Creator: Wilkes County, Georgia
Extent: 222 items
Abstract: The Wilkes County, Georgia collection is made up of probate inventories, estate records, indentures, receipts, accounts, and other documents relating to the inhabitants of Wilkes County, Georgia.
John Wilkes papers -- 1741-1790 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 423 items (7 volumes)
Abstract: The John Wilkes papers contain Wilkes's incoming and outgoing correspondence on topics such as politics, financial difficulties, and family matters. Also included are 13 contemporary portraits, several literary reviews by Wilkes, and a parody of his poem "An Essay on Woman," by an unknown author.
John Wilkey, Jr. collection -- 1944-1946 Creator: Wilkey, John, Jr., 1920-1990
Extent: 14 items
Abstract: The John Wilkey, Jr., collection is comprised of military documents, correspondence, ephemera, and photographs related to John W. Wilkey, Jr., who served in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II.
John Darragh Wilkins papers -- 1862-1865 Creator: Wilkins, Mrs. John Darragh
Extent: 64 items
Abstract: The John D. Wilkins papers are comprised of West Point graduate and career army officer John Wilkins' letters to his wife during his service in the Civil War. Wilkins served in the 3rd and 15th Infantry regiments of the U.S. Army.
William D. Wilkins recipe book -- 19th century Creator: Wilkins, William D.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This recipe book, which belonged to William D. Wilkins of Detroit, Michigan, in the mid-19th century, contains instructions for making several kinds of baked goods and puddings.
Wilkinson-Burbeck letters -- 1796-1797 Creator: Burbeck, Henry, 1754-1848
Extent: 15 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Brigadier General James Wilkinson sent to Major Henry Burbeck from Ohio and Michigan in the late 1790s. He discussed logistical affairs related to the Northwest Territory, mentioning roads, trade, and relations with Native Americans and Europeans, and other subjects.
Elizabeth Willard correspondence -- 1834-1846 Creator: Barry, William, 1805-1885
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: The Elizabeth Willard correspondence contains 9 letters written by Willard to her friend and later husband, Reverend William Barry of Framingham, Massachusetts, as well as a letter to Elizabeth composed by her friend A. A. Kent.
Henry H. Willard papers -- 1862-1863 Creator: Willard family
Extent: 11 items
Abstract: The letters of Henry H. Willard provide a brief glimpse of his duties and experiences as a private in Company E of the 4th Indiana Cavalry during the Civil War.
Jared Willard travel recollections -- 1833-1841 (bulk 1833) Creator: Willard, Jared
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains a narrative of Jared Willard's travels from Madison, Connecticut, to Buffalo, New York, via railroad and the Erie Canal, as well as a later shopping list and genealogical information about the Field and Wilcox families.
William Bull and Sarah Wells Pageant photograph album -- 1908 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The William Bull and Sarah Wells Pageant photograph album contains 33 photographs of an elaborate outdoor pageant of the story of William Bull and Sarah Wells, two early settlers of Orange County, N.Y.
Williams family papers -- 1823-1896 (bulk 1833-1896) Creator: Williams family
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, documents, financial records, and other items related to the family of Augustus D. Williams and Julia Ann Chamberlain and to their daughter Fannie. The Williams family lived in Ohio.
Alice and Hazel Williams correspondence -- 1917-1919 Creator: Williams family
Extent: 9 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Chelsea Williams and William C. ("Bill") Williams wrote to Chelsea's family while serving with the United States Army's 1st Engineers, Company D, during and just after World War I. They commented on their health and aspects of their service in France and Germany.
Amelia Lippincott and Esek Hartshorne Williams letters -- 1833-1848 (bulk 1838-1841) Creator: Williams, Amelia Lippincott, b. 1814 and Williams, E. H. (Esek Hartshorne), 1807-1887
Extent: 23 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Amelia Lippincott Williams of New York City and her husband, Esek Hartshorne Williams of Red Bank, New Jersey. The bulk of the collection is comprised of 15 letters that Esek wrote to Amelia during their courtship and while traveling for business reasons during the first few years of their marriage. Amelia and Esek received the remaining 7 letters from friends and family members in New York and New Jersey.
Ann Meech Williams Collection -- 1809-1865 Creator: Allen, Hosea, ca. 1814-1883
Extent: 51 items
Abstract: This collection contains 55 letters and legal documents related to attempts by Ann Meech Williams (ca. 1776-1857) to secure a widow's pension for the service of Timothy Meech (ca. 1741-1825), lieutenant in 10th Company, 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Militia (Hampshire Company), during the American Revolution.
Edward Jones and Helen B. Williams letters -- 1908-1912 Creator: Burton family
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: This collection consists of 10 letters Edward Jones Williams and his wife, Helen Burton Williams, wrote to her mother and sisters in Wisconsin between 1908 and 1912, while the couple lived in the Panama Canal Zone, where Edward worked for the Isthmian Canal Commission. The correspondence provides insight into their daily lives in Central America.
Ephraim Smith Williams, Genealogy of the Williams Family from Their First Settlement in America -- 1868 Creator: Williams, Ephraim Smith, 1802-1890
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This manuscript volume chronicles the genealogy of the descendants of Robert Williams, a native of Wales who settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts, around 1638. The book, written by Ephraim Smith Williams in 1868 and presented to his daughter Jenny, concentrates on his branch of the family and includes information about the Gotee family, his wife's ancestors, and a brief biographical sketch of his father, Oliver Williams.
Isaiah Williams and Ellen White correspondence -- 1842-1870 (bulk 1842-1855, 1864) Creator: Williams, Ellen Emerson, 1826-1877
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Isaiah Williams and Ellen White correspondence is made up of letters to and between Williams, White, and members of the White family. The letters pertain to the couple's courtship, religion, and social and family news from Massachusetts and Buffalo, New York.
John Williams journal -- 1814-1836 Creator: Williams, John, 1790-1877
Extent: 1 volume, 7 documents
Abstract: John Williams, a farm laborer in Chester, Massachusetts, composed 183 pages of daily, one-line journal entries from January 1, 1814, to October 9, 1836. He recorded news about his own family and neighbors, such as births, marriages, and deaths; wrote about his labor on farms and travel to nearby towns; and provided brief remarks on local events and politics.
John R. Williams papers -- 1798-1801 Creator: Williams, John R., 1782-1854
Extent: 112 items
Abstract: The John R. Williams papers contain correspondence and financial documents related to supplies for United States army troops at Fort Massac and Cantonment Wilkinsonville, on the Ohio River. Also included are documents and financial records related to Williams's mercantile business, based in Detroit, Michigan.
Nathan Williams family correspondence -- 1816-1851 (bulk 1839-1851) Creator: Williams, Thomas, 1779-1876 and Williams, Nathan Witter, 1816-1902
Extent: 30 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence related to Nathan W. Williams, a Yale graduate and preacher in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, including incoming correspondence from friends and family members and his siblings' correspondence with their father, Reverend Thomas Williams of Providence, Rhode Island. Family members shared social news and updates about their travels, and Nathan's friends commented on their lives around New England. The collection also includes three framed, silhouette style paintings of Nathan W. Williams and his parents, Thomas and Ruth, by artist Edward Seager.
Robert Dayton Williams journal -- 1870 Creator: Williams, Robert Dayton, 1844-1929
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Robert Dayton Williams journal recounts the author's voyage to Europe on the steamer Australia in September 1870. Williams described stormy weather, seasickness, daily activities, and navigation errors during the ship's passage from New York to Glasgow. The journal entries are accompanied by ink drawings.
Samuel Williams papers -- 1814-1856 Creator: Williams, Samuel, 1786-1859
Extent: 321 items (0.5 linear feet)
Abstract: The Samuel Williams papers contain the correspondence, mainly business-related, of the chief clerk in the office of the surveyor-general of the Northwest Territory.
William Williams family collection -- 1808-1851 (bulk 1819-1851) Creator: Williams family
Extent: 23 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters and essays related to William Williams of Utica, New York, and to his sons, Samuel Wells Williams and William Frederick Williams. The elder William composed 6 letters to family members and a series of 6 narrative essays about childhood, religion, and travel experiences (including visits to War of 1812 battle sites). Samuel Wells Williams wrote from China, where he worked as a missionary in the mid-1830s. William Frederick Williams wrote extensively of his life in Lebanon and travels throughout the Middle East in 1850 and 1851.
Williamson family collection -- 1862-1918 Creator: Williamson family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Williamson family collection is made up of 9 bound volumes pertaining to Clara Gurley Williamson, her daughters Ruth and Mary, and other members of the Williamson family of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The items include diaries, financial records, a newspaper clipping scrapbook, and a photograph album.
Williamson family journal -- 1828-1874 Creator: Williamson, Peter, 1795-1886
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: In this volume, Philadelphia pharmacist Peter Williamson transcribed his descriptions of 4 bird-hunting trips he took around the 1830s, his daughter Sarah's account of a trip taken from Philadelphia to northeastern New York in 1828, and genealogical information obtained from three Williamson family Bibles.
Willis family papers -- 1863-1902 (bulk 1882-1889) Creator: Willis, Milton, b. 1833
Extent: 96 items
Abstract: The Willis family papers consist of correspondence from family members in Battle Creek, Michigan and Washington, D.C. to Milton Willis about family matters and business.
Thomas D. Willis typescript -- 1862-1865 Creator: Willis, Scott
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: This collection is made up of typescripts of letters that Thomas D. Willis wrote to his family while serving in the 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War. The letters concern his imprisonment after the regiment's unsuccessful mutiny in early 1863, his hospitalization in late 1864, and daily conditions in army camps in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
Wilson family papers -- 1704-1884 Creator: Wilson family
Extent: 16.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Wilson papers contain letters and documents relating to the lives and careers of three generations of the family of William Wilson, residents of Clermont, N.Y. in the mid-Hudson River Valley.
Alexander Wilson collection -- 1845-1846 Creator: Wilson family
Extent: 22 items
Abstract: The Alexander Wilson collection contains correspondence, trial testimony, and newspaper clippings pertaining to Wilson's attempts to abduct and shoot his sister Caroline in 1845 and 1846. The Wilsons' cousins, Nicholas C. Wilson and William Wilson, Jr., wrote many of the letters about Alexander's criminal activities and their attempts to protect Caroline.
John Wilson ledger -- 1794-1816 Creator: Wilson, John
Extent: 1 volume, with enclosures
Abstract: The James Wilson ledger is a volume of approximately 660 pages, made up of accounts for individuals and corporations, mostly in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, between 1794 and 1816. The collection also includes about 50 small items, mostly receipts relating to Wilson's business, that were originally enclosed in the ledger.
Molly Wilson papers -- 1945-1946 Creator: Wilson, Robert L.
Extent: 21 items (0.1 linear feet)
Abstract: In 1942, Molly Johnson, an Australian woman, married Robert L. Wilson, an American aide-de-camp. Her papers consist of 21 letters written by Molly to her husband prior to her departure for the United States. The letters provide an Australia bride's perspective of the war bride experience after World War II.
Howard W. Wiltse collection -- 1852-1886 (bulk 1859-1862) Creator: Wiltse, Howard W. and Wiltse family
Extent: 14 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, a school notebook, and other material related to Howard W. Wiltse, a native of Hannibal, New York, who graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1861.
Winchester (Conn.) sermons -- 1791-1845 (bulk 1810-1845) Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 21 items
Abstract: This collection contains 21 individually bound sermons and religious lectures delivered primarily in Winchester, Connecticut, in the early 1800s. The sermons cover a variety of religious topics, and include several lectures from a series based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
Winchester family papers -- 1799-1847 (bulk 1810-1818) Creator: Winchester, Nancy
Extent: 18 items
Abstract: The Winchester family papers contain correspondence and one document related to the family of John and Nancy Winchester of Groton, Connecticut. Their son William, a sailor during and after the War of 1812, wrote most of the letters.
Joseph K. and George C. Wing collection -- 1863-1930 (bulk 1863-1864, 1872-1924) Creator: Wing, Joseph Knowles, 1810-1895 and Wing, George Clary, 1848-
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, writings, a journal, a scrapbook, and published material related to George Clary Wing of Bloomfield, Ohio, and two account books kept his father, Joseph Knowles Wing, during his military service in the Civil War. George C. Wing's correspondence pertains mostly to his career in the United States government in the late 19th century, and his writings cover topics such as history, literature, and travel.
Charlotte Pettibone Winslow papers -- 1834-1910 (bulk 1834-1851) Creator: Winslow, Charlotte Henrietta Pettibone, 1824-1905
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence that Charlotte Henrietta Winslow (née Pettibone) received in the mid-1800s. She corresponded with several potential suitors in the latter half of the 1840s, including her future husband, Horace Winslow. Other correspondence includes personal letters she received from family and friends, as well as letters addressed to her sister-in-law, Philinda Winslow. Other items include poems and religious notes.
John A. Winston and Company papers -- 1846-1871 (bulk 1852-1854) Creator: John A. Winston and Company
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The John A. Winston and Company papers consist of incoming business correspondence pertaining to Winston's cotton-growing operation in Alabama.
Charles Winstone letter book -- 1777-1786 Creator: Winstone, Charles
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Charles Winstone letterbook, 1777-1786, contains the business correspondence of Winstone, attorney general and planter in Dominica during and after the American Revolution.
William W. Winters biography -- [1853?] Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This manuscript is a 141-page biography of William W. Winters (1826-1895), a one-time medical student from Ohio, cabinetmaker, daguerreotypist, and Methodist Minister, among other professions. The biography and subsequent pasted-in documents draw heavily from Winters's own diary entries and trace the events of his life from 1826 to 1853, including his divorce from his wife, who he accused of adultery.
B. Robert Winthrop letters -- 1824-1829 (bulk 1824-1825) Creator: Winthrop, Mag C.
Extent: 11 items
Abstract: This collection contains 9 letters that B. Robert Winthrop, a native of New York City, wrote to his sister Mag while he lived and worked in "Angostura" between 1824 and 1825. He described his life abroad and commented on the local culture. The collection also contains a letter that Winthrop wrote to Mag after returning to New York City, as well as a manuscript poem.
Wissahickon Paper Mill papers -- 1844-1845 Creator: Wissahickon Paper Mill
Extent: 7 items
Abstract: This collection contains 2 letters and 5 documents concerning the operation of a paper mill on Wissahickon Creek near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1844 and 1845. These include an indenture for the property, financial records and receipts, and correspondence regarding the mill's output and potential technical improvements.
Thomas Wistar collection -- 1783-1801 Creator: Wistar, Thomas, 1764-1851
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: This collection contains 2 volumes of financial figures, notes, and accounts kept by Philadelphia Quaker merchant Thomas Wistar and his partners; the account books record commercial and personal income and expenditures.
Sarah Logan Fisher Wister collection -- [1843]-1872 Creator: Wister, Sarah Logan Fisher, 1806-1891
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: The Sarah Logan Fisher Wister collection is made up of 2 volumes that belonged to Wister in the mid-19th century: a recipe book and an account book that Wister also used as a diary. The recipe book contains instructions for preparing a variety of foods and household cleaners, and the account book/diary contains entries about family news, Pennsylvania travel, and the Civil War.
Thomas Dwight Witherspoon papers -- 1861-1871 (bulk 1861-1864) Creator: Witherspoon family and Rascoe family
Extent: 32 items
Abstract: Chaplain Thomas D. Witherspoon wrote these letters to members of the Witherspoon and Rascoe families during his Civil War service in the 2nd, 11th, and 42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiments.
Charles Wochna letters -- [1953]-1954 Creator: Wochna, C.
Extent: 27 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 27 letters that Lieutenant Charles Wochna wrote to his parents while serving with the United States Marine Corps in Korea and Japan during the Korean War.
Wolf family photograph albums -- [1880s]-1906 Creator: Wolf family
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: The Wolf family photograph albums contain cabinet card and carte-de-visite portraits of numerous men, women, and children. Most of the photographs were taken in Indianapolis and various small towns in central Indiana.
Lewis Wolfley letters -- 1837-1840 Creator: Wolfley, Lewis, 1807-1844
Extent: 17 items
Abstract: The collection consists of 17 items containing 18 letters (one item contains letters from two different correspondents), addressed to Lewis Wolfley, a Navy surgeon. All of the correspondents are doctors, most with naval appointments. Topics include almost exclusively Navy matters, including political debates concerning the Navy during the period, but also scattered references to medical cases and treatments, and some details of financial transactions.
Woman's Hunting and Camping photograph album -- [1890s?] Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Woman's Hunting and Camping photograph album contains pictures taken during a camping trip in upstate New York and exterior views of homes and municipal buildings in western Massachusetts. Many of the camping pictures feature women.
Women Photographers carte-de-visite album -- [1860s-1880s?] Creator: Currier, Frederick P.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Women Photographers carte-de-visite album contains studio portraits made by female photographers and husband-and-wife teams in the United States and England.
Women's History collection -- 1678-1996 (bulk 1800-1906) Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Women's History collection contains miscellaneous single items relating to women, primarily in America, between 1678 and 1996.
Women's Suffrage letterhead collection -- [after 1895]-[1917] Creator: Diedrich, D. N. (Duane Norman), 1935-2018
Extent: 22 items
Abstract: This collection of 22 items bearing printed letterheads from various women's suffrage organizations. A portion of the collection is blank stationery. The correspondence relates to expenses, event planning, donation solicitations, and advocacy efforts. The majority originated from organizations based in Boston, Massachusetts. One letter has an anti-suffrage tone.
Wood family papers -- 1846-1951 (bulk 1846-1925) Creator: Wood family
Extent: 4 linear feet
Abstract: The Wood family papers contain correspondence and other items related to the family of James A. Wood of Lebanon, Connecticut, and his descendants from the mid-19th to the early 20th century. Much of the content pertains to education, family news, and politics.
Dudley Woodbridge papers -- 1773-1789 (bulk 1778-1789) Creator: Woodbridge, Dudley, 1747-1823
Extent: 28 items
Abstract: The Dudley Woodbridge papers contain incoming correspondence related to the Connecticut merchant's business affairs in the late 18th century.
Woods family papers -- 1704-1994 Creator: Woods family
Extent: 140 items (0.5 linear feet)
Abstract: The Woods family papers chronicle the establishment of an important family in western Virginia during the 18th and early 19th centuries. While the bulk of the collection pertains to Archibald Woods' (1764-1846) activities as a surveyor and land speculator in Ohio County, the collection also contains several letters from later generations of the family, and documents relating to military and public affairs, including the War of 1812.
James R. Woodworth papers -- 1862-1864 Creator: Hotchkiss, Lawrence E.
Extent: 151 items (0.5 linear feet)
Abstract: The James R. Woodworth papers contain the letters and diaries of a Union soldier in the 44th New York Infantry during the Civil War (1862-1864). Woodworth provides detailed reflections on life as a soldier and on his regiment's part in the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg.
Joseph Woory account -- 1666 Creator: Woory, Joseph
Extent: 6 pages (1 item)
Abstract: The Joseph Woory account records the travels of an English expedition that set out from Charles Town on June 16, 1666, to explore the area from Cape Romano down to Port Royal.
William D. Workman collection -- 1957 Creator: Workman, William D. (William Douglas), 1914-1990
Extent: 42 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, a typescript, and a photograph related to William D. Workman's appearance on a television program about the integration of schools in the South, originally aired on September 29, 1957. Workman received 23 responses over the following days. Writers most frequently expressed their support of segregated schools, and many also commented on race relations and other political issues concerning the South.
World War I Surgeon's Photograph Album, Base Hospital 29 -- 1918-1919 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 90 photographs and 4 ephemeral items in 1 volume
Abstract: The World War I surgeon's photograph album, Base Hospital 29, contains approximately 90 photographs and 4 ephemeral items documenting a U.S. Army surgeon's training in the United States and service overseas during World War I.
Charlotte and Martha Wray papers -- 1839-1872 Creator: Mattison, Martha Wray
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains the incoming and outgoing correspondence of Charlotte and Martha Wray, sisters who lived in Washington County, New York; Detroit, Michigan; and Iowa in the 19th century. The letters span Martha's time as a schoolteacher in Detroit, Michigan; Charlotte's work as a teacher in Albany, New York; and Charlotte's experiences in Iowa prior to the Civil War.
George Wray papers -- 1770-1848 Creator: Wray, George, 1728-1804
Extent: 16 volumes (4 linear feet)
Abstract: The George Wray papers contain orders, receipts, correspondence, documents, muster rolls, returns, and several bound volumes relating to Wray's work as commissary of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, primarily during the Revolutionary War.
Wright family collection -- 1835-1940 (bulk 1835-1868) Creator: Morfit, Campbell, 1820-1897
Extent: 18 items
Abstract: The Wright family collection consists primarily of correspondence related to the Morfit family and to Wilbur and Orville Wright's uncle, John Wright.
Edwin Wright letters -- 1862-1865 Creator: Wright, Edwin, 1837-1901
Extent: 29 items
Abstract: The Edwin Wright letters are 28 letters written between Jan. 14, 1862, and July 14, 1865, by Edwin Wright, a soldier in the 9th N.Y. Cavalry. The letters were written from various places in Virginia and Washington, D.C., and describe life as a Union solder. Also included are short poems written by Loanda Lake, composed on the letter's envelopes, and one small photograph of Wright.
Pamelia Keith Wright papers -- 1876-1903 (bulk 1887-1893, 1897-1903) Creator: Keith family
Extent: 0.75 linear feet
Abstract: The Pamelia Keith Wright papers contain correspondence addressed by Wright to her brother, Sumner Keith, and his family in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In addition to providing updates on her personal and social life, she frequently wrote of trips taken with her husband to locales in Egypt and England.
Nathaniel J. Wyeth collection -- 1831-1853 Creator: Wyeth, Nathaniel J. (Nathaniel Jarvis), 1802-1856
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is primarily made up of incoming letters to Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wyeth corresponded with his siblings, cousins, and other family members about his travels to Oregon, their personal lives, and finances.
David Wyrick collection -- 1860 Creator: Wyrick, David
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This collection is made up of a letter, drawings, maps, and newspaper clippings related to David Wyrick's discovery of inscribed stones in a Native American burial mound near Newark, Ohio, in 1860.