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U.S. Serviceman's diary, Italy -- 1943-1945 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This diary pertains to a United States serviceman's experiences in Italy between October 1943 and September 1945. He kept records regarding his correspondence and commented briefly on his travels in the Mediterranean and some of his daily activities.
U.S. Serviceman's letters, Manila (Philippines) -- 1945 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 8 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that a United States serviceman sent to his wife while traveling to and serving in the Philippines between July and September 1945. The letters pertain to religion, leisure activities, a Japanese surrender delegation, and other subjects.
U.S. Serviceman’s Letters, Stams (Austria) -- 1945 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 5 items
Abstract: This collection contains 5 letters from a man named George, who wrote to his mother while he served with the United States Armed Forces in Stams, Austria, during May and June 1945. He told his mother of his daily life, recounted a day trip to nearby Innsbruck, and shared news of acquaintances from the United States.
Ulster Iron Works records -- 1816-1874 (bulk 1825-1844) Creator: Ulster Iron Works
Extent: 1 volume, plus 98 loose manuscripts
Abstract: The Ulster Iron Works records consist of documentation of the financial, management, and technical aspects of iron production during the 1830s and 1840s, and correspondence between the owners of the company and John Simmons, the on-site manager.
John Brand Umfreville letter books -- 1814-1817 Creator: Umfreville, John Brand, 1784-1820
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: These letter books contain orders and letters that Captain John Brand Umfreville of the Royal Navy wrote and received while commanding the HMS Childers in the Caribbean and along the English coast during and just after the War of 1812.
Charles R. Underhill, Jr., Collection -- ca. 1930-1935 Creator: Underhill family
Extent: approximately 116 items
Abstract: The Charles R. Underhill, Jr. collection consists of approximately 103 photographs, 3 letters, and 10 items of miscellaneous documentation and ephemera related to Charles R. Underhill, Jr.’s employment with RCA Photophone, which saw him travel around the country installing motion picture theater projector equipment.
Almon Underwood journal -- 1832-1859 (bulk 1832-1850) Creator: Underwood, Almon, 1809-1887
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Congregationalist preacher Almon Underwood kept this journal from 1832-1850. Underwood wrote about his faith, religious work, and life in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. The volume also contains an autobiography entitled "My Life Work," 2 sermons, and 15 pages of financial records, some of which concern John Underwood's estate.
George Underwood collection -- 1835-1838 Creator: Underwood, George, 1816-1859
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of 50 incoming letters to George Underwood of Auburn, New York, as well as cartes-de-visite and other card photographs. Underwood's acquaintances wrote about college preparation, political issues, and their lives in northern New York.
Augustus F. Unger papers -- 1849-1851 Creator: Unger, Augustus F.
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: The papers of Augustus F. Unger record the experiences of a failed forty-niner, who left a New England home to search for gold in California and returned broke.
Union Intelligence Officer's Notebook -- 1864-1865 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 391 pages
Abstract: During the Civil War, intelligence on enemy forces was gathered from a variety of sources. This notebook includes meticulously recorded information on Confederate emplacements, strength, troop movements, and morale, gathered from debriefings of deserters, prisoners of war, civilians, and refugees.
United Sons of Salem Benevolent Society minute book -- 1839-1867 Creator: United Sons of Salem Benevolent Society
Extent: 184 pages
Abstract: The minute book of the United Sons of Salem Benevolent Society describes the business proceedings of a mid-19th century African American self-help organization. A hybrid of an insurance agency and charitable operation, the United Sons bound together members of the African American community of Salem, New Jersey, providing a social network, a financial safety net, and support in the event of illness or death.
United States Presidents collection -- 1778-1992 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The United States Presidents collection contains materials authored by, signed by, or related to presidents of the United States of America.
United States Revenue Cutter Service and Merchant Marine collection -- 1780-1802 Creator: Harris, David P.
Extent: 12 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence and financial records related to vessels of the United States Revenue Cutter Service, United States Navy, and United States Merchant Marine in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
United States Signal Corps photographic collection -- 1918-1919 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 3 volumes, 1 box
Abstract: The United States Signal Corps Photographic Collection contains approximately 1,630 photographs of the American Expeditionary Forces taken by the Signal Corps during WWI throughout the Western Front. The collection is divided into three volumes and one box, all loosely arranged by topic. General topics include destruction, battlefields and trenches, artillery, monuments, and postwar celebrations.
United States. Army. 138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment diary -- 1863-1864 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This diary, kept by a soldier in the 138th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, chronicles the regiment's movements throughout Maryland and northern Virginia between June 16, 1863, and January 1, 1864.
United States. Army. 18th New York Infantry descriptive book -- ca. 1863, 1900 Creator: United States. Army. New York Infantry Regiment, 18th
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The volume contains extensive information on the officers and enlisted men of the New York 18th Infantry, including their hometowns, occupations, physical characteristics, and injuries and deaths.
United States. Army. 29th Infantry orderly book -- 1814 Creator: United States. Army. 29th Infantry
Extent: 1 Volume
Abstract: The United States. Army. 29th Infantry orderly book (124 pages) contains the general orders, detail orders, and morning reports of a New York infantry stationed at Sackets Harbor from March to August 1814, during the War of 1812.
United States. Army. 319th Field Artillery Regiment memoir -- 1983 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains the author's reminiscences about his service with the 319th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery C (part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade), in Vietnam from June 1968-June 1969. He listed the fire support bases where he was stationed and recalled anecdotes about combat, his relationships with other soldiers and officers, and other aspects of military life.
United States. Army. 47th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment carte-de-visite album -- [ca. 1861-1865] Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains carte-de-visite portraits of soldiers who served in the 47th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, additional loose photographs, and colored lithographs of Union generals.
William Upjohn diaries -- 1836-1839 Creator: Upjohn, William, 1770-1847
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: William Upjohn, an English immigrant, composed these diaries between January 1, 1836, and September 22, 1839, while he lived in Pittsford, New York. He commented on his farm, family news, the Erie Canal, and current events.
Upper Alton Presbyterian Sabbath School Society minutes -- 1842-1850 Creator: Upper Alton Presbyterian Sabbath School Society (Upper Alton, Ill.)
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains the constitution and meeting minutes of the Upper Alton Presbyterian Sabbath School Society, recorded between 1842 and 1850. Minutes often included the names of teachers present and the number of students, separated by gender.
Finding Aid for Upper Michigan Vacation Photograph Album -- 1899-1901 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 125 photographs and 1 program in 1 volume
Abstract: The Upper Michigan vacation photograph album contains approximately 125 photographs and 1 program related to summer vacations in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.
Henry Upson collection -- 1812-1821 (bulk 1812-1813) Creator: Upson, Henry
Extent: 30 items
Abstract: This collection contains business correspondence that London merchant Henry Upson received between 1812 and 1821. Early letters concern commerce, deteriorating relations between the United States and Great Britain, and the war.
Finding Aid for Upstate New York and Maryland Photograph Album -- 1900s Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 105 photographs in 1 volume
Abstract: The Upstate New York and Maryland photograph album contains approximately 105 images showing scenes from Upstate New York and rural Maryland.
Emory Upton collection -- 1870-1878 Creator: Upton, Emory, 1839-1881
Extent: 7 items
Abstract: This collection contains 7 letters that General Emory Upton received from personal acquaintances and a family member in the 1870s. Upton's correspondents expressed condolences following the death of Upton's wife and discussed their personal lives and careers.
Vine Utley, Observations on Old People 80 Years of Age -- 1809-1818, 1827 Creator: Utley, Vine, 1768-1836
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Dr. Vine Utley compiled his Observations on Old People 80 Years of Age while interviewing octogenarians and older individuals in New London County, Connecticut, from 1809-1818. He reported on their ages, families, dietary habits, and physical and mental health.