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Faber German-American Family Photograph Album -- 1911-1919 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 305 photographs in 1 album.
Abstract: The Faber German-American family photograph album contains approximately 305 photographs related to a German-American family based in northeastern Illinois.
Thomas H. Faile and Annie D. Brown papers -- 1856-1882 (bulk 1856-1857) Creator: Faile, Thomas H. and Brown, Annie D.
Extent: 9 items
Abstract: The Faile-Brown papers contain letters written during an 1856-57 tour of Egypt and the Near East. These letters provide interesting insights into the minds of two adventurous Victorian travelers to the Near East and some equally interesting descriptions of the state of preservation of several important archaeological sites in Egypt and Israel.
Fair American collection -- 1801-1802 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 3 documents related to the Fair American, a vessel owned by Philadelphia merchant Stephen Dutilh. The ship was captured by a French privateer while sailing to Havana in January 1801.
George and Samuel B. Fales collection -- 1815-1866 (bulk 1834-1850) Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 41 items
Abstract: This collection contains personal and business correspondence related to Philadelphia merchant George Fales, as well as documents, newspaper clippings, and correspondence pertaining to the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon and Hospital, which Fales's nephew, Samuel Bradford Fales, helped to operate during the Civil War.
Family and Travel Photograph Album -- 1890s? Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 120 photographs in 1 album
Abstract: The Family and travel photograph album contains approximately 120 commercial and amateur photographs primarily showing a couple and their two young children.
Finding Aid for Family Travel Photograph Album -- 1896-1910 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: approximately 335 photographs in 1 album
Abstract: The Family travel photograph album contains approximately 335 photographs depicting the travels of an unidentified family to various locations in California, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington, and British Columbia.
Famous Boxers manuscript -- [ca. 1830s] Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This manuscript contains detailed descriptions of boxing matches, biographical information about prominent boxers, and related poetry, portraits, and illustrations, primarily concerning the sport's history in England during the early 1800s.
Fanny Sanford log book -- 1820-1847 (bulk 1820-1821) Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This partially printed volume (44 pages) contains the log of the Fanny Sanford's voyage from New York to South America between June 27, 1820, and October 3, 1821. The voyage included stops at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Montevideo, Uruguay; Pisco, Peru; and Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Edward Fanshawe lithographs -- 1821-1828 Creator: Fanshawe, Edward, 1785-1858
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Edward Fanshawe lithographs are a collection of lithographs with one original sketch by Lieutenant General Edward Fanshawe, created during his service with the Corps of Royal Engineers (1801-1850). This collection contains 41 highly-detailed images depicting topography, fortifications and settlements in the West Indies, United States and Canada.
Farley family papers -- 1761-1902 (bulk 1781-1856) Creator: Farley family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The Farley family papers contain the letters and legal documents of a well-educated Boston family during the first half of the 19th century. Among the family letters are items from Henry Wise Farley, living in Louisiana and Texas, that provide an interesting case of a northerner from a family with anti-slavery slavery sentiments becoming increasingly supportive of the southern slave labor system. The few letters from the period of the War of 1812 reflect the family's Federalist, anti-war sympathies.
Abigail Clark Farley collection -- [1863]-1872 Creator: Farley, Abigail Clark
Extent: 36 items
Abstract: The Abigail Clark Farley collection is made up of essays, poetry, letters, and fiction that Farley wrote around the 1860s and 1870s. Topics include slavery, the Civil War, Seventh-day Adventists, and the state of Wisconsin.
Raymond F. Farrell letters -- 1949-1951 Creator: Farrell, Raymond F.
Extent: 4 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Corporal Raymond F. Farrell wrote to his father while serving with a United States Marine Corps divisional band between 1949 and 1951. He discussed his experiences at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; his attempt to audition for an assignment in Washington, D. C.; and enlistment practices.
W. F. Farrington letters -- 1865 Creator: Farrington, Margaret
Extent: 4 items
Abstract: This collection contains 4 letters that W. F. Farrington wrote to his wife Margaret in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, while volunteering with the United States Christian Commission in Alexandria, Virginia, in June 1865.
Jeanette and Rose Feigenbaum letters -- 1944 Creator: Feigenbaum, Jacob Walter, 1911-1995
Extent: 24 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence that Jewish Private J. Walter Feigenbaum received from his sister, Jeanette, and mother, Rose, while he served with the United States Army during World War II. The women, who lived in Washington, D.C., wrote of the domestic political situation prior to the 1944 presidential election, shared their opinions on developments in the war, and provided news of family friends.
Fellows family and Walter Hollister letters -- 1845-1892 (bulk 1845-1857) Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 46 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence related to the Fellows family of Richland, New York (30 items), as well as letters addressed to Walter Hollister of Mexico, New York, and other recipients (16 items). Charles A. Fellows wrote to his family in Richland after moving to the Midwest in the 1840s; Walter Hollister received letters from friends and family in New York and Iowa.
Fenno-Hoffman family papers -- 1780-1883 (bulk 1789-1845) Creator: Fenno family and Hoffman family
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Fenno-Hoffman papers contain the personal correspondence of three generations of the Fenno and Hoffman families of New York City. Correspondence from, to, and between the family members of Maria Fenno Hoffman, daughter of John and Mary (Curtis) Fenno of Boston and Philadelphia, and wife of Josiah Ogden Hoffman of New York.
Honor Ferguson letters -- 1838-1840 Creator: Odiorne, James Creighton, 1802-1879
Extent: 3 items
Abstract: This collection contains 3 letters that Honor Ferguson of Salem, Ohio, wrote to James Creighton Odiorne, an acquaintance in Boston, Massachusetts, between 1838 and 1840. Ferguson wrote of her ailing health and shared news of her life, including her visit to Cincinnati and her husband's decision to sell their property.
Wilfred Ferguson letters -- 1944 Creator: Allen, Peggy
Extent: 28 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Wilfred Ferguson, Jr., sent to his fiancée, Peggy Allen of Fairfield, Connecticut, while serving in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. Despite his frustration with censorship regulations, he discussed his experiences with the 65th Station Complement Squadron in England.
Santo R. Ferrara collection -- 1943-1945 Creator: Ferrara, Santo
Extent: 37 items
Abstract: This collection contains letters that Santo R. Ferrara received during his service in the United States Navy Seabees during World War II. His brother Henry offered advice about military life, and other military personnel commented on their experiences at bases in the United States. The collection also includes a letter that Ferrara wrote to his wife and daughter and a Christmas card that he sent to a friend.
William P. Fessenden papers -- 1855-1868, 1908 Creator: Fessenden, William Pitt, 1806-1869
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: William P. Fessenden was a founding member of the Republican Party and one of its most energetic antislavery voices. His papers consist almost entirely of incoming correspondence, written while he was serving as a U.S. Senator from Maine, 1855-1868. This correspondence reflects Fessenden's moderately progressive political views, and his interests in the abolition of slavery, economics and finance, the turmoil in Kansas in the late 1850s, and the Civil War.
Eugene Field papers -- 1873-1923 (bulk 1873-1896) Creator: Field, Eugene, 1850-1895
Extent: 19 items
Abstract: The Field papers contain eleven letters from the popular American writer, Eugene Field; one undated letter from J.M. Stoddart to Field; two manuscript poems; a newspaper edition of "The House," with marginal editorial notes; and a set of proof sheets from Field's "autobiography," Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac.
Joseph F. Field papers -- 1859-1866 (bulk 1862-1866) Creator: Field, Kittie Chapman
Extent: 40 items
Abstract: The Joseph F. Field papers are primarily composed of letters from Field to Kittie Chapman, his fiancé and later wife, while Field served with the Union Army. The letters document Field and Chapman's relationship and the effects of the war on that relationship.
William Fields letters -- 1942-1945 Creator: Bowden, Charles L. and Bowden, Urney
Extent: 17 items
Abstract: This collection contains 16 letters that Captain William H. Fields wrote to Charles L. Bowden and Urney Fields Bowden of Macon, Georgia, while serving in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. He mentioned his participation in military combat and described his life in the Hawaiian Islands, where he held an administrative position. The collection also includes a letter from a mother to her son.
Filley family collection -- 1828-[1900s] Creator: Filley family
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence and writings related to the family of Jay Humphrey Filley of Bloomfield, Connecticut. The materials relate to Filley's finances, his autobiography, and spiritualism.
Ellen and Peddy Finch letters -- 1862-1863 Creator: Gould, Ozro Barnes, 1840-1907
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: Captain Ozro B. Gould of the 55th Ohio Infantry Regiment received 6 letters from his female cousins Ellen and Peddy Finch in 1862 and 1863. The Finches discussed their education, provided news from Green Springs, Ohio, and shared stories of mutual acquaintances who served in the Union Army.
Horatio G. Finch journal -- 1858-1872 (bulk 1859-1871) Creator: Finch, Horatio Goldsmith, 1819-1893
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Horatio G. Finch journal contains brief daily entries that Finch composed between from December 1858 to May 1872. He described his experiences traveling around the South during the Civil War and chronicled his life as a farmer near San Francisco, California, after the war.
Thirza Finch diary and letter transcriptions -- 1858-1870 Creator: Finch, Thirza, 1831-1872
Extent: 480 pages
Abstract: The Finch diary and letter transcriptions volume contains Thirza Finch's sporadic (or selected) diary entries from 1858-1870, plus copies of letters written to Thirza and other family members from her brothers who served in the Civil War.
John L. Fink orderly books -- 1812-1815 Creator: Fink, John L.
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: These two orderly books were kept by John L. Fink, captain and later lieutenant of the 13th Infantry, United States Army, headquartered at Sackets Harbor, New York, during the War of 1812. The volumes contain regimental, brigade, and general orders; "Morning Reports" that register promotions, enlistment, reductions, absenteeism, desertions, and deaths; rules for recruiting; and other accounts and receipts.
Samuel Finley, Field Notes for Bouquet's Expedition -- 1764, 1846-1849 (bulk 1764) Creator: Finley, Samuel
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Samuel Finley, Field Notes for Bouquet's Expedition (60 pages) contains detailed descriptions of the topography of Bouquet's route though Pennsylvania and Ohio during his march against the Ohio Indians (October 2-25, 1864). Finley, a field engineer, recorded minute descriptions of physical and environmental features of the landscape, such as the direction and speed of rivers and streams, characteristics of the terrain, soil, and timber quality, and tree and undergrowth density.
Henry Fiore collection -- 1930-1950 (bulk 1941-1946) Creator: Fiore, Bonnie Irvine
Extent: 30 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence and other items related to Lieutenant Henry Fiore and his wife, Bonnie Irvine Fiore. Henry Fiore received letters, greeting cards, and other correspondence while serving in the United States Army during World War II, including Bonnie's letters about life in New York City while he was away.
First Universalist Society of Portsmouth (N.H.) collection -- 1836-1855 Creator: First Universalist Society (Portsmouth, N.H.)
Extent: 12 items
Abstract: The First Universalist Society of Portsmouth (N.H.) collection is made up of correspondence and documents pertaining to the society's affairs in the mid-19th century. Some items concern Reverend Moses Ballou and the Ballou family.
Fish family papers -- 1847-1933 Creator: Fish family, Robinson, Maud Bradley, and Robinson, J. Clifford.
Extent: 1.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Fish Family papers contain the personal letters of Harry S. Fish of Williamson, New York, and his children who, over the course of the 19th century, scattered throughout the United States, fought in the Civil War, and suffered sickness and poverty during the postwar period. Also present are letters to J. Clifford Robinson from his mother and sister, and letters written annually from Franc Edith Aldrich Arnold to her friend Maud Bradley Robinson, from 1887 to 1933.
Nicholas Fish papers -- 1775-1844 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 97 items
Abstract: The Nicholas Fish papers (97 items) consist of letters and documents that span Fish's career as a Revolutionary War officer and New York City politician. The collection is made up of 87 letters and 10 documents and financial records.
Christian L. Fisher daybook and recipe book -- 1851-1852 Creator: Fisher, Christian L., 1829-1855
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains labor records regarding a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1851-1852), and recipes for medicines and food.
Elaine Fisher correspondence -- 1942-1944 Creator: Hanson, Elaine Fisher, 1921-1991
Extent: 18 items
Abstract: This collection consists of 18 letters that Elaine Fisher (later Hanson) received from members of the United States Army during World War II. Fisher's correspondents, who included her future husband, Frank Hanson (9 letters), discussed their experiences while training at camps within the United States and while on duty in North Africa, Hawaii, and Europe.
Elisabeth Barnett Fisher papers -- 1858-1916 (bulk 1858-1864) Creator: Fisher, Elisabeth Barnett, b. 1839
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Elisabeth Barnett Fisher Papers consist of the family letters of Elisabeth Fisher along with financial records, photographs, ephemeral items, and eight miscellaneous items. The most common themes of the letters are family news and finances, fashion, religion, courtship, marriages, deaths, and opinions about the Civil War.
Lindley Fisher correspondence -- 1846-1851 (bulk 1846-1849) Creator: Fisher, Lindley, 1818-1852
Extent: 35 items
Abstract: Lindley Fisher of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received 35 business letters and invoices concerning the Duncannon Iron Works between 1846 and 1851. His most frequent correspondents included his brother, Charles William Fisher; his father, William Logan Fisher; and his nephew, John Wister. Fisher also received business invoices from Joseph S. Simpson.
William Logan Fisher papers -- 1749-1861 Creator: Fisher, William Logan, 1781-1862
Extent: 103 items (0.25 linear feet)
Abstract: The Fisher collection consists mostly of letters received by William Logan Fisher between 1798 and 1861, along with a few items concerning other family members. The strength of this small collection lies in its documentation of the crisis afflicting American Quakerism during the antebellum period, particularly the deep rifts that developed in the meetings at Lynn and New Bedford, Mass., and the efforts there to suppress dissent.
Wilbur Fisk collection -- 1828-1849 (bulk 1829) Creator: Fisk, Wilbur, 1792-1839
Extent: 24 items
Abstract: The Wilbur Fisk collection mostly contains letters that Fisk received from parents of current and prospective students while serving as president of the Wesleyan Academy in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.
Fisk-Chalker family collection -- 1849-1898 (bulk 1859-1890) Creator: Fisk family and Chalker family
Extent: 91 items
Abstract: The Fisk-Chalker family collection is made up of letters, land indentures, tax receipts, tintype photographs, and a tavern keeper's license, related to the Fisk and Chalker families of Junius, New York; Livingston County, Michigan; and (briefly) Chamberlain, South Dakota. The collection includes five Civil War letters, with content on the Michigan First Regiment of Engineers and Mechanics; and three letters by Sarah J. Fisk Chalker following her arrival on Bailey's Ranch near Chamberlain, South Dakota, January 1890.
Fiske carte-de-visite album -- 1860s-1870s Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Fiske carte-de-visite album contains formal studio portraits of various men and women, most of whom are unidentified. The photographs were taken in locations such as New York City; New Haven, Connecticut; and Litchfield, Connecticut.
Fitch family collection -- 1822-1845 (bulk 1822-1829) Creator: Fitch family
Extent: 20 items
Abstract: This collection contains 18 letters, a musical score, and a poem related to the Fitch family of Hornchurch, England, and their temporary move to the United States in the early 19th century. Sarah and Eliza Jane Fitch wrote to their English relatives about the misfortunes they encountered while living in North America, and family members provided news from England.
Samuel A. Fitch Union College photograph album -- 1860 Creator: Fitch, Samuel Almiron, 1839-1870
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: Union College graduate Samuel A. Fitch owned this photograph album, which contains portraits of faculty members and fellow students in the Class of 1860, as well as views of campus buildings and grounds.
J. Henry Fitz diary -- 1891-1893 Creator: Fitz, John Henry, 1860-
Extent: 2 items
Abstract: This volume contains daily itineraries for Minnesota native John Henry Fitz's three-day visit to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, in October 1893. A printed map of Chicago accompanies the diary.
Louise Fitz journal -- 1893 Creator: Fitz, Louise
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This volume contains Louise Fitz's description of her trip from Boston, Massachusetts, to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, and to Niagara Falls in May 1893. In Chicago, she and her traveling companions visited the major exhibit halls, state and international buildings, and the Midway Plaisance. Photographs and travel ephemera are laid into the volume.
Edward H. Fitzgerald journals -- 1834-1852 (bulk 1834-1844) Creator: Fitzgerald, Edward H., 1815-1860
Extent: 2 volumes and 1 document
Abstract: The Edward H. Fitzgerald journals are comprised of two volumes and one document, belonging to a U.S. army officer who served in the Seminole War, the Mexican War, and at several western outposts in California and Oregon. The volumes amount to Fitzgerald's daily journal kept during his service with the navy in the Mediterranean. He wrote sporadic diary entries and poems in Florida during the Seminole War and in Mexico and California.
Nancie T. Clark Flagler correspondence -- 1855-1869 (bulk 1855-1867) Creator: Flagler, Nancie T. Clark, 1836-
Extent: 50 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that friends and family members wrote to Nancie T. Clark (later Flagler) about their lives in and around Coomer, New York, in the mid-19th century. Henry Bolton Flagler, Nancie's fiancé and husband, wrote about his work as a teacher and store clerk in Michigan and his later search for work in Pennsylvania.
Charles E. Flandrau letters -- 1853-1888 (bulk 1853-1857) Creator: Henderson, Frances M.
Extent: 9 items
Abstract: This collection contains 7 letters that Charles Eugene Flandrau wrote to Frances M. Henderson, a friend in Whitesboro, New York, after moving to Minnesota in 1853, as well as 2 newspaper clippings regarding Flandrau's work as an agent for the Sioux tribe and as a Minnesota Supreme Court justice. In his letters, Flandrau reported on his judicial career and described his life on the frontier, such as social customs and interactions with Native Americans.
Doris M. Fletcher and Harold R. Bertholf collection -- 1944-1496 Creator: Fletcher, Doris M.
Extent: 40 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters addressed to Doris M. Fletcher of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, during World War II. Her most frequent correspondent was her boyfriend, Harold R. Bertholf of the merchant marine; she also received letters from "Wayne," a soldier serving in Italy, and Marie Babilis, a resident of Detroit, Michigan, who mourned Wayne's death in 1944.
Isaac Fletcher letters -- 1839-1840 Creator: Chase, Epaphras Bull
Extent: 13 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Isaac Fletcher wrote to Epaphras Bull of Lyndon, Vermont, while serving in the United States House of Representatives in 1839 and 1840. He discussed party politics, the presidential election of 1840, and other subjects.
Warren L. Fletcher diary -- 1897 Creator: Fletcher, Warren Lewis, 1875-
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Warren L. Fletcher diary chronicles Fletcher's daily activities in Leominster, Massachusetts, during the year 1897. Fletcher held a job, played with several orchestras and bands, visited the Y.M.C.A., and socialized with friends.
William Flick collection -- [1874]-1958 Creator: Flick, William, 1872-1960
Extent: 27 items
Abstract: This collection contains a diary, a 4-volume manuscript autobiography, 8 newspaper clippings, 2 court documents, and 15 photographs related to William Flick, a manual laborer who lived in Illinois, Oregon, and Idaho in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Florida vacations and silent movies photograph album -- 1916-1920 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Florida vacations and silent movies photograph album contains approximately 300 photographs of people vacationing in southern Florida and production sets of Fox Film Corporation silent movies, dating from 1916 to 1920.
Thomas Flournoy papers -- 1799-1827 Creator: Flournoy, Thomas, 1775-1857
Extent: 0.25 linear feet (105 items)
Abstract: The Thomas Flournoy papers consist of letters and documents of Flournoy, who was a lawyer, a general during the War of 1812, and a United States commissioner to the Creek Indians.
Finding Aid for L. L. Flower Family Photograph Album -- 1887-1896 Creator: Flower, L. L. (Lucius Leonard), 1842-1927
Extent: 37 photographs in 1 album and 2 manuscript items
Abstract: The L. L. Flower family photograph album consists of 37 photographs depicting family, friends, lumber business, and leisure activities of Lucius Leonard Flower, Jr., of Mann Creek, Pennsylvania, and Corning, New York.
Foley family photograph album -- 1884 Creator: Regina, M.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Foley family photograph album, a gift from Sister M. Regina of Oakland, California, contains pictures of paintings, sculptures, and buildings. The paintings and sculptures mostly depict Biblical scenes and figures from ancient Greek, ancient Roman, and 19th-century European history. Other items are scenes from Grenada and present-day Yosemite National Park.
Mary Alice Foley papers -- 1937-1995 (bulk 1937-1945) Creator: Foley, Mary Alice, 1925-1996
Extent: 254 items (1 volume, 18 letters, 213 photographs, 22 miscellaneous items)
Abstract: Mary Alice Foley and her parents, American residents of Manila, were interned by the Japanese during World War II in a camp at the University of Santo Tomas. This collection contains her mother's journal, 213 photographs of Mary Alice, her family, and her friends, school girl letters, manuscripts and publications created and received while in the camp, and materials created for internee reunions.
George Folliot journal -- 1771-1775 Creator: Folliot, George
Extent: 123 pages
Abstract: This volume contains financial data related to George Folliot's land interests in New Jersey and Dutchess County, New York, as well as scattered commentary on subjects related to his personal finances and land holdings.
Folsom-Brundage family correspondence -- 1826-1857 Creator: Brundage, Emily Folsom and Folsom, Lewis A.
Extent: 9 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters written by members of the Folsom family of Urbana, New York, between 1826 and 1857. Siblings Emily Folsom (later Brundage), Charles A. Folsom, and Lewis G. Folsom wrote about aspects of life in antebellum Mississippi and about Lewis Folsom's involvement in an 1850 invasion of Cuba.
Folts family papers -- 1806-1881 (bulk 1831-1866) Creator: Folts family
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence and documents related to the McFarlan and Folts families of upstate New York. Materials pertain to the legal affairs of Scottish immigrant Thomas McFarlan and to the Folts family's business interests.
Pedro Font journal -- 1854 Creator: Font, Pedro, d. 1781
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This journal is an 1854 English translation of Father Pedro Font's account of his travels from San Miguel de Horcasitas, Mexico, to San Francisco, California, and back between September 29, 1775, and June 2, 1776. Font traveled with a party under Juan Bautista de Anza, which included settlers bound for Monterey, Spanish soldiers, and other religious figures.
Enoch Foote collection -- 1811-1814 Creator: Foote, Enoch, 1770-1856
Extent: 11 items
Abstract: The Enoch Foote collection is made up of military orders and correspondence related to Foote's service as a Connecticut Militia officer before and during the War of 1812. The items pertain to the British blockade of Long Island Sound, fines and pay, and Foote's desire for a new command.
Peter Force papers -- 1774-1868 (bulk 1820-1867) Creator: Force, Peter, 1790-1868
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, research notes and extracts, bibliographies, financial records, and other items related to printer, publisher, and historian Peter Force. Most of the items pertain to Force's interest in early American history and to the source materials he gathered for publication in American Archives, his multivolume documentary history of the Revolutionary War era.
John E. Ford letters -- 1917-1919 Creator: Ford family
Extent: 33 items
Abstract: This collection is primarily made up of letters that John E. Ford sent to his mother and sisters in Athens, New York, while serving in the United States Navy between October 1917 and February 1919. Ford described his training at Pelham Bay, New York, and his service along the East Coast on the USS Indiana.
Forman family letters -- 1801-1882 Creator: Forman family
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of the family and business correspondence of the Forman family of Washington and Louisville, Kentucky, and New Orleans, Louisiana.
Forrest-Lawson papers -- 1833-1958 (bulk 1844-1902) Creator: Lawson family
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, documents, newspaper clippings, and other items pertaining to the personal and financial affairs of actor Edwin Forrest, his close friend James Lawson, and members of the Lawson family.
Ralph Forrester account book -- 1778-1795 Creator: Forrester, Ralph, 1746-1796
Extent: 62 pages
Abstract: The Ralph Forrester account book (62 pages) contains the accounts of a Pennsylvania farmer who supplied food to the Continental army during the Revolutionary war. The accounts document agricultural and economic activity in rural Pennsylvania at the end of the 18th century.
James Forsyth papers -- 1851-1881 Creator: Forsyth, James Williams, 1835-1906
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The James Forsyth papers contain letters, primarily from Forsyth's colleagues in the military during and after the Civil War. Items include an important series of letters between Forsyth and Philip H. Sheridan, in which they discuss their political and military opinions.
Fort Wayne Indian Agency collection -- 1801-1815 Creator: Johnston, John, 1775-1861 and Stickney, Benjamin Franklin, 1775-1857
Extent: 3 volumes
Abstract: The Fort Wayne Indian Agency collection consists of a letterbook kept by Indian agents John Johnston and Benjamin Franklin Stickney; an English-to-Ottawa dictionary, likely written by Stickney; and a memorandum book kept by Johnston during his time at Fort Wayne.
Forty-First Regiment United States Infantry orderly book -- 1814-1815 Creator: Clark family
Extent: 5 items
Abstract: The Forty-First Regiment United States Infantry orderly book contains orders kept at Harlem Heights, Fort Lewis, and Fort Greene in New York, for Captain John L. Clark's Company of the 41st Regiment United States Infantry. Entries consist of brigade, regimental, and garrison orders, as well as a variety of provision returns, court martial records, and a list of officers of the 41st Regiment.
Charles H. Foster collection -- 1898-1967 Creator: Foster, Charles Herbert, 1881-1976
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, military records, photographs, newsletters, scrapbooks, and other items pertaining to the military career of Charles H. Foster, who served in the United States Navy from 1898-1934.
Eva Foster collection -- 1893-1899 Creator: Foster, Eva M.
Extent: 25 items
Abstract: Eva Foster, a Methodist missionary, received 24 letters and 1 newspaper clipping while working in Singapore and after returning to the United States. Foster received letters from her mother, who provided social and religious news from Portland, Oregon. After returning to the United States, Eva received letters from female missionaries, who discussed their religious work in China and Southeast Asia.
Henry Foster diary -- 1757-1812 (bulk 1758, 1808-1812) Creator: Foster, Henry, 1737-1782 and Hubbard, Abner, 1750-1834
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Henry Foster, a native of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, kept a diary (74 pages) while serving in a provincial regiment during the French and Indian War. Foster regularly composed diary entries between May 27 and October 29, 1758, while stationed in eastern New York. The volume also includes 10 pages of accounts kept by Abner Hubbard of Norwich, Vermont, whose daughter married Henry Foster's son.
Ira Roe Foster papers -- 1862-1865 Creator: Foster, Ira Roe, 1813-1885
Extent: 105 items
Abstract: The Ira Foster papers contain a sampling of items relating to the official business of quartermaster general of Georgia during the Civil War, including incoming and outgoing correspond between Foster and various Confederate agents concerning the purchasing, storage, and delivery of clothes, and wholesale foodstuffs.
Joseph Foster correspondence -- 1835 Creator: Wellman, Jubilee, 1793-1855 and Foster, Joseph
Extent: 6 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence and documents concerning a dispute between Joseph Foster of Warner, New Hampshire, and the Warner Congregational Church. Foster exchanged letters and signed statements with the church's pastor, Jubilee Wellman, about his attempts to atone for (unspecified) improper financial conduct.
Foulke family papers -- 1737-1859 Creator: Foulke, John
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Foulke Family papers consist of correspondence and legal documents, as well as a few genealogical documents, for a prominent Quaker family living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, through the 18th and 19th centuries.
Charles Fowler collection -- 1854-1857 Creator: Fowler family
Extent: 10 items
Abstract: The Charles Fowler collection consists of letters and documents concerning financial disputes over royalties for the works of Noah Webster, Fowler's time at Amherst College, and other subjects.
Charles James Fox papers -- 1760-1837 (bulk 1783-1806) Creator: Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806
Extent: 0.25 linear feet
Abstract: The Charles James Fox papers contain political and personal correspondence regarding British politics during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Mary Hewins Fox memory book -- ca. 1863 Creator: Fiske, Mary H., d. 1889.
Extent: 90 pages
Abstract: This memory album was assembled by Mary Hewins Fox (later Mary Hewins Fiske) to document her involvement with theater, music, and poetry in New York City.
John and Charles Francis collection -- 1869-ca. 1905 Creator: Francis, John M. (John Morgan), 1823-1897 and Francis, Charles Spencer, 1853-1911
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: This collection consists of condolence letters, newspaper scrapbooks, a letter book, a published memorial volume, and a photograph album related to John M. Francis of Troy, New York, and to his son Charles. The letters, which are addressed to Charles Francis, express sympathy following his father's death in June 1897; the memorial volume contains biographical sketches and published tributes to John M. Francis; and the newspaper scrapbooks chronicle John M. Francis's travels around Europe and the world between 1869 and 1876.
John W. and Maria Eliza Cutler Francis family collection -- 1823-1854 Creator: Francis family and Cutler family
Extent: 16 items
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence received by New York City physician John W. Francis (4 letters); his wife, Maria Eliza Cutler (6 letters); and his mother-in-law, Sarah Cutler (4 letters), as well as 2 financial records. As well as sharing family and social news, the Francis and Cutler families discussed medical issues such as public health in Savannah, Georgia, and the treatment of cholera.
John Francis diary: Log Brig Mercury -- 1791 Creator: Francis, John
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The John Francis diary describes a voyage from New York City to the West Indies on the Brig Mercury with a few records of the return voyage from St. Eustatia to North America on the Ship Ruby (1791). The journal also contains drawings of Atlantic sea life that he encountered on the voyage and a detailed map of North America and the West Indies.
Finding Aid for Franconia Notch and Washington, D.C. Photograph Album -- approximately 1895 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 65 photographs in 1 album
Abstract: The Franconia Notch and Washington, D.C. photograph album consists of 65 photographs primarily showing landscape scenes of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, architectural views of Washington, D.C., and a camping trip to an unidentified location likely somewhere in the Northeast.
Benjamin Franklin collection -- 1766-1788 Creator: William L. Clements Library
Extent: 22 items
Abstract: The Benjamin Franklin collection is made up primarily of letters that Franklin wrote to Joseph Galloway, when Franklin was an agent for the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly in Great Britain from 1764 to 1775.
Benjamin Franklin correspondence -- 1865-1866 Creator: Franklin, Benjamin, fl. 1865-1866
Extent: 120 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of 120 incoming business letters addressed to Benjamin Franklin of Burlington, New Jersey, in 1865 and 1866, concerning the oil industry in Kentucky and Tennessee. The letters relate to the discovery of new wells and deposits, the purchase of oil fields, the cost and delivery of equipment, and other subjects.
William B. Franklin letter book -- 1857-1859 Creator: Franklin, William Buel, 1823-1903
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The William B. Franklin letter book is made up of approximately 500 copies of letters that Franklin wrote between 1857 and 1859. Many of the letters relate to Franklin's position as Secretary of the Lighthouse Board and concern the construction and maintenance of lighthouses.
Jacob Frantz, Meteorological Observations -- 1834-1855 Creator: Frantz, Jacob
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: Pennsylvania resident Jacob Frantz compiled this volume of daily meteorological readings and related information between 1835 and 1855. An introduction also discusses weather patterns prior to the volume's commencement, as well as three major floods of Pequea Creek in Pennsylvania.
William C. Fraser diary -- 1864-1865 Creator: Fraser, William C., 1842-1923
Extent: 2 volumes
Abstract: William C. Fraser kept this diary while serving with the Pioneer Corps, 3rd Division, 17th Army Corps, during the Civil War. In daily entries, Fraser recounted his movements, commented on skirmishes with Confederate troops, and noted his daily activities, often related to construction.
John Fraser Estate collection -- 1823-1873 Creator: Fraser, John, 1769-1813
Extent: 22 items
Abstract: The John Fraser Estate collection consists of letters and legal documents relating to the drawn-out litigation over John Fraser's property in Eastern Florida, which he left to his African-born children. His sister disputed the validity of the will based on the race of the children, and the dispute was drawn out for decades, as executors and lawyers mismanaged the property.
Fredericksburg During the Civil War -- [ca. 1898] Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 16 pages
Abstract: "Fredericksburg During the Civil War" is a typed account of a Union soldier's experiences during the Battle of Fredericksburg, Second Battle of Fredericksburg, and Battle of Salem Church. The account includes detailed descriptions of each battle and of the "Mud March" of January 1863. The writer commented on his regiment's movements, casualties, the experience of coming under heavy fire, and other subjects.
Edwin Freeman papers -- 1942-1945 Creator: Freeman, Edwin
Extent: 35 items
Abstract: This collection consists of letters written from Edwin Freeman to Prescott Barrows while serving in the United States Army in World War II. The letters are written from an army base in Greenville, Mississippi and from an army post in India.
Nathaniel Freeman papers -- 1773- [1818] Creator: Freeman, Nathaniel, 1741-1827.
Extent: 138 items (0.5 linear feet)
Abstract: The Nathaniel Freeman papers contain letters and documents relating to the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety of Sandwich, Massachusetts, during the Revolutionary War. The committee, of which Freeman was the chairman, investigated alleged Tory activities around Cape Cod. The cases of Seth Perry and John Jennings are particularly well documented.
Fremont Mining and Trading Company diary -- 1849-1851 Creator: Anonymous
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Fremont Mining and Trading Company diary is a small bound notebook (54 pages) recounting the adventures of a member of the "Fremont Trading and Mining Company" formed in 1849 to search for California gold.
French Creek and Cherry Run Oil Company collection -- 1865-1867 (bulk 1865) Creator: French Creek and Cherry Run Oil Company
Extent: 44 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of correspondence, financial records, meeting minutes, and documents related to the operations of the French Creek and Cherry Run Oil Company. The company purchased land and dug oil wells in Venango County, Pennsylvania, in 1865.
Jonathan French journal -- 1757 Creator: French, Jonathan, 1740-1809
Extent: 31 pages (1 volume) and 1 document
Abstract: The Jonathan French journal consists of entries from April 14-October 20, 1757, kept by Jonathan French, a private in the Massachusetts militia during the French and Indian War. French recorded his experiences during his corps' expedition from Boston to Fort Edward, New York, and his duties while stationed at the fort.
Lily Frémont flower album -- 1859 Creator: Frémont, Lily, 1842-
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: An album of pressed flowers collected by Lily Frémont in 1859.
Rudolf Friml collection -- 1901-1968 (bulk 1920-1968) Creator: Diedrich, D. N. (Duane Norman)
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: The collection of composer Rudolf Friml (1879-1972) contains correspondence, documents, manuscript and printed sheet music, drafts of plays, and other miscellaneous material related to Friml and his frequent lyricist, Dailey Paskman (1897-1979).
John Frizell orderly book -- 1761-1779 Creator: Frizell, John
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: This orderly book, kept by John Frizell a quartermaster sergeant in the British army, accounts for the general and regimental orders for the 77th Royal British Regiment stationed near Halifax from June 22 to October 1, 1761.
Richard Fry papers -- 1734-1756 Creator: Fry, Richard, d. 1745
Extent: 9 items
Abstract: The Richard Fry papers consist of nine documents related to Fry's administration of a Falmouth paper mill and later, his imprisonment for debt.
Fulcher family collection -- 1831-1895 Creator: Fulcher family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence and other materials related to Richard and William Fulcher, natives of Norfolk County, England, who moved to St. Joseph County, Michigan, in 1835. The brothers received around 100 letters from their friends and family in England, who provided them with family and local news, discussed the effects of transatlantic separation, and commented on political events, such as the American Civil War. Photographs, an extract from a will, and bank checks are also included.
Albert G. Fuller reminiscences -- [1930s] Creator: Bouton, Clarice A.
Extent: 1 item
Abstract: This collection consists of Clarice A. Bouton's transcriptions of the Civil War reminiscences of her grandfather, Albert G. Fuller. Fuller, a native of Reading, Michigan, served in the 78th New York Infantry Regiment, Company K, and participated in actions including the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Battle of Gettysburg, and Sherman's March to the Sea.
Corydon E. Fuller journals -- 1856-1859 Creator: Fuller, Corydon E., b. 1830
Extent: 416 pages (2 volumes)
Abstract: Corydon Fuller's journals document the travels of a young bookseller (from the Northern Midwest) in Arkansas, bordering areas in Louisiana, and in Mississippi in the years preceding the Civil War.
Harriet deGarmo Fuller papers -- 1852-1857 Creator: Fuller, Harriet deGarmo
Extent: 4 volumes
Abstract: The Harriet deGarmo Fuller papers consist of four bound volumes of records and eight miscellaneous receipts of the Michigan Anti-Slavery Society, kept between 1852 and 1856, when Harriet deGarmo Fuller was a member of the executive committee of the Society.
Nathaniel Fuller journal -- 1760-1762 Creator: Fuller, Nathaniel
Extent: 100 pages
Abstract: The Nathaniel Fuller journal is the daily journal of a member of a carpentry team from Boston that built ships on Lake Oneida and Lake Ontario for the British Army during the French and Indian War. The volume also contains miscellaneous entries of accounts for military supplies and payments of wages.
Louis B. Fulton diary -- 1862-1863 Creator: Fulton, Louis B.
Extent: 1 volume
Abstract: The Louis B. Fulton diary is a journal kept by a private in Co. C and Co. F of the 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry (the Anderson Cavalry). The diary covers from August 13, 1862-November 4, 1863, during Fulton's entire term of service in the army.
Funnell-Rope correspondence -- 1866-[1883] (bulk 1866-1871) Creator: Rope, Selina Funnell, 1845-1935 and Rope, William Whitefield, 1845-1926
Extent: 23 items
Abstract: This collection is made up of letters that Selina Sherwood Funnell ("Lena") received from friends in Binghamton, New York, while attending the State Normal and Training School at Oswego, New York, in the late 1860s.
Benjamin A. Furman collection -- 1917-1919 Creator: Furman family
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Abstract: This collection is primarily made up of 1st Lieutenant Benjamin A. Furman's outgoing correspondence during his service as a United States Army surgeon in France and Germany between August 1917 and early 1919, as well as picture postcards that Furman collected during his time in Europe. Furman discussed his voyage to Europe, work at an evacuation hospital, encounters with wounded African American soldiers, and postwar travels.
James Furnis letter book -- 1755-1759 (bulk 1755-1758) Creator: Furnis, James
Extent: 179 pages (1 volume) and 1 letter
Abstract: The James Furnis letter book contains copies of letters from a British commissary of stores and paymaster to the Royal Artillery and army comptroller of ordnance in North America, primarily stationed in Albany and New York City. He communicated frequently with British officers, independent merchants, and the Board of Ordnance in London, revealing decision-making processes for supplying and managing the Royal Artillery in America. These letters also supply information on troop movements and estimates of dead and wounded after battles.
Fyffe family papers -- 1756-1847 (bulk 1756-1786, 1841-1847) Creator: Fyffe family
Extent: 60 items
Abstract: The Fyffe family papers contain correspondence that documents the lives of three brothers who emigrated from Scotland to America in the 1740s, and another descendant who served in the British 46th Regiment of Foot in the West Indies during the 1840s.