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George W. and Marguerite Harms papers in Manuscripts Division [series]
Box   1, World War II Small Collections Folder   7
  1943 July 1 . Orders for George W. Harms to report to the induction and recruiting station, Detroit, Mich., for transportation to San Diego     2 copies, one with manuscript notes 
Lists men in his charge who are to report with him.
  1944 April 10 . News report by Jack Mahon, Kansas City Star
"Reform a Bataan Unit. Fourth Marine Regiment is reorganized in Pacific. Famed leatherneck raiders of Tulagi-to-Emirau era, seek to avenge heroes of tragic days in Philippines."
  1944 December 22 . List of promotions for Second Battalion, Foruth Marines, Sixth Marine Division.
Includes Geroge W. Harms' promotion to Corporal "Line" (temporary).
  1945 June 27 . List of promotions for Second Battalion, Foruth Marines, Sixth Marine Division.
Includes Geroge W. Harms' promotion to Sergeant "Line" (temporary).
  1945 November 7 . Orders for sentry of beer watch
"Sentry will be posted in front of store room at Enlisted Men's Beer Hall twenty-four hours daily."
  1945 November 12 . Orders for George W. Harms to report to the "Commanding Officer of the nearest Marine Corps activity for further transfer to the Training Battalion, Marine Corps Schools, Marine Barracks, Quantico, Virginia."
"Sentry will be posted in front of store room at Enlisted Men's Beer Hall twenty-four hours daily."
Folder   8  
  1945 December 13 . Orders for George W. Harms
"Proceed to Quantico, Va., where upon arrival you will report to the Training Battalion, Marine Corps School."
  1945 November 12 . Orders for George W. Harms to be transferred state side
  [1945?] . "Certificate of Private Ownership of Souvenirs"
  1946 January 29 . Honorable discharge
Lists vital information, wounds received, qualifications and rank.
  1990 March 6 . Transmittal of and/or Entitlement to Awards for George W. Harms
Awarded Bronze Star medal, Purple Heart Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, World War II Victory medal, China Service medal, Presidential Unit Commendation ribbon, Navy Unit Commendation ribbon, and Expert Rifle badge.
 Undated. Copy of text of Bronze Star Medal awarded to George W. Harms
"For heroic achievement in connection with operations against the Japanese enemy on Okinawa, Shima, Ryukyu Islands... While serving as a sergeant guide of a rifle platoon of a Marine rifle company, Sergeant Harms, on 24 May 1945... led his platoon... to seize a ridge infested with enemy riflemen and mortars."
George W. and Marguerite Harms images in Graphics Division [series]
Box   : Graphics Division  
World War I [subseries]
"America Goes Over" (1:09)
National Archives videotape copy of a silent World War I film produced by the Creel Committee
George W. Harms with Japanese children rescued from parents who were jumping off cliffs with their children, Okinawa,  1945
Japanese soldier's children (s. l., n. d.).
Taken from a soldier whom George W. Harms fought in hand-to-hand combat in Okinawa.
Photographs taken by George W. Harms in the Pacific while in the 4th and 6th Marine Divisions. (81 prints)
Wonderful depictions of war ships and landing craft; soldiers and Pacific islanders and islands.
Photographs taken by George W. Harms in the Pacific while in the 4th and 6th Marine Divisions,  ca. 1943-45 (approx. 75)
Japanese atrocities on Guam,  September 1, 1944     Stored in original envelope.  
Sent to George W. Harms' father while he was in the Pacific. A telegram included describes "the bodies are all headless or nearly headless, a demonstration of Japanese ruthlessness."
Box   : Graphics Division  
Baseball [subseries]
American Legion baseball players standing in front of a crowd,  ca. 1930s
George W. Harms American Legion Baseball photograph album,  1936-1938 (approx. 250 photographs)
Snapshots primarily of American Legion National baseball championships in Michigan. Each print labeled and described by Harms.
Box   : Graphics Division  
New York City [subseries]
George W. Harms New York City and family photograph album , 1934-1939 (approx. 160 photographs)
Snapshots of New York city.
Photograph catalog,  September 1947
Issue of the Snapshot Magazine with advertisement from Ivory Photo in Ann Arbor, Mich.
William Babaian at Rockaway Beach, N.Y.,  ca. 1935
George W. and Marguerite Harms items in Graphics Division (Ephemera) [series]
Box   : Graphics Division  
Realia [subseries]
Black-lacquered wood hair sticks from Tokyo, Japan (9", 6.75")
Acquired in 1945 by George W. Harms, while in the USMC in Japan.
Red, white and blue Raiders patch from the 4th Marines (2.5 x 2)
Four white stars surrounding a skull enclosed in a diamond shape.
Paper fan (9")
Acquired in Tokyo, Japan. Has painted Japanese flag and the words to a Japanese Imperial Navy song called "Pacific March ." The song is translated on a separate sheet of paper. The other side has a painted red sun. An American-educated dentist in Japan gave the fan to George W. Harms while in Japan during World War II.
Triangle-shaped business school medal from Tokyo Bay, Japan
Acquired in Japan by George W. Harms. Writing on both sides. A great example of a school achievement medal from Japan in the early twentieth century.
Box   : Graphics Division  
New York [subseries]
Leather postcard of Abgar Babaian in New York City,  1909
Wonderful engraving of his profile on the verso. On the recto, the stamped postcard has lines for writing.
Certificate,  1939
States that Marguerite Babaian was present at the World's Fair in New York City in 1939 during the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 10 June 1939.
Two student ticket books for the New York World's Fair,  1939 and  1940     In great shape with tickets inside. 
Box   : Graphics Division  
Native American photo-postcards, Old West Collectors Series [subseries]
Navajo medicine woman, Toqui-Naachi (6.25 x 4.25")
Hinmaton Yalakit, a great tribal leader of the Nez Perce (6.25 x 4.25")
Blackfoot tribe members on the northwestern plains (4.25 x 6.25")
Indian Camp,  1949 ( 3.25 x 5.5")
A color reproduction of the oil painting by the Native American artist, Andrew Standing Soldier. Reprint.
Box   : Graphics Division  
Christmas cards [subseries]
Little girl and reindeer,  1940s (4.5 x 4.25")     In original envelope.  
Christmas,  1944 ( 4.5 x 6.25")
Depicts G. I.s from the 9th Infantry Division a few days before the Battle of the Bulge. Sent by the American Historical Foundation to George W. Harms.
Box   : Graphics Division  
Postcards, 1900-1940 [subseries]
Easter card with cherub and flowers, outlined in silver
Two women at the beach in color drawing (5.5 x 3.5")
Actress in costume (5.5 x 3.5")
Two angels with flowers (5.5 x 3.5")
Inscription reads, "A Merry Christmas."
Cartoon of a boy and a girl (5.5 x 3.5")
Inscription: "I am sure busy making hay while the SON shines."
Cartoon drawing of two men in a sinking boat, the Reliance (3.5 x 5.5")
Inscription: "We are settling down here."
Drawing of four ladies dressed in long dresses and hats sitting on a bridge (3.5 x 5.5")
Drawing of two clasped hands within a wreath of flowers (3.5 x 5.5")
Inscription reads, "Loving birthday greetings."
Postcard (3.5 x 5.5")
Glitter letters read "To my darling."
Photograph of a farm (3.5 x 5.5")
Drawing of Club House, Country Club, Plainfield, N.J (3.5 x 5.5")
Drawing of a couple walking through floral display at mall entrance, Palisade Park, N.J. (3.5 x 5.5")
"St Cecilia playing piano with cherubs dropping flowers around her." (5.5 x 3.5")
Box   : Graphics Division  
George W. and Marguerite Harms recordings in Graphics Division [series]
Carlisle's interview in Tokyo, Japan,  1945
Recording of interview for the Detroit News, Tuesday, 23 October (New York, NY. : Autodisc, 1945). With cassette copy.
Ted Heusel's interview with George W. Harms on the 40th anniversary of V-J Day,  14 August 1985
George W. and Marguerite Harms items in Book Division: [series]
Box   : Book Division  
New York World's Fair,  1939 [subseries]
The Coronation of our King and Queen Given to Marguerite Babaian by an English schoolmate.
Chrysler [subseries]
Chrysler Motors Magazine Published by the Chrysler Industrial Association for all employees in August 1941.
Chrysler Motors Magazine, "Helping Arm America for Defense is our Number One Job," Vol. 8, No. 9   August, 1941
Home-front propaganda. George W. Harms is shown helping a young boy with catching (p. 13).
World War I [subseries]
The 32nd Division in the World War, 1917-1919 issued by the Joint War History Commissions of Michigan and Wisconsin, 1920.
World War II [subseries]
Sexton, Martin J. The Marine Raiders' Historical Handbook (American Historical Foundation, 1983).
Battle Stations!: Your Navy in Action (N.Y. : Wm. H. Wise, 1946).